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Dirty Little




Riverboat Casino


Won’t tell



Got your Attention?

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If Riverboat Gambling is allowed in our county,

Some will…(But many could)

 *Some will begin gambling for the first time

 *Some will gamble all their assets and go bankrupt

 *Some will begin stealing to support their new habit

 *Some will have affairs with those who are sympathetic to their situation and destroy their marriage

 *Some will get cancer from being in and working in a heavily smoke filled environment.

 *Some will lose their businesses because they cannot compete

 *Some will lose their families, jobs, credit and even their lives.

 *Some will drive home under the influence, deeply depressed  after having a “fun day” at the slots.

*Some will lose their business because their customers went bankrupt.

 *Some will go without necessities to spend money on gambling.

 *Some will begin abusing and neglecting their families because of financial stress.

 *Some will wonder why they ever voted (or did not vote) to allow gambling in the county!


These are some of the so called ‘limited risks’ associated with Riverboat Gambling.  They are too great to ignore. Do the benefits out weigh the risk? 

Not even close!



Communities Against Riverboat Gambling



Aug 31st

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