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I will burn copies of out-of-print CDs.

If you want originals send me an offer.

2 Lost Sons – I Can’t Wait EP
21 Guns – Salute
22 Brides – Beaker
22 Brides – S/T
27 - Animal Life
28th Day – 28th Day *transferred from vinyl
29 Palms – Fatal Joy
34 Below – Is It You
38 Special – Flashback
38 Special – Gone Against Steel
38 Special – Live at Sturgis
4 Non Blondes – Bigger Better Faster More
4 Way – Love & Peace
4 Way – Summer Passion CDsingle
7 Seconds – Soulforce Revolution
9 Ways to Sunday – S/T
98 Degrees – Invisible Man CDsingle
A House - Call Me Blue CDsingle
A House - I Am the Greatest
A*Teens - All Over Again *compilation
Aaberg, Philip - High Plains
Aaron, Lee - Powerful Cries *compilation
Abba - All the Hits *compilation
ABC - Absolutely
ABC - Say It CDsingle
ABC - The Lexicon of Love
Abdul, Paula - Forever Your Girl
AC/DC - On Fire *compilation
Accept - Eat the Heat
Ace of Base - Cruel Summer
Ace of Base - Don't Turn Around *compilation
Acoustic Junction - Love It For What It Is
Adams, Bryan - Live Live Live
Adams, Bryan - More Than Neighbors *compilation
Adams, Bryan - So Far So Good
Adams, Bryan - You Got It *compilation
Aerosmith - Greatest Hits
Aerosmith - Nine Lives
Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion *compilation
Air Supply - Greatest Hits
Air Supply - Vinyl *compilation
Alcatrazz - No Parole from Rock 'n Roll
Alias - Alias
Alias – Haunted Heart CDsingle
Alias - II
Alice in Chains - Dirt
Alien Crime Syndicate - From the Word Go
All About Eve - S/T
American Angel – Archives
American Angel - Blowing in the Wind *compilation
American Angel – EP 92
American Pearl - American Pearl
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe - S/T
Anderson, Carl - Fantasy Hotel
Anderson, John - Small Town
Andre, Peter - Time
Angel - An Anthology
Angel - Once Upon a Time *compilation
Angel - White Hot
Angel City - Vinyl *compilation
Angelica – Greatest Hits
Angelica - S/T
Animal Bag - S/T
Animal Logic - House of Love *compilation
Ant, Adam - Manners of Physique
Ant, Adam - Wonderful *compilation
Anthrax - Got the Time CDsingle
Anything Box - A Gift *compilation
Anything Box - Peace
Anything Box - Secret Treasures *compilation
Archer, Tasmin - Great Expectations
Arid - At the Close of Every Day
Art of Noise - Best Of
Artch - For the Sake of Mankind
Arthur, Joseph - Come to Where I'm From
Ash, Daniel - Closer to You *compilation
Ash, Daniel - Coming Down
Asia - Alpha
Asia - Astra
Asia - S/T
Asia - Two Hemispheres *compilation
Astley, Rick - Whenever You Need Somebody
Aston, Michael - Why Me Why This Why Now
Atom Seed - Get in Line
Autograph - Missing Pieces
Autograph - Sign In... *compilation
Average White Band - Aftershock
Baby Animals - S/T
Babys, The - Anthology
Babys, The - S/T Broken Heart
Babys, The – The Unofficial First Album
Babys, The/John Waite – Vinyl
Bach, Sebastian & Friends – Bring Em Bach Alive
Bad 4 Good - Refugee
Bad Company - 10 from 6
Bad Company - Company of Strangers
Bad Company - Here Comes Trouble
Bad Company - Holy Water
Bad Company - Poor or None *compilation
Bad Company - Stories Told & Untold
Bad English – Backlash
Bad English - S/T
Bad English – The Lost Tapes
Bad Religion - New America
Badlands - Demos
Badlands - Hitting' the Ground *compilation
Badlands - S/T
Badlands - Voodoo Highway
Baker, Anita - Rapture
Balaam and the Angel - Live Free or Die
Bananarama - Cruel Summer *compilation
Bang Tango - Ain't No Jive Live
Bang Tango - Psycho Cafe
Bangles - Different Light
Bangles - Everything
Bangles - Vinyl & Best *compilation
Banshee - Race Against Time
Bardeux - Shangri-La
Barnes, Jimmy – I’m Still On Your Side CDsingle
Baton Rouge - Lights Out on the Playground
Bay City Rollers - Greatest Hits + 1 *compilation
Bears, The - S/T
Beatles, The - 1
Beatles, The - A Hard Day's Night
Beatles, The - Abbey Road
Beatles, The - Anthology 1
Beatles, The - Anthology 2
Beatles, The - Help!
Beatles, The - Revolver
Beatles, The - Rubber Soul
Beatles, The - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatles, The - White Album
Beggars & Thieves - S/T
Bemshi - A Little Bit Of
Benatar, Pat - Gravity's Rainbow
Benatar, Pat - Synchronistic Wanderings
Benatar, Pat - Vinyl *compilation
Benatar, Pat - Wide Awake in Dreamland
Berlin - Count Three or More *compilation
Berlin - Fall Into Heaven
Berlin - Live: Sacred and Profane
Berlin - Love Life
Berlin - Pleasure Victim
Berlin - The Greatest Hits Remastered
Berlin - Voyeur
Berry, John - Standing on the Edge
Bestor, Kurt - Seasons
Better Than Ezra - Killer Inside *compilation
Black Crowes - Money Maker Plus *compilation
Black Diamond (2 Disk compilation)
Black 'N Blue - Alive and Demos *compilation
Black 'N Blue - Demos & Live
Black 'N Blue - Ultimate Collection
Black 'N Blue - Vinyl *compilation
Black Sabbath Tribute - Masters of Misery
Black Sorrows, The - Harley & Rose
Black Velvet Band, The – Lullaby CDsingle
Blake Babies, The - God Bless the Blake Babies
Blank Theory, The - Catalyst
Blind Melon - S/T
Blonz - S/T
Bloom, Luka - Selections from Riverside
Blue Meridian - Brave Angel
Blue Murder – Nothin’ Buy Trouble
Blue Murder - Valley of the Kings *compilation
Blue Train - The Business of Dreams
Boardman, Chris - Tu Do Bem
Bodeans - Outside Looking In
Bolton, Michael - S/T
Bomb, Adam - Grave New Sex World
Bon Jovi - 7800 Fahrenheit
Bon Jovi – Alternate Two *compilation
Bon Jovi – Australia
Bon Jovi - Bounce
Bon Jovi - Crossroad
Bon Jovi – Crush
Bon Jovi – Forever and a Day (Germany 5/27/95)
Bon Jovi - Germany 95 1&2
Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith
Bon Jovi - Long Way From Home
Bon Jovi - New Jersey
Bon Jovi - One Wild Night
Bon Jovi - S/T
Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet
Bon Jovi – The Alternate Collection *compilation
Bon Jovi - These Days
Bonham – The Disregard of Timekeeping
Bono - Solo Works 1 & 2
Boom Crash Opera - Australia Not China  *compilation
Boomtown Rats, The - Greatest Hits
Borden, Lizzy – Best of
Borden, Lizzy - Master of Disguise
Boston - Greatest Hits
Boston - S/T
Boswell, John - Kindred Spirits
Bottlefly - S/T
Bounce the Ocean - S/T
Bourgeois Tagg - I Don't Mind At All CDsingle
Bowie, David - Changes *compilation
Bowie, David - Heathen
Bowie, David - Vinyl  *compilation
Bowie, David Tribute - Goth Oddity
Boy George - Martyr Mantras
Boy George - The Crying Game CDsingle
Brandt, Paul - Outside the Frame
Brandt, Paul - That's the Truth
Brickell, Edie - Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars
Brighton Rock – Take a Deep Breath
Brilliant Orange - Love and Evolution
