The Lists of Creepy Things

Elora's List of Creepy Things*

  1. Internet Smileys
  2. Talking in the Third Person
  3. Chia Pets
  4. "Eyes" Poetry
  5. Lake Pleasant
  6. Claymation
  7. Ending Things with Even Numberz, Such As 5 or 10
    (For Those of You Were Going to Call Me on the Fact that 8 is an Even Number. ::coughs::Al::coughs:: )
  8. Musicals
  9. Adults who refer to themselves as "grown-ups"

*Gerbils have been removed from the list of creepy things after careful consideration. They are, after all, such small creatures.

Scoot's List of Creepy Things

  1. Penguins.
  2. Penguins.
  3. Talking to your computer, thru AIM.
  4. People.
  5. Tofu.
  6. School
  7. Teachers.
  8. Wax Beans.
  9. Licorice. (does anyone else think that wax might be a major ingredient?)
  10. Darth Vader (he gave me nightmares!)

      Jenn's List of Creepy Things

      1. Angelfire.
      2. Bears without noses
      3. Course 3 Math.
      4. People who bring Cameras when they go skiing
      5. Computers
      6. Barney
      7. Cat in the Hat stuffed animals(that she got rid of cuz it scared her....*wierd*)
      8. People who understand HTML
      9. Broccoli

      Becky's list of Creepy Things

      1. Mice
      2. Skid
      3. People saying the same thing in mass numbers
      4. Situational Irony
      5. The Band "Kiss"
      6. Spiders
      7. Guys with Long Hair
      8. Guys with many peircings.
      9. Anyone who looks like they carry a pistol in their coat pocket.

      Kelly's List of Creepy Things (but read bottom up)

      1. ppl who call themself by the first letter of their last name. ex: Mr "O"
      2. Pinapples (always getting ontop of ppl's heads)
      3. jale gummie bears (they just look icky)
      4. demonic teddy bears
      5. gerbil/ferbil porn
      6. an army of dots (*giggles and pokes nellie*) {nellie is elora}
      7. ppl who get stuck in tables
      8. my bots which automaticly say 'rah! *does a little cheer*' and 'yes master'
      9. DASH!!!
      10. the creepy guy

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