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French Internet Resources

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La Page Françl;aise de l'Université de San Diego
Many interesting links!
Les Pages Jaunes
This is the French version of the Yellow Pages telephone book.
Quelle Clothing Catalogue
What are people wearing in France? Find out as you shop for clothes, checking out prices and styles.
Jim Becker's French Links
You'll find hundreds of links to France. Whatever you're trying to find out about France, this is a great place to start.
French Yahoo
This is the French version of the popular search engine.
French Civilization Interactive Course
In French, this course will teach you about life in France. Wonderful pictures, sound, even some mini-videos, you'll watch, listen, read and answer questions. Check out the chapter on French schools.
Beginners' Say it in French course
You have to download the "Toolvox" plug-in first, but then you'll be listening to the customs officer ask about items in your suitcase, or you'll be dialing telephone numbers in this fun, basic course for beginners.
French Grammar Exercises
In these interactive exercises, you type in your answers to about 10 questions, then compare your answers to the correct ones. You can practice just about any grammatical topic. It's part of the University of Texas at Austin French Dept. Web site. French Language
This site has grammar lessons for both beginning and advanced levels.
Paris Match
Paris Match is a combination of Life, People and Time all together. It's loaded with pictures and articles about France (and the world.)
Journal Français
Journal Français is a newspaper published in the United States for people who read French.
French newspapers
Many links to newspapers in French
Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington
This movie theater in Huntington is not really a French web site, but they sometimes show French movies, as well as other foreign films. Check out their web site to see what's currently playing.
AP French Info from the College Board
For those of you planning to take the AP Exam in French, this is the site to learn about the exam. You'll find practice questions, test taking strategies, and grade distributions of last year's exam.
Musée d'Orsay
This web site will be useful in Chapter 13 of French 5.
Liste de sculpteurs
This web site will be useful in Chapter 14 of French 5.
Musée Rodin
This web site will be useful in Chapter 14 of French 5.
La Tour Eiffel
This web site will be useful in Chapter 15 of French 5.