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Golden Cat

Golden Cat (African & Asian)

African Golden Cat

Length: 30-57 inches
Weight: 24-30 pounds
Height: 20 inches

Sexual Maturity: 23 months
Gestation: 78 days
Number of Young: 1 kitten

Habit: Solitary and nocturnal
Diet: large and small rodents, small antelope, birds, fallen, injured monkeys and scavenged eagle kills (remains)
Lifespan: 12 years in captivity

Related Species
Asian Golden Cat (see right)

Asian Golden Cat

Length: 46-54 inches
Weight: 20-32.5 pounds
Height: 26-33 inches

Sexual Maturity: about 2 years
Gestation: 80 days
Number of Young: 1-3 kittens

Habit: unknown
Diet: large rodents, amphibians, insects, birds, small reptiles, wild pig, sambar deer, and young calves of domestic water buffalo
Lifespan: about 12 years

Related Species
African Golden Cat (see left)

African Golden Cat

  • Predominately found in moist forest zones including mangrove and alpine bamboo forests. There have also been unconfirmed reports of it inhabiting savannah woodlands.
  • The African Golden Cat can be found in Equatorial Africa.
  • They are mainly nocturnal and crepuscular, and hunt using the stalk and rush method.
  • To some degree, the African Golden Cats are hunted by natives for their skin for use in tribal rituals. Some tribes believe that itís tail will serve as a talisman and protect them while hunting elephants.
  • This cat was originally classified as 2 distinct species due to color variations. The red phase was called the "Golden" cat, while the gray phase was called the "Silver" cat.
  • It is referred to in some areas as "the Leopardís brother" because they inhabit the same area.

  • Asian Golden Cat

  • The Asian Golden Cat is predominately found in tropical and sub-tropical moist evergreen and dry deciduous forests. Occasionally found in shrub and grassland.
  • The Asian Godlen Cat is found throughout the Himalayas, China, southeastern Asia, Malaysia, Nepal and Sumatra.
  • Melanistic, or all black Golden Cats are common to both the African and Asian species.
  • In captivity, Asian Golden Cats have lived up to 20 years, although the average is 12.
  • The face of the Asian Golden Cat is marked with white lines running across its cheeks, and from the corners of its eyes up to the top of its head. Its ears are dark with a grizzled center.
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