Brion, Jon - Hook, Line & Sinker *compilation
Britny Fox - Bite Down Hard
Brock, Chad - What Did She Say?  *compilation
Brock, Chad - Yes
Bronx Style Bob - Grandma's Ghost
Bucklew, Wendy - Painting Sidewalks
Bugnon, Alex - Love Season
Bullet Boys - Burning Cats and Amputees
Burtnick, Glen - Talking in Code
Burtnick, Glen - There and Back  *compilation
Butler, Bernard - Friends and Lovers
Caedman's Call - Nobody's Home
Caedman's Call - The Only One *compilation
Cage, Daniel - Loud on Earth
Cages, The – Hometown
Cain, Jonathan – For a Lifetime
Caldwell, Bobby - Heart of Mine
Cameron, Jeff - Out of the Blue
Camouflage - Methods of Silence
Camouflage - Voice & Images
Camp, Jesse - Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz
Camp, Steve - Justice
Candlebox - Happy Pills
Candlebox - Lucy
Candlebox - S/T
Cardenas, Luis - Animal Instinct
Carlisle, Belinda - Heaven On Earth  *compilation
Carlton, Vanessa - Be Not Nobody
Carnes, Kim - The Best Of
Carpenters - S/T
Carpenters - Singles
Cars, The - Anthology
Cars/Easton/Ocasek - Vinyl *compilation
Carson, Lori - Shelter
Carstensen, Dee - The Map
Cash, Rosanne - Going in Circles *compilation
Cash, Rosanne - Rhythm and Romance
Cash, Rosanne - The Full Sessions
Catatonia - Equally Cursed and Blessed
Caufield, Tom - Long Distance Calling
Caulfields, The - S/T
Celebrity Skin - Good Clean Fun
Cetera, Peter - Beyond Chicago *compilation
Cetera, Peter - World Falling Down
Chainsaw Kittens - Flipped out in Singapore
Chainsaw Kittens - Pop Heiress
Chapman, Steven Curtis - The Music of Christmas
Chariff - I Love Your Smile
Charlatans UK, The - Between 10th and 11th
Cheap Trick - At Budokan
Cheap Trick - Budokan II
Cheap Trick - Busted
Cheap Trick - Dream Police
Cheap Trick - Extra *compilation
Cheap Trick - Next *compilation
Cheap Trick - The Greatest Hits
Cheap Trick - Unplugged
Cher - Believe *compilation
Cher - Believe CDsingle
Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time
Cher - It's a Man's World
Cher - Living Proof
Cher - Love Hurts
Cher - S/T
Chesney, Kenny - I Lost It *compilation
Chicago - At the Movies *compilation
Chicago - Stone of Sisyphus
Chicago - The Old Songs *compilation
Child, Desmond - Discipline
Child, Jane - Don't Wanna Fall in Love CDsingle
Child, Jane - S/T
Christy, Lauren - S/T
Cinderella - Long Cold Winter
Cinderella - Night Songs
Cinderella – Still Climbing
Cinnamon - The Courier
Clark, Gilby - The Hangover
Clarke, Gilby - 99 Live
Clarke, Gilby - Pawn Shop Guitars
Clarke, Gilby - Rubber
Clockstoppers (soundtrack)
Cobra - S/T
Cohen, Adam - S/T
Cole, Steve - Between Us
Collapsis - Dirty Wake
Collective Soul - Disciplined Breakdown
Collective Soul - Hints Allegations & Things Left Unsaid
Collective Soul - S/T
Collier, Gerald - S/T
Collins, Phil - Ballads *compilation
Collins, Phil - Dance into the Light
Collins, Phil - Pop *compilation
Colortone - Colortone
Colvin, Shawn - Steady On
Contraband - S/T
Cooper, Alice - Brutal Planet
Cooper, Alice - Freak Out
Cooper, Alice - From the Inside
Cooper, Alice - From the Vault *compilation
Cooper, Alice - Mascara & Monsters
Cooper, Alice - The Last Temptation
Costello, Elvis - Best Of
Course of Empire - S/T
Coverdale/Page - S/T
Craaft - Jane
Crack the Sky - From the Greenhouse
Cranberries, The - Everybody Else Is Doing It
Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet
Craven, Beverly - S/T
Crazyhead - Desert Orchid
Crease - Vindication
Cro-Mags - Alpha - Omega
Crow, Sheryl - Leaving Las Vegas *compilation
Crowded House - All in the Family *compilation
Crowded House / Split Enz / The Finns  *compilation
Crowley, Kacy - Anchorless
Crystal - The One For You
Crystal Roxx - Pass the Buck
Cud - 1
Cud - The Cud Band EP
Cult, The - Beyond Good and Evil
Cult, The - Ceremony
Culture Club - VH1 Storytellers
Cure, The - Both Sides *compilation
Cutrufello, Mary - When the Night Is Through
Cutting Crew - Broadcast
Cyrus, Billy Ray - It Won't Be the Last
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Some Gave All
Dada - S/T
Dada - S/T
Damian, Michael - What a Price to Pay CDsingle
Damn Yankees - Come Again CDsingle
Damn Yankees - Don't Tread
Damn Yankees - S/T
Danger Danger – Down and Dirty Live
Danger Danger - I Still Think About You CDsingle
Danger Danger - S/T
Danger Danger – Screw It
Danger Danger – The Return of 
Dangerous Toys - Here Comes Trouble  *compilation
Daniels, Duke - Help Is on the Way
Davis, Jimmy - Kick the Wall
Davis, Martha - Anthologyland
Days of the New - 1997 S/T
Days of the New - 2001 S/T
Dead Or Alive - Rip It Up
Dean, Paul - Hard Core
Death Angel - Stopping Time *compilation
Deckard – Stereodreamscene
Def Leppard – Acoustic in Singapore
Def Leppard – Euphoria + 1
Def Leppard – High ‘n’ Dry
Def Leppard – Hysteria
Def Leppard – Live in Sheffield
Def Leppard - Miss You b/w In the Clubs
Def Leppard – Mixed Bag *compilation
Def Leppard – On Tour *compilation
Def Leppard - Pyromania
Def Leppard – Rarities *compilation
Def Leppard – Retro Active
Def Leppard - Rock Till You Drop Live
Def Leppard – Slang
Def Leppard – Strings and Screams *compilation
Def Leppard – Surgapops
Def Leppard – Unplugged and Unshaved
Def Leppard – X
Del Amitri – Twisted
Dennis, Cathy – Touch Me CDsingle
Depeche Mode – Rewards *compilation
Depeche Mode – The Singles 81>85
DeYoung, Dennis - 10 on Broadway
DeYoung, Dennis - Boomchild
DeYoung, Dennis - Broken Bones  *compilation
DeYoung, Dennis - Ultimate Collection
Diesel – Tip of My Tongue CDsingle
Dio - Angry Machines
Dio – Black Rainbows *compilation
Dio – Different Stages *compilation
Dio – Killing the Dragon
Dio - Last in Live
Dio - Lock Up the Wolves
Dio – Strange Highways
Dio - The Very Beast Of
Dio – Vinyl *compilation
Dion, Celion – Sinking Ships *compilation
Dirty Looks - Chewing On the Bit
Disturbance – We Come Out at Night
Divine Weeks – Never Get Used to It 
Divine Weeks – Preachin’ to the Choir CDsingle
Diving For Pearls - Live in NYC 1990
Diving For Pearls – Oxygen Tank *compilation
Divinyls - From the Beginning *compilation
Doane, Melanie – Adam’s Rib
Dogs D’Amour, The – In the Dynamite Jet Saloon
Dokken – Back for the Attack
Dokken – Beast From the East
Dokken – Breaking the Chains
Dokken – Erase the Slate
Dokken - Live '95
Dokken – Long Way Home
Dokken – One Live Night
Dokken – Shadowlife
Dokken – Tooth and Nail
Dokken – Under Lock and Key
Dokken Project - *Compilation
Dokken, Don – Up from the Ashes
Dolby, Thomas – Astronauts & Heretics
Doro – Calling the Wild
Doro - Force Majeure
Doro – Pretty Mean *compilation
Doves, The – Affinity
Dovetail Joint – 001
Dramarama – Hi-Fi Sci-Fi
Dramarama – Vinyl
Dream Theater – Acoustic Dream
