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Sykerast1 KISS CDR Trading Page
My MAJOR KISS WANTS click here. 

I also am interested in these Non-KISS related CDs.

I also have VINYL for Trade/Sale. (FREE if you burn it to CDR for me!) I also have CDs by BANDS OTHER THAN KISS

for Trade/Sale.

*INSERTS are provided here FOR PEOPLE I TRADE WITH as I have no way of making copies.

**By popular request... Ratings inside parenthesis. (10 scale) I'm really after FANZINES now!

If you'd like to trade for CDRs please let me know!

THESE ARE MY KISS CDRS I HAVE FOR TRADE! VCDS: San Francisco 1975 Detroit 1976 SHOWS: -San Francisco 74 + Demos (6) TRACKS INSERTS -Long Beach, CA May 31, 1974 INSERTS -Detroit, MI January 26, 1976 (Struttin' in Rock City) INSERTS -Cleveland February 1, 1976 -Anaheim, CA August 20, 1976 (KISS Destroys Anaheim) INSERTS -Toronto, Canada September 6, 1976 (Flaming Years) INSERTS -Tokyo, Japan April 1-4, 1977 (The Lost Alive II) (9) TRACKS INSERTS -San Francisco, CA August 16, 1977 INSERTS -Houston, TX September 1, 1977 (The Summit) (8) TRACKS INSERTS -Lakeland, FL June 13, 1979 (The Last Stand) -Fresno, CA November 27, 1979 (Die Nasty) (2 Disks) (8) TRACKS INSERTS -London, England September 9, 1980 (Egos at the Stake) (8) TRACKS INSERTS -Auckland, New Zealand Dec. 3, 1980 (2 Disks) (10) TRACKS INSERTS -Vienna, Austria November 8, 1983 -Nashville, TN Jan. 11, 1984 (8) TRACKS -Albuquerque, NM Jan. 22, 1984 (2 Disks) (8) TRACKS INSERTS -Stockholm, Sweden October 26, 1984 (They Only Come Out At Night) (2 Disks) (9) TRACKS INSERTS -Detroit Dec. 8, 1984 (Live Uncensored) (9) TRACKS INSERTS -Charlotte, NC December 28,1985 (9) TRACKS INSERTS -Chicago, IL January 17, 1986 -Orlando, FL August 2, 1990 (Rise To It) -Brooklyn, NY May 10, 1992 -East Rutherford October 9, 1992 (Unmasked + Unchained) INSERTS -Cleveland, OH November 29, 1992 (Unholy) (2 Disks) (10) TRACKS INSERTS -Melbourne, Australia February 7, 1995 (unplugged) (2 Disks) (8) TRACKS -Miami, FL June 7, 1995 (2 Disks) -Boston, MA July 29, 1995 (Return to Casablanca III) -Pittsburgh, PA August 1, 1995 (Die Hard) (9) TRACKS INSERTS -Detroit, MI June 28, 1996 (Greatest Band in the World) (2 disks) -Pittsburgh, PA July 21, 1996 (How the Big Boys Do It) (2 Disks) -Albany, NY October 12, 1996 (Second Coming) (2 Disks) INSERTS -Osaka, Japan January 22, 1997 INSERTS -Los Angelos, CA October 31, 1998 -Indianapolis, IN (Psycho Circus Live official release) December 13, 1998 (10) TRACKS -Tucson, AZ March 12, 2000 -Las Vegas, NV March 17, 2000 (9) (2 Disks) TRACKS INSERTS -New Jersey June 16, 2000 INSERTS -Hamilton Ontario, Canada September 23, 2000 (2 Disks) INSERTS -Yokohama, Japan 3/9/01 (2 Disks) *with Eric Singer* (9) TRACKS INSERTS ----------------------------------------------------------------- SOLO STUFF: ACE -Riding the Comet (March 12, 1984) -Back in the Milwaukee Groove (June 29, 1987) -New Haven, CT February 19, 1990 (ACE SOLO) (2 Disks) INSERTS -ACE TOUR REHEARSALS (location??) 1992 (2 Disks) -Bad Boys Tour San Diego December 1995 -Hammerstein Ballroom, NY November 23, 2001 (ACE SOLO) INSERTS -Ace Demos #1 -Ace Frehley 12 Picks -Ace Frehley Loaded Deck -Best of Ace Frehley TRACKS INSERTS -Ace Frehley Trouble Walkin' Leftovers -Ace - The Other Side of the Coin BRUCE -ESP -Bruce Kulick - Audio Dog ERIC CARR -Eric Carr Demos -Eric Carr - Rockology -Lightning GENE -Gene Bloody Demos TRACKS -Best of Gene Simmons TRACKS INSERTS MARK Mark St. John Project PAUL -New Haven, CT February 12, 1989 (A Crazy Night in New Haven)(PAUL SOLO) INSERTS -Baltimore, MD February 21, 1989 (PAUL STANLEY SOLO TOUR)(2 Disks) (8) TRACKS INSERTS?? -Paul Demos -Best of Paul Stanley TRACKS INSERTS -Paul as Phantom of the Opera (I think it is terrible!) INSERTS -Paul Stanley Demos PETER -Nashville, TN November 17, 1995 (PETER SOLO) -Chelsea -Lips -Peter Criss - Out of Control -Peter Criss Demos #1 -Peter Criss Demos #2 -Best of Peter Criss TRACKS INSERTS -Criss Cat #1 TRACKS INSERTS -Criss VINNIE -The EP -Pyro Messiah The Demos (2 Disks) -Vinnie Vincent Demo Collection -Vinnie Vincent Unreleased Demos -Vinnie Vincent Invasion Demos -Vinnie Vincent Archives Volume 1 (Speedball Jamm) ----------------------------------------------------------------- MISC & DEMOS: -Alive 4 (Various Farewell Live Tracks) (various ratings) TRACKS -15 Years On (Interview Disk) -Deadly Demos -Demo Outtakes Vol. 1 -Demonic -Demonic 2 -Demonic 3 -Demos from the Attic -Destroyer Demos TRACKS -Elder Demos -Fancy Fair Demos TRACKS INSERTS -For the Love of Blood -Golden Trashes -Greedy Bastards -Howard Stern Show (date??) -Lick It Up Demos and Rehearsals TRACKS -Music from the Wasteland -On the Air Unplugged -Secret Kisses 1 -Secret Kisses 2 INSERTS -Secret Kisses 3 TRACKS -Still Wicked (Demos & Rare Songs) TRACKS -Up in Flames (The Demos) -Watching Us -Barry Levine: The KISS Years INSERTS -KISS and Tell Interview Disk TRACKS -KISS: Star Profile TRACKS INSERTS -The Kiss Bible (various songs/rarities) ----------------------------------------------------------------- TRIBUTES: -Hard to Believe: A KISS Covers Compilation TRACKS INSERTS -KISS of Death (An Underground Tribute to KISS) TRACKS INSERTS -Unpainted: A Tribute to the non-makeup years -Dressed to Kill: An Independent Tribute to KISS -KISS Tribute in Japan -The Real KISS Tribute: KISS My Dick

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