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My VINYL for Trade and/or Sale

FREE if you transfer it to CDR for me!

Unfortunately I have to make this offer good for US addresses only. The cost got way too expensive!

* Trade/Sell Only (I already have CD)

Abba – Greatest Hits Vol. 2   *
ABC – Be Near Me 12”   *
Accept – Eat the Heat      GONE to DAVE
Adams, Bryan – Cuts Like a Knife
Adams, Bryan - Reckless
Adventures, The – Theodore and Friends
After All – How High the Moon
Air Kraft – Air Kraft   GONE to WARRIOR1
Air Supply – Hearts in Motion
Air Supply – Lost in Love
Air Supply – Now and Forever
Air Supply – The One That You Love
Airrace – Shaft of Light
Alarm - Strength
Alaska – The Pack
Alcatrazz – No Parole from Rock ‘N’ Roll   GONE  to DAVE
Alcatrazz – Undercover 12”
Alien – Alien
Alien – Cosmic Fantasy
Anderson, Jon – In the City of Angels
Angel - Angel
Angel – Helluva Band
Angel – White Hot     GONE to DAVE
Anka, Paul – Walk a Fine Line     GONE to TOMMY
Anthrax – State of Euphoria
Anvil – Hard ‘N’ Heavy
Apocrypha – The Eyes of Time
Apollonia 6 – Apollonia 6
Appice, Carmine – Carmine Appice
April Wine – Power Play
Armored Saint – Armored Saint
Armored Saint – Delirious Nomad
Asia - Astra     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Autograph – Loud and Clear
Autograph – Sign in Please
Autograph – That’s the Stuff
Axe – Axe
Axe - Offering     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Axtion – Look Out For the Night   GONE to WARRIOR1
Babys, The – The Babys     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Babys, The – Broken Heart     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Babys, The – Head First     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Babys, The – On the Edge     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Babys, The – Union Jack     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Bang-Bang – Life Part II
Bangles – All Over the Place
Banshee – Cry In the Night   GONE to WARRIOR1
Barnes, Jimmy – For the Working Class Man
Barren Cross – Rock for the King
Beach Boys – Best of
Beach Boys – Endless Summer
Beauvoir, Jean - Jacknifed
Beauvoir, Jean – Jimmy 12”
Becker, Jason – Perpetual Burn
Benatar, Pat – Crimes of Passion   *
Benatar, Pat – Get Nervous   *
Benatar, Pat – In the Heat of the Night   *
Benatar, Pat – Live From Earth   *
Benatar, Pat – Precious Time   *
Benatar, Pat – Seven the Hard Way   *
Benatar, Pat - Tropico   *
Berlin – Dancing in Berlin 12” Mexico
Berlin – Like Flames 12”
Berlin – No More Words 12”
Black ‘N Blue – Nasty Nasty
Black ‘N Blue – Without Love
Blitzkrieg – Ready For Action   GONE to WARRIOR1
Bloodgood - Detonation
Blow Monkeys, The – She Was Only a Grocer’s Daughter
Blue Murder – Blue Murder
Michael Bolton – Everybody’s Crazy
Michael Bolton – The Hunger   *
Michael Bolton – Michael Bolton   *
Adam Bomb – Fatal Attraction
Bon Jovi – Bon Jovi
Bonfire – Don’t Touch the Light
Bonfire – Firewords
Bonfire – Ready for Action 12”   GONE to WARRIOR1
Book of Love – I Touch Roses 12”
Boom Crash Opera – Boom Crash Opera
Boomerang - Boomerang
Borden, Lizzy – Love You to Pieces
Borden, Lizzy – Menace to Society
Bourgeois Tagg - Yoyo
Bowie, David – Let’s Dance
Boy George - Sold
Breaks, The – The Breaks
Breathe – Don’t Tell Me Lies 12”
Briar – Crown of Thorns
Brighton Rock – Young, Wild and Free
Briley, Martin – One Night with a Stranger
Britny Fox – Britny Fox
Broken Edge – Time For a Change
Broken Edge – Time For a Change 12”
Broken Homes – Broken Homes
Bronz – Taken By Storm      GONE to DAVE
Brotherhood of Man – Love and Kisses from Brotherhood of Man
Bullens, Cindy – Cindy Bullens
Burtnick – Talking In Code   GONE to WARRIOR1
Bush, Stan – All American Boy 12”
Byrne, Simon – Dream Crazy
Cacophony (Friedman/Becker) – Go Off!