Dream Theater - Fasten Your Seatbelts
Dream Theater - Hollow Years
Dream Theater – Images and Words
Dream Theater - Live at the Marquee
Dream Theater - Live in Oslo 3/28/2000
Dream Theater – My Turbulence *compilation
Dream Theater - Once in a Livetime
Dream Theater - Scenes from New York
Dream Theater – Shadows & Light *compilation
Dream Theater - The Lost Paris Tapes
Dream Theater - Train of Thought
Drill – Drill
Driver – Driver
Droge, Pete – Spacey and Shakin
Drunken Boat – New Pop
Dubstar - Goodbye
Duran Duran – Decade
Duran Duran – Live & Trashed  *compilation
Duran Duran – Thank You
Duran Duran – The Hits *compilation
Dusty Trails – Dusty Trails
Dylan, Bob – Blood on the Tracks
Dylan, Bob – Making a Legend *compilation
Dylan, Bob – Things Have Changed (Live and Unreleased)
E – A Man Called (E)
E – Broken Toy Shop
Eagles – Come Full Circle *compilation
Eagles – On the Border
Eagles – Only the Best *compilation
Earth to Andy – Chronicle Kings
Easton, Sheena – The Best 
Eastside Beat – Ride Like the Wind
Eberhardt, Cliff – The Long Road
Echobrain - S/T
Eight Stops Seven – In Moderation
Electra, Carmen – Carmen Electra
Electric Boys – Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride
Electric Light Orchestra - Afterglow
Electric Light Orchestra – Closer and Farther *compilation
Electric Light Orchestra - Face the Music
Electric Light Orchestra – Strange Magic (The Best of)
Electric Light Orchestra – Zoom
Electric Love Hogs – Electric Love Hogs
Electronic – Getting Away With It CDsingle
EMF – Schubert Dip
Emmet Swimming – Wake
Emmett, Rik – Absolutely
Emotional Fish, An – Sloper
Energy Orchard – Energy Orchard
Enuff Z’Nuff – Flyin’ High *compilation
Enuff Z’Nuff – That’s It! *compilation
Enya – Shepherd Moons
Erasure – Chains of Love CDsingle
Erasure – Chorus CDsingle
Erasure – Pop (The First 20 Hits)
Erasure – Wild
Errico, Mike – Pictures of the Big Vacation
Estefan, Gloria – Let It Loose
Etheridge, Melissa – Your Little Secret
Europe - Superstitious
Eurythmics – Greatest Hits
Eurythmics – Peace
Evan and Jaron – Girl Crazy
Evanescence - Origin
Eve 6 – Eve 6
Every Mother’s Nightmare – Every Mother’s Nightmare
Every Mother’s Nightmare – Wake Up Screaming
Everywhen – We Are Going to Eat You
Extreme – Extreme
Extreme - III Sides to Every Story
Extreme – Pornograffitti
Extreme – Waiting for the Punchline
Eyes - Demos
Eyes – Eyes
EZO – Fire Fire
Face to Face – Big Choice
Fair Game – Beauty & The Beast
Faith No More – The Real Thing
Falcon, Billy – Pretty Blue World
Farm Dogs – Last Stand in Open Country
Farmhouse – Farmhouse
Farnham, John – You’re the Voice CDsingle
Farrell, Perry – Song Yet to be Sung
Fashion Police – Unsigned
Faster Pussycat – Wake Me When it’s Over
Faster Pussycat – Whipped
Fat Lady Sings, The – Twist
Fates Warning – Broken Mirrors *compilation
Fates Warning – Chasing Time
Fath, Michael – Flick of the Wrist
Feehan, Tim – Full Contact
Feel - S/T
Femme Fatale – Femme Fatale
Ferrari, Marc & Friends – Guest List
Fingerett, Sally – Ghost Town Girl
Finn, Time – Missing Numbers
Fiona – Second Thoughts *compilation
Fiona – Squeeze
Fiona – Vinyl *compilation
Fiorillo, Elisa – S/T
Firehouse – Love of a Lifetime *compilation
Firehouse – S/T
Five Thirty – Bed
Fixx, The – Greatest Hits
Fixx, The – Missing Links
Flame – S/T
Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
Flesh For Lulu – Plastic Fantastic
Flick – The Perfect Kellulight
Flickerstick – Welcoming Home the Astronauts
Flotsam and Jetsam – Cuatro
Flowerhead – ka Bloom
Fluid – S/T
Flybanger – Scenes from Headtrip to Nowhere CDsingle
Flying Tiger, The – The Flying Tiger
Flys, The – Holiday Man
Flys, The – S/T
Fogelberg, Dan – Love Songs
Ford, Lita – Black
Ford, Lita – Dangerous Curves
Ford, Lita – Kiss Me Deadly *compilation
Foreigner – Records
Foreigner – Unusual Heat
Foreigner – Vinyl *compilation
Foreigner & Gramm – Vinyl *compilation
Forsberg, Ebba – Been There
Four Hundred Years - Transmit Failure
Fowler and Branca – Etched in Stone
Fox, Samantha – Have Some Fun *compilation
Fox, Samantha – Hurt Me Hurt Me CDsingle
Fozzy – S/T
Frampton, Peter – Comes Alive
Franklin, Rodney – Diamond Inside of You
Frozen Ghost – Shake Your Spirit
Fuel – Hemorrhage
Gabriel, Peter – Shaking the Tree
Gabriel, Peter – So What *compilation
Gaines, Jeffrey - You'll Never Believe It *compilation
Game Theory – Real Nighttime
Game Theory – Two Steps form the Middle Ages *transferred from vinyl
Gandharvas, The – Sold For a Smile
Geldof – Sex, Age & Death
Gemini – Out for Blood
Gemini – S/T
Gene Loves Jezebel – Kiss of Life
Ghost of an American – Skin
Ghost, Amanda – Ghost Stories
Giant – Time to Burn
Gibbs, The C. Group - 29 Over Me
Gibson, Debbie – Body Mind Soul
Gibson, Debbie – Only in my Dreams
Gilbert, Paul – Brains and Guitars *compilation
Gillis, Brad – Gilrock Ranch
Gin Blossoms – Follow You Down *compilation
Gin Blossoms – New Miserable Experience
Girlschool – Play Dirty + 12” Singles *transferred from vinyl
Glass Tiger – Diamond Sun
Glimmer – Silver Zone
Glitterbox – Tied & Tangled
Go Go’s – At the Beach *compilation
Go Go’s – Collection
Godhead – 2000 Years of Human Erros
Goffin, Louise – Sometimes a Circle
Golden Horde, The – S/T
Goo Goo Dolls – Pieces of the Puzzle *compilation
Goo Goo Dolls – What A Mess *compilation
Good Charlotte – S/T
Goudie – Peep Show
Gowan, Lawrence – In Disguise *compilation
Gramm, Lou – Ready or Not
Grant, Amy – Behind the Eyes
Grant, Amy – House of Love
Grant, Amy – Lead Me On
Grapes of Wrath – Backward Town *compilation
Grapes of Wrath – O Lucky Man *compilation
Grays, The – Ro Sham Bo
Great White – Can’t Get There From Here
Great White – Hooked
Great White – Psycho City
Great White – Sail Away
Green Day – Dookie
Gregson & Collister – A Change in the Weather
Guns 'N Roses - Tribute to
Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction
Guns N’ Roses – House of Blues (Las Vegas 01/01/01)
Guns N’ Roses – Live Era 87-93
Guns N’ Roses – No Illusions
Guns N’ Roses – Shuffled Deck *compilation
Guns N’ Roses – The Spaghetti Incident
Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion I
Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion II
Gutterboy – S/T
Guy – Do Me Right CDsingle
Hagar, Sammy – 1, 2, 3 Lock Box *compilation
Hagar, Sammy - Live Halleluiah
Hagar, Sammy - Marching to Mars
Hagar, Sammy – Mars and Beyond *compilation
Hagar, Sammy - Not 4 Sale
Hagar, Sammy - Standing Hampton
Hagar, Sammy – Ten 13
Hagar, Sammy - Three Lock Box
Hagar, Sammy - VOA
Hall & Oates – So Close
Hall & Oates – Very Best Of
Hammerfall – Nail It In *compilation
Hand of Fate – S/T
Hank Dogs – Bareback
Hanoi Rocks - Bangkok Shocks
