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Betrayal In Blue: The Shocking Memoir Of The Scandal That Rocked The NYPD
by Ken Eurell, Burl Barer & Frank Girardot

Now read the book to The Seven Five documentary, for the parts that were left on the cutting room floor.
The true story of NYPD cops turned outlaw drug dealers.

Six Philly cops charged with robbery, kidnapping - Twenty plus years after NYPD officers Ken Eurell and Mike Dowd, now members of the Philadelphia Police Dept.'s narcotics unit have been federally indicted.
[ 8/27/14]

Houston Police officer Jasmine Renee Bonner - was arrested with a kilo of cocaine during a drug deal. Bonner had her 6 year old son with her at the time.
[ 8/21/14]

Oklahoma City police officer Holtzclaw - is being held in lieu of $5 million bond after being accused of committing a series of sexual assaults against at least six women while on duty.
[NY POST 8/22/14]

Fla. cop arrested for murder-for-hire plot, aiding drug traffickers - Ralph Mata, an internal affairs officer known as "The Milk Man," was arrested in Miami Gardens on Tuesday after authorities say they uncovered his role in trafficking cocaine from the Dominican Republic to New Jersey.
[NY DAILY NEWS 4/9/14]

San Francisco police officers - and a former cop were handed federal indictments 2/27/14 on a slew of charges in two different cases alleging they stole money, dealt drugs and extorted people.
[NY DAILY NEWS 2/28/14]

NYPD Rex Maralit cop charged with gun smuggling - Federal agents raiding Maralit’s discovered numerous weapons inside, including an AK-47 assault. Authorities stated he used his badge to score discounts on military-grade firearms that he and his brothers bought and re-sold to contacts in the Philippines.
[NY DAILY NEWS 9/6/13]

Officer Jose Tejada pleaded not guilty to pulling three robberies of drug dealers while on-duty and wearing his NYPD uniform. - Tejada, 45, is accused of supplying his bandit buddies with NYPD uniforms, handcuffs and other police swag so they could pose as cops in more than 100 robberies.
[NY DAILY NEWS 4/5/13]

Officer Lester Sanchez of the 75th Precinct was arrested and suspended from duty without pay - he fired his gun in the air after a bar fight and then apparently involved his girlfriend — a fellow officer, Janice Caban, assigned to the same precinct, was also suspended without pay.
[NY DAILY NEWS 3/20/13]

Junkie cop Nicholas Mina sentenced to 15-1/2 years in prison- Mina so hooked on prescription pills that he stole guns from his East Village precinct stationhouse and sold them to his dealer
[NY DAILY NEWS 11/30/12]

NYPD detective caught red-handed by FBI and cops breaking into Long Island home and is eyed in other NYC capers- Rafael (Ray) Astacio was caught red-handed after a break-in at a Long Island home earlier this month, and authorities think he works with a team that pulled off other capers in New York City. The FBI is also probing whether the 14-year veteran committed any crimes or was involved in corruption during his years as a vice cop and sex-crimes investigator.
[NY DAILY NEWS 6/28/12]

NYPD officer convicted of transporting cocaine gets 15 years in prison- retired NYPD cop Alfredo Rivera was convicted of transporting 10 kilos of cocaine from Long Island to the Bronx for $12,000.
[NY DAILY NEWS 6/28/12]

NYPD cop busted for doing dirty deeds for drug dealer-A Queens cop has been busted on federal charges for a violent heroin dealer.
[NY DAILY NEWS 5/15/12]

Ex cop busted in heroin ring- Federal authorities yesterday smashed a multimillion-dollar heroin ring that sold Long Islanders dope with the help of an ex-Suffolk County cop, his daughter, a Hofstra honors student — and the husband of an NYPD police officer.
[NY DAILY NEWS 3/15/12]

Five NYPD cops, five former law enforcement officers among those accused in gun ring-The active-duty officers -- along with three retired NYPD cops, a New Jersey state correction officer and a retired city sanitation cop -- were arrested by federal agents and New York Police Department investigators in a sting operation.
[NY Newsday 10/27/11]

NYPD cops indicted in ticket-fixing case-More than 500 cops were tied to the NYPD's biggest scandal in two decades as it stretched from the streets of the Bronx to the offices of Police Headquarters. The indicted officers were expected to surrender and make their initial court appearances this week.
[NY Daily News 9/25/11]

Feds nab veteran NYPD Detective in string of robberies-Federal agents collared NYPD Detective Kyron Collins, 39 in a months-long string of armed robberies.
[NY Daily News 8/17/2011]

FBI arrests St. Petersburg police detective on corruption charges-homicide detective Anthony Foster is accused of using his position to extort cash, shoes and a flat-screen television from a confidential informant.
[St. Petersburg Times 6/9/2011]

Dirty ex-cop gets 20 years in prison for robbing drug dealers-Officer Jorge Arbaje-Diaz was slammed with 20 years in prison by Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis.
[NY DAILY NEWS 6/8/2011]

Officer traded three kilos of cocaine for dealer's release-Veteran Correction Officer Robert Whitfield, 48, was arrested in the Inwood section of Manhattan, near a drop-off point where he had sent an accomplice to pick up the drugs. Whitfield faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted prosecutors said.
[NY DAILY NEWS 4/7/2011]

Retired hero cop busted for sex abuse-William Fox, 65, was arrested at his Liberty Township home and accused of sexually abusing the juveniles between 1996 and 2009.
[NY DAILY NEWS 3/25/2011]

NYPD Officer sold out badge-Officer Emmanuel Tavarez sold out his badge to a crime crew that posed as cops to rob drug dealers.
[NY DAILY NEWS 5/7/2010]

Ex nypd-cop sentenced- Former NYPD sergeant Roosevelt Green sold out to a crack dealer for a pair of sneakers and a warmup suit.
[NY DAILY NEWS 2/3/10]

Jury convicts NYPD detective in corruption case-A federal jury convicted an NYPD detective Monday of selling out his badge to protect a cocaine trafficker.
[NY DAILY NEWS 10/29/09]

Bernard Kerik goes from top cop to common crook-Bernard Kerik became the first NYPD commissioner to land in jail Tuesday after a judge revoked his bail for trying to taint the jury pool in his upcoming corruption trial.
[NY DAILY NEWS 10/21/09]

COP BUSTED IN $1M HEIST- NYPD cop Shawn Jenkins was busted just hours before he planned to retrieve nearly $1 million for a drug dealer.
[NY POST 5/14/09]

100 dirty NYPD cops-More than 100 of New York's Finest were investigated for allegedly associating with criminals - from boozing with mobsters to pulling off robberies with gang members to even carrying on affairs with lowlife drug dealers
[NY POST 3/2/09]

Pimp cop headed to jail- Wayne Taylor, 35, will be sentenced next month to 3½ years.
[NY DAILY NEWS 7/18/08]

Chop-shop sting bags cop-Officer Shantell McKinnies, 27, assigned to the 102nd Precinct, was busted in an undercover sting.
[NY Post 1/17/08]

Cocaine cop gets 10 years- Manhattan Officer Torrado, received the minimum for conspiring to distribute cocaine and marijuana.
[NY Daily News 11/29/07]

NYPD cop facing 10 years- A female ex-NYPD cop has 'fessed up to federal conspiracy drug charges.
[NY POST 5/19/07]

Ex-cops now gambling suspects-Two former NYPD cops were busted yesterday as authorities broke up a $30 million Internet gambling operation run out of a Queens strip club with mob ties.
[NY DAILY NEWS 3/29/07]

Retired NYPD cop faces 10-count rap in ex-wife slay-A retired NYPD officer was indicted yesterday on murder charges for allegedly shooting his ex-wife.
[NY DAILY NEWS 2/22/07]

Another(former)75 cop in drug trouble-Anthony Chiofalo suspended without pay after he failed a random drug test claims wife laced his meatballs.
[NY POST 11/4/06]

Infamous Knapp cop could be free after 30 years-William Phillips could be free for the first time in more than 30 years.
[NY DAILY NEWS 10/06/06]

Michael Dowd gives exclusive interview to Howard Stern-Michael Dowd, the “dirty cop” who spent 12 years in prison after being convicted of drug dealing while a member of the NYPD, came into Howards studio.

