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Press Release:  For Immediate Release on August 16, 2004


Communities Against Riverboat Expansion of Washington County (CARE) will host a county-wide town-hall meeting at 7pm on Monday, August 23.  The meeting will be held at the Washington Knights of Columbus Hall and will feature a variety of speakers present to discuss the impact of casino gambling on Washington County.


Featured speakers will feature Leonard Hadley, Retired Chairman, President, and CEO of Maytag Corporation.  Mr. Hadley serves on numerous business and civic boards and will discuss economic development and the casino’s impact on other development in the county.

Tom Grey, Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling, will be present to discuss how the expansion of gambling will affect Eastern Iowa.

Robert Miller, a businessman and president of the Truth About Gambling Foundation based in Muscatine, IA will discuss the overall economic and social impact of gambling.

Tom Coates of Norwalk, IA is head of the Consumer Credit of Des Moines, a debt counseling service, and will present the impact gambling will have on residents, both gamblers and non-gamblers alike, in Washington County.

Charlie Nelson, a retired history professor from Drake University, will discuss the addictive nature of gambling and will tell his personal story about how the presence of a nearby casino affected him and how it will affect our county.  A recovering gambling addict, Mr. Nelson will be present to discuss how the casino would successfully convert 5% of our county’s population into compulsive or problem gamblers.


This panel of speakers will be present to discuss and refute the claims that the owners of Catfish Bend have presented to the county.  They will discuss and answer questions about crime, bankruptcy, addiction, and the economic failure our county could experience with the presence of the planned casino.


On a side note, hundreds of Vote No signs were vandalized or stolen over this past weekend throughout the county.  While disappointing to see this new crime already in the county as a result of a planned casino, it was also anticipated by the CARE Organization.  Please call 648-2095 to report and request a new yard sign.


CARE would also like to invite people to visit their new website:


Press-Release Contact Info:

Brad Franzwa, Organization Chair of CARE

PO Box 602

Riverside, IA  52327

Phone 319-648-2095 Cell 319-330-8137


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