Happy Mondays – Live
Harding, John Wesley - Pett Levels the Summer EP
Hardline – Eclipsed Again *compilation
Harmony and Pollution – S/T
Harris, David – Selah
Harrison, Michael Allen – Matter of Time
Harry, Deborah – Debravation
Hatfield, Juliana – Become What You Are
Hatfield, Juliana – I See You
Hatfield, Juliana – Only Everything
Hatfield, Juliana – Please Do Not Disturb
Hatton, Susie – Body and Soul
Hawkes, Chesney – Feels So Alive CDsingle
Hear ‘N Aid - *compilation 
Heart – Attack *compilation
Heart – Dreamboat Annie
Heart – Greatest Hits
Heart – Greatest Hits 1985-1995
Heart - Live in Portland
Heart - Passionworks
Heart – Rock the House Live
Heart – The Best Songs *compilation
Heart – You’re the Voice CDsingle
Heavy Pettin' - Rock Ain't Dead
Helix – B Sides
Helloween – Darkest Night *compilation
Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II
Helloween – The Best, The Rest, The Rare
Henley, Don – The End of the Innocence 
Heretix – And Fools *compilation
Hericane Alice – Tear the House Down
Hersh, Kristin – Hips and Makers
Hester, Benny – Perfect
Hill, Faith – Breathe CDsingle
Hill, Jordan – S/T
Hill, Warren – Kiss Under the Moon
Himmelman, Peter – Flown This Acid World
Hinterland – Kissing the Roof of Heaven
Hirsch, Beth – Early Days
Hitchcock, Russell – Swear to Your Heart
Hoffs, Susanna - When You're a Boy
Holland, Nicky – S/T
Hollow Men – Cresta
Hollow Men – November Comes CDsingle
Hollyfaith – Purrrr
Holy Soldier – S/T
Honeymoon Suite - Hot Singles *compilation
Honeymoon Suite – Vinyl *compilation
Hoodoo Gurus – Come Anytime CDsingle
Hooters – One Way Home
Hootie & the Blowfish – Cracked Rear View
Hootie & the Blowfish – Musical Chairs
Horse – The Speed of the Beat of my Heart CDsingle
House of Freaks – All My Friends
House of Freaks – Tantilla
House of Lords – Demons Down
House of Lords - Live in Arnheim, Netherlands 1989
House of Love – Safe CDsingle
Howard, James Newton & Friends – S/T
Howe, Steve – The Grand Scheme of Things
Howell, Kurt – S/T
HSAS – Through the Fire
Hughes Turner Project - 2
Hughes Turner Project - S/T
Hughes, Glenn – Return of Crystal Karma
Hunger, The – Cinematic Superthug
Hunger, The – Tonight/Shoot to Kill CDsingle
Hurricane – Liquifury
Huxton Creepers – Keep to the Beat
I, Napoleon – S/T
I, Vampire – Dearly Departed
Icehouse – Great Southern Land
Icehouse – Man of Colours
Icon – Icon
Idol, Billy – Cyberpunk
Idol, Billy – Don’t Stop
Images – Finesse
Immaculate Mary – Through the Eyes of Youth
Impellitteri – S/T
Impellitteri – White Light *compilation
Indigo Girls - Live *compilation
Indigo Girls – Nomads Indians Saints
Indigo Girls – Rites of Passage
Indigo Girls – S/T
Indigo Girls – Shaming of the Sun
Indigo Girls – Strange Fire
Indigo Girls – Swamp Ophelia
Indio – Big Harvest
Information Society – Hack
Inside Scarlet – Red 
INXS – Kick
INXS – Shining Star CDsingle
IQ – Fooling Nobody *compilation
Iron Maiden – Brave New World
Iron Maiden – Complete Madness *compilation
Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast
Isaacs, Darin – Colors to Hear
Isaacs, Darin – Rain 
Isaacs, Darin – Soft Stories
Isham, Mark – Vapor Drawings
Isle of Q – S/T
J – Come Over Here CDsingle
Jabberwocky - Demos / Warrant Rare Tracks
Jackson, Janet – Rhythm Nation 1814
Jackson, Joe – Blaze of Glory 
Jackyl – Push Comes to Shove
Jagged Edge UK – Fuel For Your Soul
Jailhouse – Alive in a Mad World
Jars of Clay - The Eleventh Hour
Jellyfish - I Wanna Stay Home *compilation
Jessica – You Can’t Resist
Jesus Jones – Liquidizer
Jesus Jones – Perverse
Jesus Jones – Right Here, Right Now CDsingle
Jet Black Factory – The Uncrossing
Jetboy - One More For Rock 'n Roll *compilation
Jett, Joan – Pure and Simple
JJ72 – S/T
Jodeci – Stay CDsingle
Joel, Billy – Songs in the Attic
Joel, Billy – The Hits 1 & 2 *compilation
John, Elton – The One
Johnny Hates Jazz – The Very Best Of
Johnson, Don – Heartbeat
Johnson, Eric – Ah Via Musicom
Jolene – In the Gleaming
Jones, Howard - Cross That Line
Jones, Howard – Dream Into Action
Jones, Howard – The Prisoner
Jordan, Sass – Racine
Jordan, Sass – You Don’t Have to Remind Me CDsingle
Josie – Unkunvenshunal Girl
Journey – Arrival
Journey – Captured
Journey – Departure
Journey – Escape
Journey – Evolution
Journey – Frontiers
Journey – Greatest Hits
Journey – Greatest Hits Live
Journey - Out of the Box *compilation
Journey – Raised on Radio
Journey – Red 13
Journey – Time3
Journey - Trial By Fire
Joy Division – Substance *transferred from vinyl
Judas Priest – Demolition
Judas Priest – Live
Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance
Judds, The – Love Can Build a Bridge
Judybats – All Out of Nothing *compilation
Judybats, The – When Southern Bells Ring CDsingle
Junkster – S/T
Junkyard – Slippin’ Away
Junkyard Angels – Out of the Junkyard Onto the Curb
Kadison, Joshua – Delilah Blue
Kadison, Joshua – Painted Desert Serenade
Kajagoogoo and Limahl – Too Shy the Singles and more
Kansas – In the Spirit of Things
Kansas - Somewhere to Elsewhere
Katmandu – S/T
Katydids – S/T
Katydids – Shangri-la
Keel - Dreams Are Not Enough *compilation
Kenny G with Peabo Bryson – By the Time This Night is Over CDsingle
Kershaw, Nik – 15 minutes
Kershaw, Sammy – Politics, Religion and Her
Khaleel – People Watching
Kik Tracee – Field Trip EP
Kik Tracee – No Rules
Killer Dwarfs – Vinyl *compilation
Kilzer, John – Busman’s Holiday
Kinetic Dissent – I Will Fight No More Forever
King of Fools – S/T
King, Matt – Five O’clock Hero
Kingdom Come – In Your Face
Kingdom Come – S/T
Kingmaker – Waterproof LP
Kingofthehill – If I Say CDsingle
Kingofthehill – S/T
King's X - Collection *compilation
Kix - Blow It Up *compilation
Kix – Show Business
KK Wilde – Rock N Roll (aka K.K. Wilde)
KLF – The White Room
Knight, Jill – Future Perfect
Kobialka – Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Koch, Lisa – Colorblind Blues
Kool & the Gang – Unite
Kotzen, Richie – Fever Dream
Koz, Dave – Lucky Man
Kravitz, Lenny - Flying Away
KTP – Certain Things Are Likely
KWS – Please Don’t Go CDsingle
LA Guns – Hollywood Vampires
LA Guns - One More Time *compilation
Latin Playboys – Dose
Lauper, Cyndi – She’s So Unusual
Lava Hay – Baby
Leatherface – Mush
Leatherwolf – Growl or Bite *compilation
Leatherwolf – Street Ready
Leatherwolf – Wide Open
Led Zeppelin – III
Led Zeppelin – In Through the Out Door
Led Zeppelin – IV
Lee, Geddy – My Favorite Headache
Lee, Jake E – A Fine Pink Mist
Lee, Tommy - Never A Dull Moment
Legal Weapon – City in Tears *compilation
Legs Diamond - A Rock is a Hard Place
Lemonhead – A Dando Situation *compilation
Lennon, John – Imagine
Lennox, Annie – Why?
