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The Church I see in the Bible

I often ask myself in the course of my studies if the first church resembled what has grown into the church as we know it today. More often than not the answer is "no". I see us in a very similar situation to what the Jews were in when Jesus came. His remarks toward the religious leaders in that time were usually much less than motivational. The intent of this page is to share with you some of the questions that I have raised in my studies and hopefully inspire some interaction where we all can learn and apply the The Word of God better in our lives. This is a very important subject to me and I would appreciate any feedback.

A Basic Biblical Description
Before we can begin to look at the various aspects of the Church we need to understand what the Church is. The first thing that comes to most of our minds is a building where we gather to sing and hear a preacher. For others it is the group of people they meet with several times a week. Unfortunately it is veiwed by many of the people I talk to as a group of weak minded individuals giving away their money to an organiztion that is probably led by a hypocrite involved in adultry. The Church is not a building that we gather in once a week. The word "church" is translated from the greek word "ekklesia" which simply means a calling out or a religious congregation. Colossians 1:18 tells us that Christ is the head of this church. Just a little further down the page verse 24 tells us that the church is His body. In Colossians 4:15 the Bible says "salute the bretheren which are in Laodeicea, and Nymphas, and the church in his house. Apparently this Nymphas fellow opened his home as a place where the saints could gather and become the church. If Christ is the head of the church then when they gathered was it specifically to come under His headship and seek His instructions, then to leave and continue his work after being recharged. Instead what usually happens is that we get up Sunday morning and do the Underdog routine. We step inside the phone booth put on our best dashing suit, show up at a building called the church and do God a favor by blessing everyone with our presence. Then we go back home and turn on the TV and get excited over a ballgame. While every situation may be a little different the important thing to remember is that "we should gather together unto him, that we be not shaken in mind......" 2 Thessalonians 2:1&2. The Church should be our our phonebooth where we go to get recharged and then go forth to take on the enemy. Not the other way around. Let's get excited about worship and see how God will bless us as we go forth from the gathering of His people.

Are you doing it???? This area is one that I see that really has alot of different teachings. I have been sorting a variety of differing opinions from a number of sources lately. The bottom line is do it and follow what God puts on your heart as to how to distribute the funds. From experience I can say that if you trust God in this area believe me He will bless you!!! Know that God doesn't need your money, but he does want your devotion. He has chosen our resources as one of the ways we should show that.

To the leaders in the church I strongly feel that God is compelling us to review our habits regarding the distribution of the tithes of His saints. Read this if you have a minute. Are we investing His resources in the best possible way. If I visited your assembly and gave $100, how much of that would be used to help someones physical needs. Are we so caught up in our Church buildings that we have forgotten that the Church as described in the Bible should be helping the widows and those in need. Did you know that the word "deacon" comes from the greek word diakanos that means a simple table waitor. Have you actually served anyone? He will have His day and we will be accountable.


The Basic Worship Service

Spiritual Gifts in the Church

I hope your Church is different. Please tell us about it below.

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