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Redneck Theology

Adelphosdave's redneck definitions of tough Bible terms


I would love to have your input as to what terms should be included above.

How would you define a Redneck?
-possibly as someone that slaughters good english with every word they speak.
-how about the guy that has an flourescent orange hat that he wears everywhere.
-he would rather drive an old pick-up than a new Lincoln
-is it someone that has a knack for collecting worn out useless stuff
-possibly the guy that hasn't seen the dentist since grade school.

Many of the characters in the Bible displayed similar traits in their own time. Did God choose 12 of the finest teachers of the time to spread the gospel? He preferred to make himself known by becoming freinds with 12 common men. They probably didn't have the best language and they probably were not dressed in their Sunday best.

I think we all have a little redneck in us. Can we humble ourselves enough to admit it. Why does it seem that the mark of a good Christian in the U.S. is weighed by how nice a tie we wear to church and our Sunday School awards. I know God loves rednecks too. Personally I believe that to allow God to work best in our lives we need to let our guard down and allow Him to work in us just where we are. Does the Bible say we need to get dressed up to be a part of the kingdom? Much damage is being done by the enemy to the Body of Christ today. Much of this damage is caused by making parts of that body feel inadequate to share the Gospel. Too many Saints feel they cannot share the wonderful story of our Lord because they don't know the Bible well enough. They feel it is more important to be a good student and God eventually make them good enough to be an effective witness.

FRIEND IF CHRIST IS TAKING UP RESIDENCE IN YOUR HEART THEN YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO SHARE THAT STORY WITH SOMEONE ELSE. YOU HAVE TRUSTED HIM TO BE GOOD ENOUGH TO TAKE YOUR PLACE ON THE CROSS, NOW OPEN THE DOOR OF YOUR HEART TO LET OTHERS LOOK IN AND SEE EXACTLY WHO HE IS. Don't buy into this theology that you don't know enough to lead someone to salvation. The world was changed forever by 12 common men. I don't know where the Bible says that Christ renounced his disciples for the way they talked or dressed. The main issue was how much they needed His power to be effective.

PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY We go to church so often and get outlines for the sermon that tell us how many parts there is to a prayer, and how to put it in order. I think that if Jesus were sitting right there beside you he might would quote a popular advertising slogan "JUST DO IT".

Jesus wants to be your freind!! It is easy to get confused as to whether to speak to Him as a freind or a the awesome creator that can end your existance with the wink of an eye. The answer is both. Spend some time studying what the "fear of the Lord" is. The common answer is reverence. There is much more to it than that. Seek Him with a heart of worship like a little child and you will be humbled into a fresh understanding of His awesome power and his love for you.

Some of His best work has been done through the hands of the common man. While Job, Noah, Abraham, and others held prominent positions many others were what we would call "rednecks". Moses had to be taken out of a prominent position and humbled as a shepherd for 40 years before he was equipped to lead his people out of bondage. God himself came to dwell with us as a common carpenter. He wants to use you exactly where you are.

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