Lennox/Eurythmics – New & Old *compilation
Leonard the Dog – Day By Day
Leslie Spit Treeo – Don’t Cry Too Hard
Levellers – One Way CDsingle
Leviticus – Knights of Heaven
Lewis, Ephraim – Skin 
Lewis, Huey – Time Flies The Best of
Lewis, Michelle – Little Leviathan
Liars Inc – Superjaded
Lightning Seeds – Sense
Lillian Axe – Extras *compilation
Lillian Axe – Fields of Yesterday
Lillian Axe – Leftovers *compilation
Lillian Axe – Live 2002
Lillian Axe – Poetic Justice
Lillian Axe – Psychoschizophrenia
Lillian Axe – S/T
Lindh/Scheja – Spirits of Europa
Lions & Ghosts – Dancing in the Park *compilation
Liquid Gang – Sunshine
Litany – Peculiar World
Little Caesar – Influence
Live – Four Songs
Live – Throwing Copper
Living Colour - Biscuits
London Quireboys – A Bit of What You Fancy
Londonbeat – A Better Love
Lonestar – Hits and Holidays *compilation
Lord, Tracy – Deaf Gods of Babylon
Lost City Angels – S/T
Loud Sugar – S/T
Loudness – A Lesson in Loudness
Love Club – Lime Twigs and Treachery
Lovemongers, The – Battle of Evermore
Loverboy – Hits *compilation
Loverboy – Lovin’ Every Minute of It
Loverboy - VI
Loverboy - Wildside *compilation
Lowen & Navarro - Scratch at the Door
LP – Heart Shaped Scar
Lynch Mob – Hang ‘Em High *compilation
Lynch Mob – S/T
Lynch Mob – Smoke This
Lynch Mob - Syzygy
Lynch Mob – Wicked Sensation
Lynch, George – Sacred Groove
Lynch, George – Will Play For Food
Lynch/Pilson - Wicked Underground
Lynne, Jeff – Armchair Theatre
MacLean, Tara – Passenger
Madonna - Borderline/Lucky Star
Madonna – Like a Prayer
Madonna – Music
Madonna – The Big Collection LP *compilation
Magnum – Aim High
Malmsteen, Yngwie – Fast & Loud *compilation
Malmsteen, Yngwie – Fire and Ice
Malmsteen, Yngwie – Inspiration
Malmsteen, Yngwie – Remember *compilation
Malmsteen, Yngwie – The Collection
Manic Street Preachers – Stay Beautiful CDsingle
Manilow, Barry – Forgotten Pleasures *compilation
Manilow, Barry – Remembered Romance *compilation
Mann, Aimee – ‘til Tuesday *compilation
Mann, Billy – S/T
Mann-Dude, Guy – Sleight of Hand
Marie, Anna – This Could Take All Night CDsingle
Mark, Marky – Good Vibrations CDsingle
Mars Electric – Beautiful Something
Marsico, Donnie – Bolt Out of the Blue
Martin, Marilyn – Seriously Sexy *compilation
Marvelous 3 – Hey Album
Marvelous 3 – Ready Sex Go
Marx, Richard – Rush Street
Marx, Richard – Too Late to Say Goodbye CDsingle
Mattea, Kathy – Walking Away a Winner
May, Brian - Another World
May, Brian – Back to the Light
May, Brian - Furia
May, Brian - Live at Brixton
May, Brian - Resurrection
May, Brian – Starfleet and Beyond *compilation
May, Brian – Too Much Love Will Kill You CDsingle
McBroom, Amanda – Dreaming
McCain, Edwin – Honor Among Thieves
McCain, Edwin – Misguided Roses
McCartney, Paul – Tripping the Live Fantastic
McCartney, Paul – Wingspan
McDermott, Michael – S/T
McKagan, Duff – Believe in Me
McKay, Kris – What Love Endures
McQueen Street – S/T
Meat Loaf – Back From Hell Again The Very Best of Volume 2
Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell
Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell
Meat Loaf – Midnight at the Lost and Found
Medicine Men – Keepers of the Sacred Fire
Medley, Sue – S/T
Megadeth – Capitol Punishment *compilation
Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth - Cryptic Writings
Megadeth – The World Needs a Hero
Megadeth – Tornado of Souls *compilation
Mellencamp, John – Jack & Diane *compilation
Mellencamp, John – Tell a Story *compilation
Men, The – S/T
Metal Church – Estranged 
Metallica – And Justice For All
Metallica – Black
Metallica – Garage Inc
Metallica – Lightning Strikes *compilation
Metallica – Live Shit Binge & Purge
Metallica – Master of Puppets
Michael, George – A Different Corner *compilation
Michael, George – Listen Without Prejudice
Michael, James – Inhale
Mighty Lemon Drops, The – Ricochet 
Mighty Lemon Drops, The – Sound 
Mike & The Mechanics – Beggar on a Beach of Gold
Mike & The Mechanics – Living Years
Mile – Driving Under Stars
Miller Stain Limit, the - Radiate
Mind Over Four – Half Way Down
Minogue, Kylie - Kylie
Missing Persons – Destination Unknown *compilation
Mission UK, The – Carved in Sand
Mission UK, The – Hands Across the Ocean CDsingle
Mock Turtles – Mary’s Garden
Modern English - After the Snow
Molly Hatchet – Kingdom of XII
Mollys Yes – Wonderworld
Mommy Heads, The – S/T
Money, Eddie – Big Bucks *compilation
Money, Eddie – Love and Money
Money, Eddie – Nothing to Lose
Money, Eddie – Right Here
Monkees, The – Greatest Hits
Moore, Ian – S/T
Moore, Mae – Bohemia
Moore, Mandy – Always Remember *compilation
Moore, Vinnie – Let’s Go CDsingle
Moore, Vinnie – The Maze
Moose – Sonny of Sam
Morales, Michael – Give It Away *compilation
Moran, Robert – Arias, Interludes & Inventions
Morgan, Lorrie – My Heart
Morrisey – Across the Ocean *compilation
Motels, The – Davis Motel *compilation
Motley Crue – Bonus Tracks 1 & 2
Motley Crue – Demos
Motley Crue – Generation Swine
Motley Crue – Live: Entertainment or Death
Motley Crue – Public Enemy #1 *compilation
Motley Crue – S/T
Motley Crue – Shout At the Devil
Mould, Bob – Black Sheets of Rain
Mr Big – Bump Ahead
Mr Big - Get Bigger
Mr Big - Japandemonium
Mr Big - Live at Budokan
Mr Big - Live at the Hard Rock Cafι
Mr Big – Top Hat and Coat *compilation
Mr Reality – S/T
Ms Adventures – S/T
MSG – Never Ending Nightmare CDsingle
MSG – This is My Heart CDsingle
Mumy, Bill – After Dreams Come True
Murphy, Peter – Deep 
Murphy, Peter – Holy Smoke
Murphy, Peter – Love Hysteria
Murphy, Trish – Rubies on the Lawn
My Little Funhouse – Addicted EP
My Little Funhouse – Standunder
My Sister’s Machine – Wallflowers
Myers, Billie – Vertigo
Naess, Leona – Comatised
Naked Soul – Seed 
Nash, Graham - Songs For Beginners
Native Tongue – S/T
Naughty by Nature – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright CDsingle
Navarro, Dave – Trust No One
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Are You Normal?