Call, The – Into the Woods
Call, The - Reconciled     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Cardenas, Luis – Animal Instinct
Carl, Max - Circle
Carlisle, Belinda – Belinda
Carlisle, Belinda – Heaven is a Place on Earth
Carlisle, Belinda – Runaway Horses
Carrack, Paul – One Good Reason
Carrack, Paul – One Good Reason 12”
Cars, The – Candy-O
Cars, The – Heartbeat City
Cars, The – Shake It Up
Cash, Rosanne – Hits 1979-1989     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Cash, Rosanne – Right Or Wrong     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Cash, Rosanne – Somewhere in the Stars     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Cassidy, David – Romance     GONE to TOMMY
Cassidy, Shaun – Born Late
Cetera, Peter – Solitude Solitaire
Chastain – Mystery of Illusion
Chastain – The 7th of Never
Chastain – The Voice of the Cult
Cheap Trick – All Shook Up     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Cheap Trick – At Budokan     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Cheap Trick – The Doctor     GONE to MARK
Cheap Trick – Dream Police
Cheap Trick – Heaven Tonight     GONE to CHARLES
Cheap Trick – In Color     GONE to CHARLES
Cheap Trick – Standing on the Edge     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Cher – Cher
Chicago - Chicago
Chicago - 16
Cinema – New Girl Now 12”
CJSS – World Gone Mad
Cobra – Warriors of the Dead
Cochrane, Tom – And Red Rider     GONE to HATCH
Cock Robin – After Here Through Midland
Cock Robin – Cock Robin
Collins, Phil – Take Me Home 12”
Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way 12”
Coney Hatch - Friction
Coney Hatch – Outa Hand
Convict – Go Ahead… Make My Day   GONE to WARRIOR1
Cooper, Alice – In Through the Out Door
Craaft - Craaft
Criss, Peter – Out of Control     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Cross, Christopher – Another Page
Cry Before Dawn – Crimes of Conscience
Crystal – The One For You     GONE to TERJE
CS Angels – Will You Stay Tonight 12”
Cult, The - Love     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Culture Club – Victims 12”
Curie, Cherie and Marie – Messin’ With the Boys
Dale – Riot in English
Darling – Put it Down to Experience
DC Lacroix – Crack of Doom
DC Lacroix – Livin’ by the Sword
DeYoung, Dennis – Back to the World     GONE to RECORDHEAD
DeYoung, Dennis – Desert Moon 
Dear Enemy – Computer One 12”
Dear Mr. President – Dear Mr. President
Demon – The Plague
Depeche Mode – Strangelove 12”
Des Barres, Michael – Too Good to be Bad 12”
Devo – New Traditionalists    GONE to HATCH
Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Too Rye Ay     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Diamond - Diamond   GONE to WARRIOR1
Diamond, Neil – Hot August Night II     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Diamond, Neil – The Jazz Singer
Diamond, Neil – Love Songs
Diamond Head - Canterbury
Dietrich - Dietrich
Dirty Looks – Cool from the Wire
Dirty Looks – Dirty Looks
Divinyls – What a Life     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Dragon – Body and the Beat
Dragon – Rain 12”
Drew - Drew
Drop in the Gray, A – Certain Sculptures
Duran Duran – Duran Duran     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Duran Duran – Seven and the Ragged Tiger
Eagles – Hotel California
Eagles – The Long Run
Easton, Elliot – Change No Change     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Easton, Sheena – Sheena Easton
Easton, Sheena – You Could Have Been with Me
Echo & the Bunnymen – Echo & The Bunnymen
Eden – Eden 
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) – Face the Music      GONE
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) – Time      GONE to RECORDHEAD
Electric Pandas – Point Blank
Envy – Ain’t it a Sin
Erasure – The Circus 12”
Eric Steel – Infectious 
Eurogliders – Absolutely 12”
Europe – The Final Countdown
Europe – Out of This World
Europe – Wings of Tomorrow
Everything But the Girl – Eden 
Exodus – Fabulous Disaster
Explorers, The – Lorelei 12”
Expose – Seasons Change 12”
EZO – Her It Comes 12”     GONE to CRISTIANO
Face to Face – 10-9-8 12”
Face to Face - Confrontation
Face to Face – Face to Face
Face to Face – Tell Me Why 12”
Face to Face – Under the Gun 12”
Fame – The Kids from Fame
Fame – The Kids from Fame Again
