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 The ad claims 600 good jobs with an average salary of $27,000.


Actually 600 jobs is what might be if the full project is completed.  That includes the proposed restaurants, hotel, golf course, and housing developments.  The initial plans are to build the casino first with no timeframe on other plans.  This brings the number of jobs to only between 300 and 350.  Mr. Massa was recently quoted in the newspaper that the newest slot machines (faster) take fewer people to run and jobs are being reduced at the casinos through attrition now.


The last time Mr. Joe Massa, the Catfish Bend General Manager, was questioned he admitted that the “average salary would be around $23,000,” and that would include tips.  Mr. Kehl’s Casino in Clinton is currently advertising positions that are needed on his riverboat through the Iowa Workforce Development job search website.  His ad currently shows a need for six openings as deckhand, change person, slot staff, count team, food and beverage, and security. The salary listed is $6.45 per hour.  That translates to 13,416 per year.  That looks more like poor jobs that will not boost our economy rather add a strain requiring low-income housing, and county assistance programs for those people to survive. It certainly will not cause many people to give up good jobs in Johnson, and Linn Counties to go to work at the casino.


Adam Richards is quoted, and pictured on the ad.  Mr. Richards is the managing partner of the Riverside Travel Mart.  The Riverside Travel Mart will be located in a prime position in relation to the area proposed for the casino.  Casinos always provide transportation to and from their facility for groups of people and will no doubt need fuel to run their shuttles.  With a projected 1.4 million admissions at the casino traffic passing in front of the Travel Mart will undoubtedly result in more sales. Unfortunately this will be one of the very few, if not the only business in the county that will gain from this location

Mr. Richards is also serving on the Washington County Riverboat Commission.  This commission, which is supposedly made up of volunteers, has written in their bylaws that volunteers could be paid “reasonable compensation for services rendered”.  Our opinion is that they will eventually become paid. Why wouldn’t he want you to vote yes?

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