Neil, Vince – Carved in Stone
Neil, Vince - Exposed
Nelson – Because They Can
Nena - 99 Luftballons
Neve – S/T
Neverland – S/T
New Found Glory – Untitled *compilation
New Order – Regret CDsingle
New Order – Technique
Newton-John, Olivia – Greatest Hits Volume 3
Newton-John, Olivia – Back to Basics The Essential Collection
Newton-John, Olivia - Olivia
Nicks, Stevie – Timespace The Best of
Night Ranger – 7 Wishes
Night Ranger – Crazy World *compilation
Night Ranger – Dawn Patrol
Night Ranger – Feeding Off the Mojo
Night Ranger – Live in Japan
Night Ranger – Midnight Madness
Night Ranger – Neverland
Night Ranger – Seven
Nightwish – Secrets We Keep *compilation
Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine
Nine Inch Nails – The Day The World Went Away CDsingle
Nirvana – Nevermind
Nixons, The – S/T
No Sweat – S/T
Noize Boys – S/T
Noize Toys – Fallin’ In Lust Again
Norum, John - Face It Live 97
Norum, John - Face the Truth
Norum, John - Total Control
Norum, John – Worlds Away
Notorious – S/T
Nova, Aldo – A Portrait
Nova, Aldo – Fantasy *compilation
Nu Shooz – Poolside
Nuclear Assault – Something Wicked
Numan, Gary - Exposure
Numan, Gary - Ghost
Numan, Gary - Scarred
Numan, Gary – Strange Charm
Numan, Gary - The Fury
Numan, Gary - The Pleasure Principle
Numan, Gary – Tubeway Army Premier Hits
Numania – The Borg Remixes
Nunn, Terri – 89 Lines
Nunn, Terri – Moment of Truth
Nunn, Terri – Special Sampler
Nuno – Schizophonic
O’Connor, Mark – Elysian Forest and more
O’Neill, Sharon – Danced in the Fire
Ocasek, Ric – Fireball Zone
Ocasek, Ric – Quick Change World
Ocasek, Ric – Troublizing 
Old Pike – Songs from Ten Thousand Nights
Olsson, P.J. – Words For Living
One Way Ride – Straight Up
Orchestra JB – Tambourine Fever
Order, Jeff – Keepers of the Light
Origin, The – Bend
Orr, Benjamin – The Lace
Osbourne, Ozzy - Bark At the Moon
Osbourne, Ozzy – Blizzard of Ozz
Osbourne, Ozzy - Diary of a Madman
Osbourne, Ozzy - Down to Earth
Osbourne, Ozzy - Live & Loud
Osbourne, Ozzy – No More Tears
Osbourne, Ozzy - No Rest for the Wicked
Osbourne, Ozzy - Ozzmosis
Osbourne, Ozzy - Speak of the Devil
Osbourne, Ozzy - The Ozzman Cometh
Osbourne, Ozzy - The Ultimate Sin
Osbourne, Ozzy – Tribute
Osbourne, Ozzy – Up to a Point *compilation
Other Ones, The – S/T
Outfield, The – Homerun *compilation
Outfield, The – Play Ball *compilation
Outfield, The – Triple Play *compilation
Page, Tommy – From the Heart
Page, Tommy – Paintings In My Mind
Palace – Brave New World
Pandemonium - S/T
Paradise – Demo 
Pasquale, Joe – Prey 
Pearl Jam – Seattle *compilation
Peaston, David – Luxury of Love CDsingle
Pebbles – Backyard CDsingle
Penn, Michael – Free For All
Penn, Michael – MP4
Penn, Michael – Myth to Myth *compilation
Perry, Steve – A Journey Beyond *compilation
Pesco, Paul – Make it Reality
Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin
Petty, Tom - Only the Best *compilation
Piece Dogs – Exes For Eyes
Pink Floyd - Closing the Door *compilation
Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd – The Division Bell
Pink Floyd – The Final Cut
Pink Floyd – The Wall
Pink Floyd – The Wall Live
Pink Noise Test – Plasticized
Piper - Can't Wait
Piper - S/T
Plant, Robert – Fate of Nations
Plant, Robert – Now and Zen
Plant, Robert – Pictures at Eleven
Platinum Blonde – Alien Shores
Platinum Blonde – Bronze Hair *compilation
Platinum Blonde – Contact
Platinum Blonde – Gold Hair *compilation
Platinum Blonde – Standing in the Dark
Pleasure Bombs – Days of Heaven
Pleasure Thieves – Simple Escape
Plimsouls, The – Everywhere at Once
Pocket Size – 100% Human
Poison – Crack a Smile and More
Poison – Flesh & Blood
Poison – Look What the Cat Dragged In
Poison – Native Tongue
Poison – Open Up and Say Ahh!
Poison – Power to the People
Poison – Swallow This Live
Poison – Welcome to My City *compilation
Poison Tribute - Show Me Your Hits
Police, The – Sirens and Lights *compilation
Poorboys, The – Pardon Me
Pop Will Eat Itself – XY & Zee CDsingle
Porno For Pyros – S/T
Posies, The – Frosting on the Beater
Power of Dreams – Immigrants, Emigrants and Me
Power Station, The – Living in Fear
Precious Metal - S/T
Presley, Elvis – The Top Ten Hits
Pretenders – Last of the Independents
Pretenders, The – Get Close
Pretty Boy Floyd – Electric Toys *compilation
Pretty Boy Floyd – Glamour Boys *compilation
Pretty Boy Floyd – Pretty Boy Floyd
Pretty Maids – Not in a Row *compilation
Pretty Maids – Offside
Prince - 1999 The New Master
Prince – Dance Hits *compilation
Prince – Purple Rain & More *compilation
Prince – The Hits / The B-Sides
Prince – Thirds & Sixths *compilation
Princess Pang – S/T
Pseudo Echo - Fooled Again
Pseudo Echo – Long Plays 83-87
Psychedelic Furs - Beautiful Chaos
Psychedelic Furs – In the Pink *compilation
Psychedelic Furs – No Pictures *compilation
Psychedelic Furs – Talk Talk Talk *transferred from vinyl
Psychedelic Furs – Until She Comes
Pure – Sureafunalia 
Pursuit of Happiness, The – Love Junk
Pursuit of Happiness, The – The Downward Road
Quarterflash - Harden My Heart *compilation
Queen – Classic Queen
Queen – Greatest Hits *compilation
Queen - Terrific Tunes *compilation
Queen Tribute – Dragon Attack
Queensryche – Empire 
Queensryche – Hear in the Now Frontier
Queensryche – Operation Live Crime
Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime
Queensryche – Promised Land
Queensryche - Tribe
Queensryche – Underground Order *compilation
Quiet Riot – Madness or Insanity? *compilation
Radio Active Cats – S/T
Rage – Vinyl *compilation
Rage Against the Machine – The Battle of Los Angeles
Railway Children, The – Every Beat of the Heart
Rainbow - Bent Out of Shape *transferred from vinyl
Rainbow - Straight Between the Eyes
Raindogs – Border Drive-In Theatre
Ramones – Mondo Bizarro
Ratt – Collage
Ratt – Detonator
Ratt – Invasion of Your Privacy
Ratt – Ratt & Roll 8191
Ratt – Trapped in the Past *compilation
Rave-Ups, The – Chance
Rebekah – Remember to Breathe
Red Dawn – Never Say surrender
Red House, The – S/T
Red Rider – S/T
Reigndance – Problem Factory
Reigndance – Thread
Rembrandts, The – LP
Rembrandts, The – S/T
Rembrandts, The – Untitled
REO Speedwagon - Building the Bridge
REO Speedwagon – Good Trouble *compilation
REO Speedwagon – The Hits
Replacements – Don’t Tell a Soul *transferred from vinyl
Rhatigan, Suzanne - To Hell With Love
Rhythm Corps – Common Ground
Rhythm Syndicate – Sex, Life & Love
Richie, Lionel – Truly the Love Songs *compilation
Riff – If You’re Serious
Ritenour, Lee – On the Line
River City People – Say Something Good
Riverdogs – Days Long Gone *compilation
Riverdogs – On Air
Riverdogs – Souls of America
Robison Bruce – Long Way Home From Anywhere
Robocop: A Future to This Life (soundtrack)
Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy – The Ultimate Rock Album *compilation
Rogers, Kenny – 25 Greatest Hits
Rogers, Kenny – When You Put Your Heart in It
Rogers, Kimm – Two Sides
Rolling Stones – Hot Rocks 1964-1971
Romeo’s Daughter – I Cry Myself to Sleep at Night
Ronstadt, Linda – Dreams to Dream
Roth, David Lee – The Best
Roxette – Joyride 
Roxy Blue – Want Some?