Fame – Rock ‘N Roll World
Fame - Songs
Farnham – Whispering Jack
Farrenheit – Fool in Love 12”
Fashion – Eye Talk 12”
Fashion - Fabrique
Fastway – Fastway
Fastway – Waiting for the Roar
Fate – A Matter of Attitude   GONE to WARRIOR1
Fates Warning – Awaken the Guardian
Fates Warning – Night on Brocken
Finesse – Just an American Kid
Finn, Tim – Tim Finn    GONE to HATCH
Fiorillo, Elisa – How Can I Forget You 12”
Fire on Blonde – Stop and Think 12”
Fist – Danger Zone 
Fleetwood Mac - Live     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Flock of Seagulls - Listen     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Folsom, Scott – Simple Talk
Ford, Lita – Dancin’ On the Edge
Ford, Lita – Out For Blood
Foreigner – Agent Provocateur     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Foreigner – Double Vision     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Foreigner - 4
Foreigner – Head Games
Foreigner – Inside Information
4 Reasons - Unknown
44 Magnum – Actor (includes Promo Kit)
44 Magnum – Street Rock’N Roller
Foster, David – The Symphony Sessions
Fox, Samantha – Aim to Win 12”
Fox, Samantha – Aim to Win Picture Disk     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – Do Ya Do Ya 12”
Fox, Samantha – Do Ya Do Ya Picture Disk     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – England Interview Picture Disk BAK 2023     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – England Interview Picture Disk II BAK2055      GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – England Interview Picture Disk III BAK 2098     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – Holding 12”
Fox, Samantha – Holding Picture Disk     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – I Only Wanna Be With You 12”
Fox, Samantha – I Surrender Picture Disk     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – I Wanna Have Some Fun Picture Disk single     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – I Wanna Have Some Fun 12”
Fox, Samantha – I Wanna Have Some Fun
Fox, Samantha – I’m All You Need 12”
Fox, Samantha – I’m All You Need Picture Disk     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – Love House Picture Disk     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – Naughty Girls Need Love Too 12”
Fox, Samantha – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now 12”
Fox, Samantha – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now Picture Disk     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – Touch Me 12”
Fox, Samantha – Touch Me
Fox, Samantha – Touch Me Picture Disk     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – Triple Picture Disk album     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Fox, Samantha – Triple Picture Disk album Touch Me     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Foxx, John – Enter the Angel 12”
Freiheiet - Fantasy
Friedman, Marty – Dragon’s Kiss
Furlong, Michael – Use It or Lose It
Gabriel, Peter - So    GONE to HATCH
Game Theory – Real Nighttime     GONE to CHARLES
Game Theory – 2 Steps from the Middle Ages     GONE to CHARLES
Gene Loves Jezebel – Desire 12”
Gene Loves Jezebel – The House of Dolls
Gene Loves Jezebel – The Motion of Love 12”
George, Robin – Dangerous Music
Ghost Dance – The Grip of Love
Gibson, Debbie – Foolish Beat
Gibson, Debbie – Only in My Dreams 12”
Gibson, Debbie – Out of the Blue
Gillespie, Mark – You 12”
Girlschool – 1 2 3 4 Rock and Roll 12”     GONE to CHARLES
Girlschool – Don’t Call it Love / Tush 12”     GONE to CHARLES
Girlschool – Play Dirty     GONE to CHARLES
Giuffria - Giuffria
Glass Tiger – Someday / Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone 12”
Glass Tiger – The Thin Red Line
Go Go’s – Beauty and the Beat
Goffin. Louise – This is the Place
Gowan – Great Dirty World
Gowan – Strange Animal
Gramm, Lou – Ready or Not
Grant, Amy – Straight Ahead
Great White – Once Bitten     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Grim Reaper – See You in Hell
Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Conversation WHITE VINYL     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Hagar, Schon, Aaronson, Shrieve (HSAS) – Through the Fire     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Hall & Oates – Private Eyes
Hall & Oates – Rock ‘N Soul Part 1
