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Question: Who Are The People Of The Sun?

Answer: People Of The Sun are anyone who by nature is born in tropical environments, Inclusive of Mexico, The Caribbeans,Hawaii,South America,Puerto and of course Africa Etc. People of the sun are melanin-ite children bearing the gift of Melanin from the Anunnaki in their genes. Melanin can withstand exposure to heat up to 1250^(Degrees Fahrenheit) and still retain most of its properties. ( From Scroll #147 in part)

Question: Why are some people subjected to bodily damage from the sun and others aren't?

Anwer: Because some people have more Melanin than others. The amount of Melanin in a persons body determines the rate of damage the Ultra Violet Rays of the sun can cause. The higher percentage of Melanin in a person's body the less they will be affected by the Ultra Violet Rays. Melanin produces Brown to Black eyes,Skin tone and 9 Ether hair (wooly kingly hair that looks like the tops of trees when flying over them) Hummm! The people who are Melanin recessive beings have a deficiency which produces Lighter skin, Lighter eyes, and 6 Ether blonde hair. Melanin acts as a filter to prevent damage of the delicate deeper layers of skin, by the penetration of Ultra Violet light.
That dosen't sound like a curse to be dark skinned, DO IT? Actually it sounds more like a protective gift from the Anunnaki.
Along with some ancient tablets and writtings such as The Enuma Elish ( when on high ) and the Atra Hasis, The Epics Of Gilgamesh, and the Ancient Law Codes Of Hammurabi, Enki and the world order, and Ishtar' Descent into the Underworld, The there's The tablets of Adapa: The first man. These are just a few of the Ancient tablets left behind by the Anunnaki to remind us that we are members of the royal blood line. We were made in their image and likeness but we don't remember because of the spell of Kingu ( spell of Ignorance ) aka the spell of Religion.


Knowledge is important but we must make sure it's Right Knowledge. Many lies have been told to us and are still being told. I am NOT trying to preach to anyone or put down anyone's Religious beliefs. All I wish to do is present some Ancient Facts and you can check them out for yourself. As we are taught in the Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, Don't Believe Me Check It Out For Yourself ! nubiannationsymbol.jpg
There are many sources of Right Knowledge out there dealing with the above topics. The Ancient Sumerians were from the line of Ham (meaning black) and so were the Ancient Egyptians. One of their best known writtings is the Ancient Egyptian book of the Dead. The ancient writting hows that the Egyptians were one of the primary sources for the bible and the other are mostly Ancient Sumerian from which Abraham came.


We have been told many biblical lies,and many started within the new testament from bias translations by those who wanted to justify their mistreatment of others. Biblical writtings were used to justify slavery it was used to justify the colonization of Africa.It was used to justify the placement of the state of Isreal in the middle east. It's been the cause of many wars and conflicts. Even if we went back to Noah's three sons like many christians suggest the lies are still there and they tend to cover them up or suggest that those lies do not matter.Let me give you an example to get you started.

Question: Who are the Gentiles?--We are taught they are everyone except the Jews! is this correct?---( NO )--
Answer: The Gentiles are the children of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog,and Madai,and Javan,And Tubal,and Meshech,and Tiras. And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz,and Riphat,and Togarmah. And the sons of Javan; Elishah, and Tarshish,Kittim, and Dodanim. By these were the Isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tounge,after their families, in their nations.( As it states in Genesis 10:1-5 ).

Don't let them fool you, These verses are only refering to the children of Japheth NOT the children of HAM nor the children of Shem. The bible gives different genealogys for Ham and Sham and neither were called Gentiles. Now once you research Japheth and his children you'll find that they basically are the Caucasians. They lived generally North and West of Palestine in Eurasia.

Gomer- is the cimmerians whiched lived near the Black sea. Todays Germany, Soviet Union & Turkey. Magog- The father of the scythian people who inhabited the caucasus and adjacent regions southeast of the Black Sea. Todays Russia, Armenia etc, Madai- The later Medes, regions just south of the caspian sea.East of the Soviet Union Todays Iran. Javan- Ionia,southern Greece and western Asia minor. Italy,Rome,Sicily. Tubal -was in Pontus ( Turkey ) and Meshech- was in the Moschian Mountians. Their movement was from eastern Asia minor, north to the Black sea. Tiras- Later times called Thracia, West coast of the black sea. Ashkenaz- The later scythians,All three names in this verse refers to people located in the upper Euphrates regions, Turkey, Syria, etc etc. Elishah-either its Alashia which is a ancient name for cyprus or a reference to sicily and outhern Italy. Tarshish- southern Spain, Kittim-was the people on the Isle of Cyprus Rodanim- Was the people of the Greek Isle of Rodes.


As you can see Japheth gave birth to only ( 15 ) nations as compared to ( 30 ) for Ham and ( 27 ) for Shem. But my point is who and where are the Gentiles.Many Christians will say it do not matter, But if it did not matter than why is it in the Bible? Too many times we except what we are told without checking it out. That's what I did above. Can you see the lie? No African, African-American, Nubians are Gentiles and Nowhere in the bible do it say we are.

We must break the Spell Of Ignorance. We People Of Color Need a Agenda, We must work together, Help each other, correct all the lies that we have been taught about ourselves and about the world and our purpose on it. We must regain our ancient wisdom that our ancestors left us and use it to correct that which was done to our people. We need to begain to communicate with our cousins in Africa so that we Overstand each others pains and differences.


We must stop allowing ourselves to be broken down. Starting from the Jehovah's witnesses,Seventh Day Adventist, Sunni Muslims, Black Muslims, Five Percent Nation, Israeli church, and Hebrew Israelites. You are broken up into all kinds of Stupid Splinter groups battling against each other over who's Religion is the right way of life. There is the Egyptologist, Dr.Yoef Ben Jochannan on this side, and Dr. John Henrik Clarke, The Historian on that side, and siraj Wahhj of the Sunni Muslims And Ex-Black Muslim is over here, and Muhammad Al Amin aka H.Rap Brown of the Orthodox Sunni Muslims, and Ex- Revolutionist, and Minister Farrakhn of the Black Muslims are over here, and Warith D. Muhammad of the World community of Islam is over here and thats just the Islamic world.

When you get into the Hebrew Israelite world You have Ben Ammi Ben Israel of the African Hebrew Israelite community of Jerusalem, Yahweh Ben Yahweh of the Hebrew Israelites, Rabbi Jeremiah of the Black Israelites, and Rabbi Matthews of the Black Jews and thats only in the black So called Jewish section.

Then when you get into Christianity. You have The seventh day Adventist, The Pentecostals, The Protestants, The Baptists, The Orthodox and the Catholic Church, etc, etc.. And guess what......All of this has been set up to Divide you in mind. And to this point it has worked! Overstand that the power of US coming together Mentally can and will affect the world. But our differences must be put aside for an Agenda that will uplift us all. Not just a select few.

The true Knowledge of The Planet Terra ( Earth ) must be regained inorder for the Prophecy in Revelation 12:12 to be fulfilled. And while we're in Revelations look at Rev. 20: 5-15 will explain the importance of knowing who the Gentiles truely are.

I hope this little bit of knowledge was enough to start the process of breaking the spell for you. There is no magic to it. Just the science of Right Knowledge and Overstanding. But if you Need a Name we call it Nuwaubu.

Knowledge is Power !

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