Rules of the Game – S/T
Rundgren, Todd – Hermit of Mink Hollow
Rush – 2112
Rush – A Farewell to Kings
Rush – A Show of Hands
Rush – All the World’s a Stage
Rush – Caress of Steel
Rush – Counterparts
Rush – Different Stages / Live
Rush – Exit Stage Left
Rush – Fly By Night
Rush – Grace Under Pressure
Rush – Hemispheres 
Rush – Hold Your Fire
Rush – Moving Pictures
Rush – Permanent Waves
Rush – Power Windows
Rush – Presto 
Rush – Roll the Bones
Rush – Rush 
Rush - Rush in Rio
Rush – Signals
Rush – Test For Echo
Rush - Vapor Trails
Ryan, Matthew – May Day
Ryser, Jimmy – S/T
Sacred Reich – A Question
Sacred Warrior – Master’s Command
Sacred Warrior – Wicked Generation
Sacrifice – Soldiers of Misfortune
Saga - Behaviour *transferred from vinyl
Saga – Detours
Saga - Heads or Tails *transferred from vinyl
Saga – House of Cards
Saga – Pleasure & The Pain
Saga – Softworks
Saga – Worlds Apart
Saigon Kick – Devil in the Details
Saigon Kick – The Lizard
Saigon Kick – Water
Saigon Kick – What You Say
Saints & Sinners – S/T
Samantha 7 – S/T
Sambora, Richie - Solo in San Diego
Sambora, Richie – Stranger in this Town
Sandmen, The – Say Yes
Saraya – S/T
Satriani, Joe – Cliffs of Dover *compilation
Satriani, Joe – Crystal Planet
Satriani, Joe – Flying in a Blue Dream
Satriani, Joe – Surfing With the Alien
Satriani, Joe – The Extremist
Satriani, Joe – Time Machine
Saunders, Merl – Rainforest Blues
Savage Garden – Savage Garden
Savatage - Dead Winter Dead
Savatage – From the Gutter to the Stage
Savatage – Poets & Madmen
Savatage – Streets a Rock Opera
Savior Servant – S/T
Scarlet Red – Don’t Dance With Danger
Scarlet, Richie – Wiseguy From New York
Scarlett & Black – S/T
Scatterbrain – Scamboogery
Schmitt, Adam – Illiterature
Schmitt, Adam – World So Bright
Schon, Neal – Late Night
Schon, Neal/Hammer, Jon - Untold Passion
School of Fish – 3 Strange Days
School of Fish – Human Cannonball
School of Fish – S/T
Scorpions – Another Sting *compilation
Scorpions – Crazy World
Scorpions – Face the Heat
Scott, Casey – 5 Tracks from Creep City
Scott, Glen – Without Vertigo
Scott, Stephen – The Beautiful Things
Scream, The – Let It Scream
Screaming Jets, The – All For One
Screaming Trees – S/T
Seal – The Beginning
Season to Risk – In a Perfect World
Secada, Jon – Heart, Soul & A Voice
Secada, Jon – S/T
Second Coming – S/T
Second Self – Mood Ring
Secret Garden – Dawn of a New Century
See No Evil – Songs
Senseless Things – Everybody’s Gone
Senseless Things – Got It at the Delmar
Seven and the Sun - Back to the Innocence
Sexton, Charlie - Pictures for Pleasure
Sexton, Charlie – S/T
Sexton, Martin – Wonder Bar
Shadow Gallery – Another Viewpoint *compilation
Shadow Gallery - Legacy
Shadow Gallery – Tyranny
Shadow King – Shadow King
Shadowfax – Too Far to Whisper
Shadowland – 4 Cut Sampler
Shaking Family – Dreaming In Detail
Shamen, The – Move any Mountain
Shaw, Tommy - Girls With Guns
Shaw, Tommy - What If
Shaw/Blades – Hallucination
Sheriff – S/T
Shotgun Messiah – I Want More
Shotgun Messiah – Violent New Breed
Shout – In Your Face
Shy – Brave the Storm
Shy – Excess All Areas
Shy – Let the Hammer Fall
Shy – Live in Europe
Shy – Once Bitten Twice Shy
Shy – Regeneration
Shy – Vinyl *compilation
Shy – Welcome to the Madhouse
Shy England – Misspent Youth
Sidewinders – Witchdoctor
Silveira, Ricardo – Amazon Secrets
Simon & Garfunkel - *compilation
Simple Minds – Alive and Kicking
Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me CD3
Simple Minds – Good News From the Next World
Simple Minds – Neon Lights
Sister Seven – Wrestling Over Tiny Matters
Sixpence None the Richer – Kiss Me
Skew Siskin – S/T
Skid Row – B-Side Ourselves
Skid Row – Riot Act *compilation
Skid Row – S/T
Sky – Travelling Infinity
Skydiggers – Restless
Slade – The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome
Slade – Way Before the Riot *compilation
Slash’s Snakepit – Ain’t Life Grand
Slash’s Snakepit – It’s Five O’clock Somewhere
Slaughter – Eternal Live
Slaughter – Fear No Evil
Slaughter – Stick It To Ya
Slaughter – The Wild Life
Slaughter – Up All Night
Sleeze Beez – Screwed Blued & Tattooed
Slick, Grace – The Best of
Slide – Down So Long
Slik Toxik – Doin’ the Nasty
Slik Toxik – Helluvatime
Slik Toxik – Smooth & Deadly
Sloan – Take It In
Smash Mouth – Fush Yu Mang
Smith, Rex – Sooner or Later *compilation
Smithereens, The – Blue Period
Smiths – Is It Really So Strange *compilation
Smiths – More Strange Songs *compilation
Smyth, Patty – Greatest Hits *compilation
Snapdragons, The – S/T
So – Horseshoe in the Glove
Something Happens – Bedlam a Go Go
Something Happens – Stuck Together With God’s Glue
Sonia Dada – S/T
Sons of Angels – Sons of Angels
Soto, Jeff Scott – Love Parade
Soul Asylum – Candy From a Stranger
Soul Asylum – Hang Time
Soul Asylum – Painful Stories *compilation
Soul Family Sensation – New Wave
Soul Sister – It Takes Two
Souls at Zero – S/T
Soundgarden – Superunknown
Soup Dragons, The – Divine Thing
Soup Dragons, The – Hotwired
Soup Dragons, The – Lovegod
Southgang – Tainted Angel
Sparkler – Light ‘Em Up *compilation
Specula - S/T
Spence, Brian - Brothers
Spheeris, Chris – Culture
Spheeris, Chris - Enchantment
Spheeris, Chris – Pathways to Surrender
Spider/Shanghai – Vinyl *compilation
Spin Doctors – Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Spin Doctors – You’ve Got to Believe in Something
Spock’s Beard – Snow
Springfield, Rick – Alive
Springfield, Rick – Greatest Hits
Springfield, Rick – Karma
Springfield, Rick – The Other Songs *compilation
Springsteen, Bruce – Born in the USA
Springsteen, Bruce – Greatest Hits
Spys – And More *compilation
Spys - Behind Enemy Lines
Squier, Billy – Creatures of Habit
Squier, Billy – Don’t Say No
Squier, Billy – Hear & Now
Squier, Billy – I Want the Songs *compilation
Squier, Billy - Tell the Truth
St. James – American Man
St. Thomas – Electric City
Stage Dolls – Stripped
Starclub – S/T
Stealin Horses – Mesas and Mandolins
Stealin Horses – S/T
Steelheart – Tangled in Reins
Steelheart - Wait
Steely – Simple Girl
Steen, Nikolaj – Angel
Stevie B – Love & Emotion
Stewart, Dave – Party Town
Stewart, Rod - Lost in You CDsingle
Stewart, Rod – Unplugged
Stewart, Rod - When We Were the New Boys
Stewart, Rod – Young Turks *compilation
Stigers, Curtis – I Wonder Why
Stigers, Curtis – Time Was
Stills, Chris - 100 Year Thing
Stir – Meet Me In St. Louis CDsingle
Straightjacket Fits – Missing From Melt
Straightjacket Fits – Roller Ride
Stratovarious – Symphonic Seasons *compilation
Strawberry Zots – Love Operation
Stryper – All For One *compilation
Stryper – Beginning and End *compilation
Stryper – In God We Trust
Stryper - Seven Best of
Stryper – Soldiers Under Command
Stryper – To Hell With the Devil
Styx – Arch Allies
Styx – Brave New World
Styx – Caught in the Act
Styx – Cornerstone
Styx – Crystal Ball
Styx – Cyclorama
Styx – Edge of the Century
Styx – Equinox
Styx - I *transferred from vinyl
Styx – Kilroy was Here
Styx - Lady *transferred from vinyl
Styx – Live at the Budokan (1/1/82)
Styx - Miracles *transferred from vinyl
Styx – Paradise Theater
Styx – Pieces of Eight
Styx – Return to Paradise
Styx - Serpent is Rising *transferred from vinyl
Styx – Styxworld 2001
Styx – The Grand Illusion
Sugar – Believe What You’re Saying
Sugar – Copper Blue
Sugar – File Under Easy Listening