Hall & Oastes - Voices     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Hall, Daryl – Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine
Hanoi Rocks – Back to Mystery City
Hanover Fist – Razor Garden   GONE to ROBERT A
Harlequin – Love Crimes   GONE to WARRIOR1
Harlequin – One False Move
Hawkwind – Night of the Hawks      GONE to DAVE
Headpins – Head Over Heels
Headpins – Turn it Loud
Heart – Dog & Butterfly
Heart – Greatest Hits
Heart – Little Queen     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Heart – Passionworks     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Heart – Private Audition
Heaven – Where Angels Fear to Tread
Heavy Pettin’ – Heavy Pettin’
Heavy Pettin’ – Rock Ain’t Dead      GONE to DAVE
Hege V – House of Tears 
Helix – Long Way to Heaven
Helix – No Rest for the Wicked
Helix – Walkin’ the Razor’s Edge
Hellion – Postcards from the Asylum
Helloween – I Want Out
Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II      GONE to DAVE
Helstar – A Distant Thunder
Heroes – Hwere We Are
Holland – Early Warning
Honeymoon Suite – The Big Prize
Honeymoon Suite – Honeymoon Suite
Honeymoon Suite – Racing After Midnight
Honeymoon Suite – Stay In the Light 12”
House of Freaks – Monkey on a Chain Gang
Hurricane – Over the Edge
Hurricane – Take What You Want
Icehouse – Cross the Border 12”
Icehouse – Electric Blue 12”
Icehouse – Measure for Measure
Icehouse – Mr. Big 12”
Icehouse – Primitive Man
Icehouse - Sidewalk
Icicle Works, The - Blind
Icon – Icon
Icon – Night of the Crime
Idle Eyes – Love’s Imperfection 12”
Idle Eyes – Tokyo Rose
Idol, Billy – Rebel Yell
Idol, Billy – Vital Idol
Ilusion – I Want Your Love in Me 12”
In Pursuit – Standing In Your Shadow
In 3D - Barrage
In Vitro – In Vitro
Information Society – Information Society
Intrinsic – Intrinsic
INXS – Listen Like Thieves
INXS – 1980-82
I.Q. – Promises 12”
Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time     GONE to RECORDHEAD
It Bites – Calling All the Heroes 12”
It Bites – Once Around the World 12”
Japan - Assemblage
Japan – Exorcising Ghosts
Jefferson Starship – Winds of Change
Jet Red – Jet Red
Jett, Joan – Bad Reputation     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Jett, Joan – I Love Rock –N- Roll     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Jett, Joan – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Joel, Billy – Glass Houses    GONE to HATCH
Joel, Billy – An Innocent Man    GONE to HATCH
Joel, Billy – The Nylon Curtain    GONE to HATCH
Joel, Billy – The Stranger    GONE to HATCH
John, Elton – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Johnson, Jesse – Jesse Johnson’s Revue
Joy Division - Substance     GONE to CHARLES
Judas Priest – Defenders of the Faith     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Judas Priest – Screaming for Vengeance     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Judas Priest - Turbo     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Keel - Keel
Keel – Lay Down the Law   GONE to WARRIOR1
Keel – The Right to Rock
Kick Axe - Vices
Kick Axe – Welcome to the Club
Kids in the Kitchen – Bitter Desire 12”
Kids in the Kitchen - Shine
Kihn, Greg - Kihnspiracy
King Kobra – III
King Kobra – Ready to Strike
King Kobra – Thrill of a Lifetime
Kingdom Come – Kingdom Come
Kings of the Sun – Kings of the Sun
Kitchen, Kevin – Put My Arms Around You
Kitchen, Kevin – Split Personality
Kix - Kix
Knight, Holly – Holly Knight
Knight, Tuesday – Tuesday Knight
Kreator – Out of the Dark
Krokus – The Blitz
Krokus – Everybody Rocks 12”
Krokus – Let It Go 12”
Krokus – Prior Convictions   GONE to WARRIOR1
Kroll, Greg – Two Sides
KTP – Certain Things Are Likely
Laaz Rockit – City’s Gonna Burn
Laaz Rockit – No Stranger to Danger
Lamont, Joe – Secrets You Keep
Lauper, Cyndi – True Colors
LeBow, Martee – Crimes of the Heart
LeBow, Martee – Love’s A Liar
Le Mans – Le Mans   GONE to WARRIOR1
Led Zeppelin - II    GONE to HATCH
Led Zeppelin - III    GONE to HATCH
Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy    GONE to HATCH
Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti    GONE to HATCH
Led Zeppelin - Presence    GONE to HATCH
Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same    GONE to HATCH
Legal Reins – Please the Pleasure
Legs Diamond – A Diamond is a Hard Rock      GONE to DAVE
