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Length: 26 inches (tail: 18 inches)
Weight: 16 pounds
Height: 10-14 inches at shoulder

Habit: solitary
Diet: fish, birds, rodents and other small mammals, insects, frogs, reptiles, and fruit

Sexual Maturity: 2 years
Mating Season: tropical regions: no fixed season for breeding; other regions: March and August
Gestation: 73 days
Litter size: 2-4 kittens

Lifespan: 15 years in captivity

  • A Jaguarundi has a slender, elongated body, short legs, a small flattened head, a long "otter-like" tail, and a sleek, unmarked coat.
  • Coats occur in 3 main color variations: black, brownish-grey, or red.
  • Any or all colors can occur in a single litter, but generally the darker colors are found in the rain forest, and the paler color is found in drier environments.

  • Jaguarundi are found in many habitats, from dry scrub, swamp and savannah woodland to primary forest. Dense ground vegetation determines the suitibility.
  • Jaguarundi occupy a vast area of land including Northern Mexico, Central and South America, Texas and possibly Florida.
  • Jaguarundis are known to be solitary or travel and forage in pairs. They have a wide variety of vocalizations, with 13 distinct calls having been documented.
  • It is believed that a feral population of Jaguarundi exists in Florida, established from an introduced population of escaped pets in the 1940ís.

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