Mafia cops will die behind bars, LIFE in prison!-It was the worst betrayal of the badge in the NYPD's history - and the so-called Mafia cops will pay for their crimes by spending the rest of their lives in prison.
[NY DAILY NEWS 6/06/06]

Mafia Cops guilty- Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito will face sentencing May 22.
[NY POST 4/8/06]

Ex NY Suffolk cop on trial-Raymond Montefusco - who retired from the Suffolk County Police Department - faces up to 21 years in prison if convicted.
[NY DAILY NEWS Jan 16, 2006]

NYPD lieutenant pleads guilty-Lt. John Maguire is highest-ranking of disgraced cops to admit to corruption.
[NY DAILY NEWS May 05, 05]

Mafia Cops caught on tape!-Reputed mafia cop Louis Eppolito was secretly recorded discussing his "relationship" with the late Gambino crime boss John Gotti.
[NY DAILY NEWS April 20, 05]

Cop Killers, NY cops turned mafia hitmen!-In what could be the worst scandal in NYPD history, two retired detectives were charged with moonlighting as hit men for the mob - allegedly carrying out one gangland execution and aiding in at least seven others.
[NY DAILY NEWS March 11, 05]

5 NY cops arrested- Cops got dirty for 'very little' - DA
[NY DAILY NEWS March 4, 05]

Ex NY cop Trotman set free-A disgraced NY ex-cop walked out of court a free man yesterday.
[NY DAILY NEWS Dec 17, 04]

Bust NY cop in coke sting- NYPD officer tried to score a kilo of cocaine, only to find the dealers were federal agents.
[NY Daily News Oct 15, 2004]

NYPD detective pleads guilty-faces up to 15 years in prison
[NY DAILY NEWS Oct 19, 2004]

2 yrs. in ripoff- NYPD Detective Carlos Rodriguez is the first officer to be sentenced in drug ripoffs.
[NY DAILY NEWS Oct 9, 2004]

Coke cops shame- Rachko comes clean.
[NY POST June 26, 2004]

Dowd sold sex behind bars-BAD COP'S CELLPHONE SEX BIZ
[NY POST August 18, 2004]

Mike Dowd released from jail-April 14 2004, 4/30 story hits NY Daily News.
[NY DAILY NEWS 04/30/04]

Prison, for cop who extorted gamblers-NJ detective sentenced to 13 months in federal prison..
[NY DAILY NEWS 05/25/04]

NY Crawford county officer arrested for murder-Kevin Griffin busted for assassinating" an Old Navy store manager
[NY POST 04/13/04]

retired cop working for the Secret Service busted in 9/11 scam-charges he stole five cars recovered from Ground Zero
[NY DAILY NEWS 04/13/04]

NYPD detective pleads guilty-Det. Vasquez accused with his partner(Rachko) of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from drug dealers [NY DAILY NEWS 04/13/04]

Ex-cop in drug plea deal- A former Bronx cop pleads guilty to stealing drugs [NY DAILY NEWS 04/09/04]

NYPD Detective Thomas Rachko is seeking a deal with feds-It took only a day for the feds to flip the retired rogue - who was allegedly caught with his partner robbing a drug courier of $169,000 - wants to cut a deal with federal prosecutors.
[NY DAILY NEWS 12/05/03]

NYPD cops busted with 169G-A veteran detective & retired cop were busted for ripping off $169,000 of drug money.
[NY DAILY NEWS 12/03/03]

Dirty cop: I did 'disgusting things'-A weepy ex-cop who is now singing for the government admitted 11/13/03 he did a lot of "disgusting things" to disgrace his NYPD badge. While working in Brooklyn's 77th Precinct, Anthony Trotman joined a violent robbery crew.

Ex-NY cop convicted of club-drug sales-A federal jury in Brooklyn convicted an ex-NYPD cop of conspiring to distribute Ecstasy pills at city clubs. [NY DAILY NEWS 11/04/03]

Dirty NY cop to tell all- A rogue cop who was a key member of a notorious Brooklyn gang that specialized in robbing and killing drug dealers takes the stand against his former partner. [NY DAILY NEWS 11/03/03]

Indict cop in ripoff of woman, 64 - A veteran NY cop Gustavo Figueroa was indicted on charges that he bilked an elderly Bronx woman of $600 when he was called to her home to help.

Ex-NY cop arrested in child porn ring- Brian Mathews another former 75 police officer arrested!