Legs Diamond – Fire Power   GONE to WARRIOR1
Legs Diamond – Out On Bail   GONE to WARRIOR1
Lennon, John – Double Fantasy
Lennon, Julian – Mr. Jordan
Lennon, Julian – Now You’re in Heaven 12”
Lennon, Julian - Valotte
Leviticus – The Strongest Power
Levy, Marcy - Marcella     GONE to TOMMY
Lewis, Huey – Picture This
Life By Night – Life By Night
Lion – Dangerous Attraction   GONE to WARRIOR1
Lionheart – Hot Tonight
Lions & Ghosts – Contradiction 12”
Liquid Mirror – Kicked Out of Fantasy
Little America – Little America
Little River Band – Backstage Pass     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Living End, The – The Picture That Came With the Frame
Lolita Pop – Lolita Pop
London, David – Samantha 12”     GONE to TOMMY
Lone Justice - Shelter     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Loudness – Lightning Strikes
Loverboy – Get Lucky
Loverboy – Keep It Up
Loverboy – Loverboy
Loverboy – Lovin’ Every Minute of It
Loverboy - Wildside     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Lust - Lust    GONE to WARRIOR1
Macalpine – The Hard Way 12”
Macalpine-Aldrige-Rock-Sarzo – Project Driver
Machinations – No Say In It 12”
Madison – Diamond Mistress   GONE to WARRIOR1
Madness – Our House 12”
Madonna – Borderline 12”     GONE to CSO
Madonna – Open Your Heart 12”    GONE to CSO
Madonna  - You Can Dance     GONE to CSO
Magnum – On a Storytellers Night
Magnum – Wings of Heaven
Mahnaz - Mahnaz
Malmsteen, Yngwie – Rising Force
Mama’s Boys – Power and Passion
Manilow, Barry – Greatest Hits Vol. II     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Manilow, Barry – One Voice     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Marchello - Destiny
Martin, Marilyn – Marilyn Martin
Martin, Marilyn – This is Serious
Mass – New Birth
Mass – Take You Home
Max Havoc – Max Havoc   GONE to WARRIOR1
McAuley Schenker Group (MSG) – Perfect Timing
McCartney, Paul – All the Best
McCartney, Paul – Give My Regards to Broadstreet
McCartney, Paul (Wings) – London Town
McCartney, Paul – No More Lonely Nights 12”
McCartney, Paul – Pipes of Peace     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Meat Loaf – Bad Attitude (with bonus 12”)   GONE to ROBERT A
Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Megadeth – So Far So Good So What
Melidian – Lost in the Wild   GONE to WARRIOR1
(Mellancamp), John Cougar – American Fool
Mellencamp, John Cougar – Uh - huh
Men Without Hats – Pop Goes the World 12”
Men Without Hats – Pop Goes the World
Messiah Prophet – Master of the Metal   GONE to WARRIOR1
Metal Church – The Dark
Michael, Jill – Jill Michaels
Mighty Lemon Drops – World Without End
Minogue, Kylie – I Should Be So Lucky
Minogue, Kylie - Kylie    GONE to CSO
Missing Persons – Color in Your Life     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Missing Persons – Rhyme & Reason     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Missing Person – Spring Session M
Models – Out of Mind Out of Sight     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Modern Allies – Modern Allies
Modern English – After the Snow
Modern English – Stop Start
Money, Eddie – Eddie Money     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Money, Eddie – Life For the Taking     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Money, Eddie – No Control
Money, Eddie – Where’s the Party
Moore, Gary – Empty Rooms 12”
Moore, Gary – Victim’s of the Future
Moore, Vinnie – Mind’s Eye
Morris, Jenny – Body & Soul
Morrissey – Suedehead 12”
Motley Crue – Theatre of Pain
The Movement – Waiting For You 
Mr. Mister – Welcome to the Real World
Mummy Calls – Mummy Calls
Murphy, Peter – Final Solution
MX Machine – Manic Panic
Myrick, Gary – Language
Naked Eyes – Burning Bridges     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Naked Eyes – Fuel for the Fire     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Naked Eyes – (What) In the Name of Love 12”
Nash / Crosby – Graham Nash / David Crosby
Nash, Graham – Earth & Sky     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Nash, Graham – Innocent Eyes     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Nash, Graham – Songs For Beginners     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Nash, Graham – Wild Tales
Nasty Habits – Nasty Habits
Nena – 99 Luftballons    GONE to CSO
Nena – Kino 12”    GONE to CSO
New Models – Sight and Sound
New Regime – New Regime
Newton-John, Olivia - Physical
Nicks / Buckingham – Stevie Nicks / Lindsey Buckingham
Nicks, Stevie – Bella Donna
Nicks, Stevie – Rock a Little
Nicks, Stevie – The Wild Heart
Night Ranger – Big Life
Nightnoise – At the End of the Evening
Nightnoise – Something of Time
1927 - …ish 
1994 - 1994
1994 – Please Stand By
Noel and the Red Wedge – Peer Pressure
Noiseworkds - Noiseworks
Norum, John – Total Control
Northern Pikes, The – The Northern Pikes
Nova, Aldo – Twitch
Numan, Gary – Berserker      GONE to RECORDHEAD
Numan, Gary – The Fury     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Numan, Gary – Ghost     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Numan, Gary – Pleasure Principle    GONE to CSO
Numan, Gary - Telekon     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Numan, Gary - Warriors     GONE to RECORDHEAD
O’Neill, Sharon – Foreign Affairs
Ocasek, Ric - Beatitude
Ocasek, Ric – Jimmy Jimmy 12”
Ocasek, Ric – This Side of Paradise
Ochestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) – The Best
Ochestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) – The Pacific Age
One to One – Forward Your Emotions     GONE to TOMMY
Only Child – Only Child   GONE to WARRIOR1
Original Mirrors – Original Mirrors
Orion – The Hunter
Outfield – Play Deep
Outfield – Voices of Babylon     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Pandemonium – Heavy Metal Soldiers
Pandemonium – The Kill      GONE to DAVE
Paris, Jeff – Race to Paradise
Parr, John – John Parr
Parr, John – Running the Endless Mile
Parsons Project, The Alan – I Robot
Peaches & Herb – Twice the Fire
Peaches & Herb – 2 Hot
Perry, Steve – Street Talk *
Pet Shop Boys – Always on My Mind 12”    GONE to CSO
Pet Shop Boys – It’s a Sin 12”    GONE to CSO
Peterik, Jim – Don’t Fight the Feeling
Phantom, Rocker & Slick – Phantom, Rocker & Slick
Phenomena - Phenomena   GONE to WARRIOR1
Phenomena – Dream Runner   GONE to WARRIOR1
Phillips, Leslie – Black and White in a Grey World
Phillips, Leslie – Dancing with Danger
Phillips, Leslie – The Turning
Piper – Can’t Wait     GONE to TERJE
Piper - Piper     GONE to TERJE
Plant, Robert – Little by Little 12”
Plant, Robert – Shaken ‘n’ Stirred
Plant, Robert – Tall Cool One 12”
Plasmatics – Coup d’Etat
Platinum Blonde – Alien Shores    GONE to MARK
Platinum Blonde - Contact    GONE to MARK
Platinum Blonde – Standing in the Dark    GONE to MARK
Poison Dollys – Poison Dollys     GONE to CRISTIANO
Police, The – Ghost in the Machine    GONE to HATCH
Police, The – Synchronicity     GONE to HATCH
Power Station – The Power Station
Precious Metal – Right Here Right Now      GONE to DAVE
Precious Metal – That Kind of Girl
Pretenders – Learning to Crawl
Pretenders – Pretenders     GONE to RECORDHEAD 
Pretty Maids – Future World
Prophet – Cycle of the Moon
Prophet – Prophet 
Pseudo Echo – Funky Town 12”
Pseudo Echo – Love an Adventure 
Pseudo Echo – Pseudo Echo
Psychedelic Furs, The – Forever Now     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Psychedelic Furs, The – The Ghost in You (Mexico Red Vinyl 12”)
Psychedelic Furs, The – Midnight to Midnight     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Psychedelic Furs, The – Talk Talk Talk     GONE to CHARLES
Quarterflash – Back into Blue
Quarterflash – Quarterflash
Quarterflash – Take Another Picture
Queen – A Day at the Races      GONE to RECORDHEAD
Queen – Flash Gordon     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Queen – The Game
Queen – Hammer to Fall 12”
Queen – Hot Space     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Queen - Jazz     GONE to CHARLES
Queen – A Kind of Magic     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Queen – Live Killers
Queen – Radio Ga Ga 12”
Queen – Sheer Heart Attack     GONE to CHARLES
Queen – The Works     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Question Sixteen – Love Comes Crashing
Quiet Riot – Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Racer X – Street Lethal
Rage – Perfect Man
Rage – Secrets in a Weird World
Rainbow – Bent Out of Shape     GONE to FRY
Rainbow – Straight Between the Eyes     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Ready For the World (RFTW) – Love You Down 12”
Reckless – No Frills
REO Speedwagon – Good Trouble
REO Speedwagon – Nine Lives
Replacements, The – Don’t Tell a Soul     GONE to CHARLES
Reyne, James – James Reyne
Rhythm Corps – Esprit De Corps
Richie, Lionel – Can’t Slow Down
Richie, Lionel – Dancing On the Ceiling
Riggs - Riggs
Riot – Thunder Steel
Roaring Boys – Every Second of the Day 12”
Roaring Boys – House of Stone 12”
Roberts, Kane – Rock Doll 12”
Robey – Hungry For You Boy 12”
Rock and Hyde – Under the Volcano
Rockmelons – Tales of the City
Rogue Male – All Over You
Rogue Male – All Over You 12”
Rogue Male – Fist Visit 
Rolie, Gregg – Gregg Rolie     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Rolie, Gregg - Gringo     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Rollers, The - Elevator
Roman Holliday – One Foot Back in Your Door
Romantics, The – One in a Million 12”
Romantics, The – Rhythm Romance     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Romantics, The – The Romantics     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Roth, David Lee – Crazy From the Heat
Roth, David Lee – Eat ‘Em and Smile
Roth, David Lee – Stand Up 12”
Rough Cutt – Rough Cutt
Rough Cutt – Wants You
Rubicon – America Dreams
Rubicon – Rubicon
Rush – All the World’s a Stage     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Rush – Exit Stage Left
Ryder, Kym – Angel Arrive
Ryder, Kym – Shatter The Glass 12”
Sacred Child – Sacred Child
Saga - Behaviour     GONE to FRY
Saga – Heads or Tales     GONE to FRY
Saint – Saint   GONE to WARRIOR1
Saint – Time’s End   GONE to WARRIOR1
Saint – Warriors of the Son   GONE to WARRIOR1
Samson – Before the Storm
Savage Grace – Master of Disguise
Savatage – Fight For the Rock
Scandal – Scandal 
Scandal – Warrior 
Scarbury, Joey – American’s Greatest Hero     GONE to TOMMY
Scarlett & Black – You Don’t Know 12”
Schon / Hammer – No More Lies 12”
Schon / Hammer – Untold Passion     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Screams - Screams
Screen Memory – ME0245
Seduce – Too Much Ain’t Enough
See No Evil – See No Evil
Sexton, Charlie – Beat’s So Lonely     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Sexton, Charlie – Pictures For Pleasure     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Shandi - Shandi     GONE to TOMMY
Shanghai - Shanghai
Shanghai – X-Ray Vision 12”
Sharks – In a Black & White World
Shaw, Tommy – Ambition     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Shaw, Tommy – Girls With Guns     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Shaw, Tommy – What If     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Sheriff - Sheriff     GONE to TOMMY
Shok Paris – Go for the Throat   GONE to WARRIOR1
Shok Paris – Steel and Starlight
Shreeve, Mark – Legion 
Shy – Brave the Storm
Shy – Break Down the Walls 12”     GONE to CRISTIANO
Shy – Excess All Areas
Shy – Hold On 12”     GONE to CRISTIANO
Shy – Once Bitten Twice…
Shy Talk – Shy Talk
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missile F1-11 12”
Silent Rage – Shattered Hearts   GONE to WARRIOR1
Simon and Garfunkel – Greatest Hits *
Simple Minds – All the Things She Said 12”
Simple Minds – Once Upon a Time
Smash Palace – Smash Palace
Smashed Gladys – Social Intercourse
Smith, Rex – Camouflage
Smith, Rex – Forever 
Smith, Rex – Sooner or Later
Soft Cell – The Singles     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Soft Cell – Tainted Love 12”
Soft Cell – This Last Night     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Space Monkey – On the Beam
Spagna – Call Me 12”
Spanos, Danny – Looks Like Trouble
Spanos, Danny – Passion in the Dark
Spellbound – Breaking the Spell
Spider – Between the Lines
Spider - Spider
Split Enz – Conflicting Emotions    GONE to HATCH
Split Enz – History Never Repeats    GONE to HATCH
Spoons – Arias & Symphonies     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Spoons – Bridges Over Borders     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Spoons – Vertigo Tango     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Springfield, Rick – Human Touch 12”     GONE to CRISTIANO
Springfield, Rick – Living in Oz
Springfield, Rick – Working Class Dog
Springsteen, Bruce – Dancing in the Dark 12”
Springsteen, Bruce – The River 
Spy vs. Spy – Harrys Reasons?
