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W e l c o m e 2 T o o I n s a n e F o r Y o

~~~Home of amusing theories, ranting, quotes, poetry, and a number of other things to ease boredom, with an emphasis on the opinionated~~~

Come on in. Pull up a chair, (or computer, and kick it once cuz they just seem to work better when they are abused,), sit back and be amused!

Hey now, don't let the title scare you off. You've somehow found your way here, the website of the infamous, or was that not-so-famous...Skoot and Elora, so you might as well enjoy meandering your way around the internet and check out this site. We're not going to let you leave until you find something of amusement on our site, so there. You should hit the blurbs before you go, and checking out the bio's of the people who created them would be appreciated. ( *greatly* )
Have fun, and check back for more refreshing insanity soon.

Why the site?

Boredom mostly. Yours and ours. It's amusing; you might be able to kill boredom for, o say a half hour? Also, we have opinions and feel we need to voice them. So here we are. Our lives are hectic. Not to mention we are so alike that it is, well... odd, and a little scary. lol. Thatís all, enjoy our page, everything circles back to here! Our site is a "work in progress" we constantly (or at least occasionally -ie once a year) revise, update, and add links and new outlets for our energy. If we couldnt work on it, what fun would it be?
ok ok OK already, so maybe we dont work on it as much as we should but its going nicely if i do say so myself, and i do, so there.

We have now corrupted over 4,000 minds. We are so proud. Allow us to continue our corruption and mindless babbling...

Survey says, yes, thats right, most people have blue sponges. Do you?

"Sometimes the majority only means that all the fools are on one side"

A personal quote from Elora - "You think I'm weird? Hey, you're the one talking to me."

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We're gonna change the poll soon, better make your vote count, we'll write it up in a blurb.

Here's what the "critics" say about Too Insane For You-

"Makes that rotting slice of salami look pretty damn attractive"- Becky.
"Ravving experties showing their inner insanity at its best"- Jenn
"Lol very amusing and a great way to waste 30 mins"- Sam
"My lost site is better than this , but i suppose on a scale of 1 to 10 , this site'd get a 9 , cause mine is the ONLY 10."- Also by Becky.

Check back often, send us any comments or ideas you have, feedback is necessary, appreciated, and welcome!

Updates: 12/22/02- Hehe, bored again. Changed bio, put up a new poem...stuff like that...
9/14/02- da-amn its been awhile but here i am again cuz im at school and i am bored. dunno what im doin so check out my bio and junk, who knos i might even put a few of my writings up....

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