Violent cop busted again-NYPD cop Craig Yokemick arrested again.
[NY DAILY NEWS 12/16/02]

NY detectives work for the mafia- a handful of Brooklyn cops have been moonlighting for the mob.[NY DAILY NEWS 12/02]

LAPD cop steals 8 pounds of cocaine!- his conviction has exploded into a wide investigation of a frame-up, drug dealing and other crimes allegedly covered up by a code of silence in the Los Angeles Police Department.

NY cops plotting murder-2 former police officers, Jamil Jordan, 28, and Anthony Trotman, 35, partners in a Brooklyn precinct, were accused of holding up businesses, robbing drug dealers and conspiring to kill a detective in retaliation for his revealing they lied about a 1997 gun arrest.

NY cops face up to life behind bars if convicted-Four New York cops were arrested for selling cocaine and anabolic steroids.
[NY Daily News 9/20/02]

Ex-NY cop busted for shooting preschool teacher-Drunken, disgraced ex-cop Brian Berrigan who was "mad at the world" unleashed a barrage of bullets from his Stuyvesant Town apartment wounding a preschool teacher as she escorted toddlers and pinning hundreds of people for hours.
[NY Daily News 10/03/02]

NY cop on welfare!- NY cop Esther Cornielle reaped $115,000 in welfare, food stamps, health care and child care benefits - all while pounding the beat for the NYPD

Officers Rodney Hawkins & Edwin DeLoatch NYPD- faces up to five years in prison in a massive insurance fraud scheme.

NYPD plagued with Alcohol problems-David Noonan Daily News Staff Writer

NYPD cop gets 30 years!-Former NY officer Justin Volpe sentenced

Six former law officers- including two police chiefs, have been indicted on drug trafficking and corruption charges for allegedly smuggling more than 1,700 pounds of marijuana into the country.

Police corruption spreading, prison statistics show-police are succumbing to the temptations posed by huge sums of cash from illegal drugs.

Police corruption Australia

The Frank Serpico Site

The Twisted Badge

CopCrimes- The most comprehensive web-resource guide to police brutality, law enforcement and government corruption.

Fish Noodles-Sticky issues and stinky points and personalities afflicting Maricopa County,Arizona

Cops busted for meth Trafficking-Agents from the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation announced the indictment of Ouray County Undersheriff John Wesley Radcliff and Deputy Leroy Dale Todd - nearly half the department's five-person force.

Corrupt Cop cooperates-Former police officer David Singleton confessed to dealing kilos of cocaine for convicted drug kingpin Richard Pena.

Cop of the month, Faces Drug charges!-William Alonzo Banks Jr., 31, of Lakeland was arrested by FBI agents on charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, cocaine and crack cocaine.

$10,000 missing from crime scene-SEATTLE, The Seattle Police Internal Affairs Department knew about allegations against two prominent homicide detectives, before the prosecutor’s office started its investigation.

The Law Enforcement Scam" -Libertarian activist exposes a Law Enforcement Scam put on by the US Postal Inspection Service and local police (in this case San Jose Police, Calif.). In that Scam the police used extensive editing of tape recorded evidence, and mis-use of "Confidential Informant" laws to cover-up the active nature of this sting.

Boston Globe-Corruption probe shakes up Boston Police detective unit...
The case of the disappearing money...and
Boston officer seized $3,330 in raid - it hasn't been seen since

Police Leaders: Illicit Drug Markets Contribute to Police Corruption

Forty-Four Ohio Police Officers Arrested For Protecting Cocaine Traffickers

FBI Investigates Indianapolis Police For Drug Theft

Corrupt Officer in Philadelphia Gets 3-Year Sentence; Prosecutors Worry It Will Undermine Cooperation

Illinois Police Chief Convicted for Drug Corruption

Philadelphia Police Officers Admit Robbing Drug Suspects

Seven Chicago Police Officers Indicted in Drug Sting

New York Narcotics Cop Testifies That Corrupt Officer Thwarted Internal Affairs Investigation

Seven current and former law enforcement officials on trail

New York Police-Hompepage of the NYPD, visit all the precincts.

Confessions of corrupt cops trigger unrest in Philly-Officer John Baird's reputation preceded him. Baird was among a corrupt cell of uniformed officers in the 39th District who shook down drug dealers, beating them, planting evidence and trumping up charges against criminals and innocent victims.

True Justice- An Exposé of Crooked Cops, Judges, Prosecutors, etc

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