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Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat

Height: 14-16 inches
Length: 28-48 inches
Weight: 9-28 pounds

Sexual Maturity: 11 months
Mating Season: February/March in Central Asia; October in India
Gestation: 63-68 days
Litter size: 1-6 kittens

Habit: family groups of males, females
and cubs
Diet: rodents, hares, birds, reptiles,
amphibians, insects, young chital, wild pigs, and fish
Call: a very loud "bark" such as from a large breed of dog
Lifespan: 14 years in captivity

  • The Jungle Cat has fur colored sandy-brown, reddish or gray, and is unpatterned except for some brown striping on the legs.
  • Like the kittens of lions, which are born with spotting, these kittens are born with stripes for safe concealment, which disappear as they grow older.
  • Melanistic, or all black, Jungle Cats have also been seen in the wild.
  • Contrary to its name, the Jungle Cat is found in a variety of habitats but typically is not one to live in "jungles".
  • The Jungle Cat is found in Egypt through Southwestern Asia and over to India.
  • In Egypt they prefer swampy ground and reed beds, and in India they prefer woodlands, open plains, grasslands, agricultural crops and scrub.

  • Unlike most wild cats, Jungle Cats live in family groups with females, males and cubs. Males have even been seen to be more protective of cubs than females.
  • The greatest threat facing this cat is the destruction of the natural wetlands in whic the Jungle Cat resides.
  • Like the African wildcats and domestic cats, the Jungle Cat has been mummified and placed in tombs in Ancient Egypt.
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