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Communities Against Riverboat Expansion



Since this casino issue began Brad Franzwa and the C.A.R.E. organization has been fighting for the citizens of Washington County.  

  1. When the Referendum was applied for the casino wanted a quick date opting to not wait for the November elections.  This would have come at the taxpayers expense a figure of some $5,000 dollars was quoted.  Brad questioned why the taxpayers had to carry the burden of the casinos wish to vote early, as a result the casino ended up paying for the expense.  If not for people who care for our citizens the casino would have stuck us with the bill.

  2. When the memorandum of understanding was presented to our city council Brad again pointed out that this would not be in the best interest of our town to sign this contract.  The council did not heed his advise, and with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads signed the contract.  Brad reaffirmed his beliefs with the Washington council who also signed the contract with the casino.  Now after both councils have come to realize that they may have made a mistake, they are both looking to layers to find out how they can get around the contract they were too quick to sign.  Again Brad was looking out for the citizens of Washington County, and the councils backpedaling show he was right.

  3. With the realization that all of the information being presented to the people of our county was coming from the casino, and the people who will profit along with them, The C.A.R.E. organization was started.  Someone has to bring the factual information to the people so they can make a decision knowing both sides of the issue. We will not profit from this referendum being defeated, except in the knowledge that we were able to help people keep their heads out of the clouds, see the reality of the harmful side of gambling, and vote no because they CARE enough about their fellow residents that even the 1% the casino agrees will suffer is too much.

Don't make the same mistake our city councils have made , and make a quick decision based on the dreams the casino people are filling heads with. Linn County DIDN'T want it, the casino new better then even trying Johnson County,  These are well populated Counties with large amounts of educated people, and businessmen.  We should follow their lead, and send the casino packing because we care about all the people of our county.

The following links will take you to detailed information on their subject.

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