Sugar – Gee Angel
Suicidal Tendencies – Nobody Hears
Summer, Henry Lee – Way Past Midnight
Summercamp – Pure Juice
Summerdaze – S/T
Sun 60 – S/T
Survivor – First Signs *compilation
Survivor – Greatest Hits
Sweet FA – Temptation
Sweet, Matthew – Altered Beast
Sweet, Matthew – Vertigo
Sweet, Michael – Michael Sweet
Sweet, Michael - Real
Sweet, Michael – Truth
Swirl 360 – Ask Anybody
Switchfoot – Learning to Breathe
Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown
Sykes, John – Please Don’t Leave Me
Sylvian, David – Everything and Nothing
Symphony X – Behind the Curtain *compilation
Symphony X – Live on the Edge of Forever
Symphony X – Strike First *compilation
System Seven – Perspectives
Talbot, John Michael – The Quiet
Tall Stories – S/T
Tami Show – S/T
Tamplin, Ken – We the People
Tangier – On the Line
Tate, Danny – S/T
Tate, Geoff – S/T
Tattoo Rodeo – Rose Hard Put Away Wet
Taxiride - Afterglow
Taxiride – Imaginate
Taylor, Andy - Stone Cold Sober
Tell Me Tell Me – Happens on Sunday
Tempest – Eye of the Storm
Temple of the Dog – S/T
Ten Sharp – Under the Water-Line
Tesh, John – Radio Singles
Tesla – Bust a Nut
Tesla – Five Man Acoustical Jam
Tesla – Mechanical Resonance
Tesla – Psychotic Supper
Tesla – The Great Radio Controversy
Texas – Thrill Has Gone
Third Eye Blind – Blue
This Perfect Day - S/T
This Picture – Naked Rain
This Way – S/T
Thomas, B.J. – Midnight Minute
Thompson Twins – Side Kicks
Thompson, Teddy – S/T
Thomson, Steve – S/T
Thousand Yard Stare – Buttermouth CDsingle
Thrashing Doves – Trouble in the Home
Three O’Clock – Vermillion
Threshold – S/T
Throwing Muses – Limbo
Thunder – Backstreet Symphony
Times 2 – Cecilia
Times 2 – Danger is my Business
Timmons, Andy - That Was Then, This is Now
Tin Machine – S/T
Tingstad, Eric – Give And Take
TNT – Intuition
TNT – Realized Fantasies
TNT – Tell No Tales
TNT – Till Next Time
TNT - Transistor
Toad the Wet Sprocket – Acoustic Tunes *compilation
Toad the Wet Sprocket – Falling Down Again *compilation
Toad the Wet Sprocket – Five Live
Toll, The – Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones
Tone Loc – Loced After Dark
Tonto Tonto – Mirron For the Blame
Too Much Joy – Crush Story
Toto – Past to Present
Townsend, Emma – Winterland
Townsend, Pete – Psychoderelict
Townsend, Pete – The Iron Man
Transatlantic – Bridge Across Forever
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Beethoven’s Last Night
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Eve and Other Stories
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – The Christmas Attic
Transvision Vamp – Little Magnets Versus The Bubble of Babble
Treana – Naked
Tremblay, Lucie Blue – S/T
Tribe After Tribe – Love Under Will
Tripp, Gregg – Tempus Edax Rerum
Triumph – Two of a Kind *compilation
Trixter – S/T
Trixter – Undercovers
Trouble - Run to the Light
Trouble – S/T
Tubeway Army - Featuring Gary Numan *transferred from vinyl
Tubeway Army - Replicas *transferred from vinyl
Tuesdays, The – S/T
Twenty Four Gone – The Spin
Twisted Sister – Big Hits and Nasty Cuts
Twisted Sister – Extra Tracks *compilation
Twisted Sister – Snidest Hits *compilation
Tyketto – For All Seasons *compilation
U2 - Acoustic TV
U2 - Back Through the Mirror
U2 – Beautiful Day import single
U2 – Best of
U2 – Extremely Rare Cuts
U2 - Live in Las Vegas (November 18, 2001)
U2 – New York City (6/19/2001)
U2 – The B Sides
UB40 – Here I Am
Ugly Kid Joe – America’s Least Wanted
Unamerican – S/T
Uncanny X-Men – ‘Cos Life Hurts
Uncanny X-Men – Oz Rock
Uncle Green – Book of Bad Thoughts
Unified Theory – Unified Theory
Ure, Midge - Pure
US Crush – S/T
Vai, Steve – The 7th Sons
Vai, Steve – The Audience Is Listening
Valentine – S/T
Valentine Saloon – Under My Skin EP
Van Buren, Clifford Marshall - Discantus
Van Halen – 3
Van Halen – 5150
Van Halen – Balance
Van Halen – For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Van Halen – OU812
Van Halen - Spring Break '95
Van Halen – The Originals *compilation
Van Zant – Brother to Brother
Van Zant – II
Vandenberg – Best Of
Vast – Music For People
Vaughn, Robert - Dead River Angels
Vertical Horizon – From Out of Nowhere *compilation
Vertical Horizon – Live & Acoustic
Verve Pipe, The – S/T
Vibrolush – Touch and Go
Virgin Steele – Age of Consent
Virgin Steele – Vinyl *compilation
Virgosmerlot – Signs of a Vacant Soul
Vixen – Edge of a Broken Heart
Vixen – Tangerine
Voice of Eye – Transmigration
Voices, The – S/T
Voivod Angel – Rat Sampler
Vyper - Prepared to Strike
Waite, John – City to Country *compilation
Waite, John - Essential
Waite, John – Falling Backwards
Waite, John – Figure in a Landscape
Waite, John – Ignition/No Brakes
Waite, John – Live and Rare Tracks
Waite, John – Mask of Smiles/Rover’s Return
Waite, John – Temple Bar
Waite, John & Bad English – DEMOS
Wakeman, Rick – Country Airs
Wakeman, Rick – Recollections The Very Best of
Walker, Billy – Untitled
War & Peace – Light at the End of the Tunnel
War & Peace – The Flesh & Blood Sessions
Warden, Monte – A Stranger to Me Now
Warrant – 86-87 Live
Warrant – Cherry Pie
Warrant – Demos Under the Hood *compilation
Warrant – Dog Eat Dog
Warrant – Rare & Raw *compilation
Warrant – The Best of
Warrant – Under Arrest *compilation
Warrant – Wild Dogs *compilation
Warren Brothers – King of Nothing
Warrior Soul – Salutations From the Ghetto Nation
Warrior Soul – The Wasteland *compilation
Wasp – The Crimson Idol
Wasp – The Headless Children
Watchmen, The – Slomotion
Watchtower – Control and Resistance
Waterboys, The – This is the Sea
Waterface – Seven Days
Waterlillies – Envoluptusousity
Waters, Kim – Sweet & Saxy
Watson, Jeff – Lone Ranger
Way Moves, The – Favor & Disgrace
Way Moves, The – S/T
Wednesday Week – What We Had
Welt – Broke Down
Western Front, A – The King is Dead Long Live the King
Westworld – Movers & Shakers
When In Rome – S/T
White Lion – Big Game
White Lion – The Best of
White, Karen – S/T
Whitesnake – Almost Made It *compilation
Whitesnake – Greatest Hits
Who, The – Greatest Hits
Who, The – Who’s Better Who’s Best
Why Store, The – S/T
Why Store, The – Two Beasts
Widowmaker – Stand By For Pain
Wild Horses – Bareback
Wild Swans, The – Young Manhood
Wilde, Danny - Any Man's Hunger
Wilde, Danny – Spin This
Wilde, Danny – Time Runs Wild *compilation
Wilde, Kim – Vinyl *compilation
Wildside – Under the Influence
Will to Power – S/T
Willson-Piper, Marty - Rhyme
Wilson Phillips – S/T
Wilson Phillips – Shadows and Light
Wilson Phillips – You’re In Love
Wilsons, The – S/T
Winger – In the Heart of the Young
Winger - Pull
Winger – Winger
Winter Hours – Smoke Rings
Winter, Edgar – Winter Blues
Winwood, Steve – Refugees of the Heart
Wolf, Peter – 99 Worlds
Wolf, Peter – Come As You Are
Wolfer, Bill – Caught in the Blue Light
Wonder Stuff, The Caught in My Shadow
Wood – Songs From Stamford Hill
Writ on Water – Sylph
Wygals – Honycocks in the Whithersoever
Wylde, Zakk – Wylde Child *compilation
Xymox – Twist of Shadows
Xyz – Hungry
Xyz – S/T
Ya Ya – S/T
Yardsale – S/T
Yaz – Situation
Yearwood, Trisha – Where Your Road Leads
Yes – 90125
Yes – And Her Son *compilation
Yes – Classic Yes
Yes – In the Family *compilation
Yes – Live House of Blues 1999
Yes – Live Tales 1, 2, and 3
Yes – Magnification
Yes – Talk *compilation
Yes - The Yes Collection *compilation
Yes - