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Grading Policies
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Calculating Your Grade
Add up the total points you earned and divide by the total points possible.
Short Quiz
Long Quiz
Speaking Quiz
112 Total Points Earned
130 Total Points Possible
112/130 = 86% Quarter Grade

What happens if I am absent for a quiz or homework? Do I have to make it up?
No, you do not have to make up missed homeworks or quizzes, but you do have to make up missed tests.

I'm absent the day before a quiz but present the day of the quiz. Do I have to take the quiz?
Yes, if you were absent for only one day. If you were absent for several days, then you don't have to take the quiz. You should check the class assignments on this Internet site or call another person in the class when you are absent.

If there are no make-ups on quizzes or homework, do I get a zero if I'm absent?
No, you don't. In the chart above, suppose you missed the "long quiz". Your total earned points would be 93, but your total points possible would be 110, so your quarter grade would be 93/110 = 85%.

How can I raise my grade? Do you offer extra credit?
There are no extra credit "projects." But there will be frequent bonus questions that involve searching for information on the Internet.

How much are the bonus questions worth?
Usually 2-3 points on a quiz. It's not much, but sometimes it's enough to raise a student's quarter grade a couple of points if you have done several bonus questions.

I don't have a computer at home. How can I do the bonus questions?
You can use the computers here at school during your lunch period or before or after school. The school library is also open in the evenings one day per week, and there is now Internet access at the Smithtown library. See me for more information.