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Extra Help

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High School Extra Help is available on Thursdays in Room 361 from 2:20 to 3:00. Middle School Extra Help is available on Thursday mornings in Room A-13 from 7:30 to 8:00.

What should I bring to Extra Help?
Be sure to bring your textbook and any dittos we have been working on in class. It is also best if you come with specific questions. But you'll still be welcome if you just come with "Teach me, Mr. Loehwing!"

I think I need additional help. Are tutors available?
If you are in French 2, it may be possible to arrange a student tutor from the French 4 or French 5 classes. Adult tutors are also available. One possibility is Odile Montel (368-9637), a French woman who lives in Huntington and has been tutoring for 10 years.

Any other suggestions?
You might ask one of the smart kids in class for help. Studying with another student in class may help, too, if you can stay focused on the lesson. Finally, be sure to check out the Getting Organized section elsewhere on this web site.

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