Brian Kendrick

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 172 lbs.

Finishing Move: Sliced Bread #2

Titles Held: none

Nicknames: Spanky

Kendrick came to WWE in early 2003. He was recognized as a student of Shawn Michaels's by Paul Heyman, who asked him to deliver an apology from the Big Show to the Undertaker. Kendrick did so by dressing up as a bellhop and confronting the Undertaker with a musical apology. The Undertaker beat him down, but Kendrick was back the next week, where he was convinced by Sean O'Haire to streak through the arena like the guy from the Nike commercial. He ended up in the office of GM Stephanie McMahon before being dragged away by security. He was finally given an opportunity to be employed by WWE if he could beat Shannon Moore. He did so, and even got a Cruiserweight title shot against Matt Hardy a few weeks later. After John Cena was beaten by Brock Lesnar at Backlash, he was rapping his discontent to the crowd when Kendrick came down dressed in a rap parody, and introduced himself as "Spanky." He outrapped Cena, who proceeded to beat him down. Kendrick cost him a match against Rhyno the next week. He teamed with Rhyno and Chris Benoit to lose against Cena and the FBI at Judgment Day.