Spys – Behind Enemy Lines   GONE to ROBERT A
Spys - Spys
Squier, Billy – Emotions in Motion
Squier, Billy – Just Say No
Squier, Billy – Signs of Life
Squier, Billy – The Tale of the Tape     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Stage Dolls - Commandos   GONE to WARRIOR1
Stars on 45 – Long Play Album
Starr, Jack – No Turning Back (Burning Starr)
Starr, Jack – Out of the Darkness
Steel Breeze – Steel Breeze
Steeler – Steeler
Steeler – Strike Back
Stewart, John – Bombs Away Dream Babies
Stewart, Rod – Absolutely Live
Stewart, Rod – Blondes Have More Fun
Stewart, Rod – Foolish Behavior
Stewart, Rod – Tonight I’m Yours
Stewart, Sandy – Cat Dancer
Stone Fury – Burns Like a Star
Strangeways – Native Sons
Strangeways - Strangeways
Striker - Striker   GONE to WARRIOR1
Strut – Unlimited Access   GONE to WARRIOR1
Stryper – Soldiers Under Command
Stryper – Yellow and Black Attack
Styx - I     GONE to FRY
Styx – Lady      GONE to FRY
Styx – Miracles      GONE to FRY
Styx – Serpent      GONE to FRY
Supertramp – Famous Last Words
Surgin’ – When Midnight Comes   GONE to WARRIOR1
Survivor – Caught in the Game
Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
Sylvia – Greatest Hits
Talas – Sink Your Teeth Into That
Tami Show – Tami Show
Taylor, Andy - Thunder
Teeze - Teeze   GONE to WARRIOR1
Thompson Twins – Here’s to Future Days
Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now 12”
Tigertailz – Young and Crazy
Til Tuesday – Voices Carry      GONE to RECORDHEAD
Til Tuesday – Welcome Home      GONE to RECORDHEAD
Time, The – Ice Cream Castle
TKO – In Your Face   GONE to ROBERT A
TNT – Knights of the New Thunder
TNT – Tell No Tales
Torch Song – Prepare to Energize
Torch Song – Wish Thing
Toronto – Get It On Credit
Toronto – Girls Night Out
Toronto – Head On
Toronto – Lookin’ For Trouble
Toto - IV
Toto – Stranger in Town
Transvision Vamp – Pop Art
Treat – Scratch and Bite   GONE to WARRIOR1
Triumph – Just a Game
Triumph – Never Surrender
Triumph – Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine
Triumph - Stages
Triumph - Surveillance
Triumph – Thunder Seven
Trouble – Run to the Light      GONE to DAVE
Trower, Robin – In City Dreams
TSOL – Hit and Run
TSOL – Thoughts of Yesterday
Tubeway Army – First Album     GONE to FRY
Tubeway Army – Replicas     GONE to FRY
Tuff Luck – Tuff Luck   GONE to WARRIOR1
Tutone, Tommy – Tutone 2     GONE to RECORDHEAD
28th Day – 28th Day     GONE to CHARLES
220 Volt – 220 Volt   GONE to WARRIOR1
TXT – What About You?
UFO - Mechanix
UFO – Misdemeanor
UFO – No Place to Run
UFO – Phenomenon
UFO – The Wild The Willing and the Innocent
Ultra Pop – Ultra Pop
Ultra Violet, The – Another Victim
Uncanny X-Men – ‘Cos Life Hurts *
Until December – Until December
Urgent – Cast the First Stone
U2 – Live Under a Blood Red Sky    GONE to HATCH
U2 - October    GONE to HATCH
U2 – The Unforgettable Fire    GONE to HATCH
U2 - War    GONE to HATCH
V Capri – In My World
Van Halen – Fair Warning    GONE to HATCH
Van Halen – Women and Children First    GONE to HATCH
Vandenberg – Alibi
Vandenberg – Heading For a Storm
Vega, Suzanne – Solitude Standing     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Venetians – Amazing World
Venetians – Calling in the Lions
Venetians – So Much For Love 12”
Verity – Interrupted Journey
Vigilants – Run For Cover
Virginia Wolf - Push
Virginia Wolf – Virginia Wolf
Vyper – Prepared to Strike      GONE to DAVE
Wa Wa Nee – Stimulation 12”
Wa Wa Nee – Wa Wa Nee
Wagner, Jack – All I Need
Waite, John - Ignition *
Waite, John – Mask of Smiles *
Waite, John – Missing You 12”     GONE to CRISTIANO
Waite, John – No Brakes *
Waitresses – Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful?     GONE to RECORDHEAD
Walk the Moon – Walk the Moon
Wang Chung – Points on the Curve
Ward Brothers, The – Madness of it All
Warlock - Hellbound
Warlock – Triumph and Agony
Warrior – Fighting For the Earth
Wasp – The Last Command
Wasp - Wasp
Waterboys, The – This is the Sea     GONE to CHARLES
Wednesday Week – Betsy’s House
Wham – Make It Big
What If – What If
Whitecross – Whitecross
White Lion – Fight to Survive
White Lion - Pride
White Sister – White Sister      GONE to DAVE
Whitesnake – Lovehunter
Whitesnake – Slide It In
White Wolf – Standing Alone   GONE to WARRIOR1
White Wolf – Endangered Species   GONE to WARRIOR1
Widow – Gone Too Far
Widow – Rockit
Wild Blue – No More Jinx
Wildcat – Love Attack
Wilde, Kim – Teases & Dares
Wilde, Kim – Very Best of
Wildfire – Summer Lightning
Will and the Kill – Will and the Kill
World Sitizenz – World Sitizenz
Xcursion - Xcursion (Red Vinyl)    GONE to WARRIOR1
Y&T – Contagious
Y&T – Down For the Count
Y&T – In Rock We Trust
Y&T – Open Fire Live
Yes – 90125
Yes – Big Generator
Young, James (JY) – City Slicker w/ Jan Hammer
Zebra – 3.V
Zuma II – Zuma II

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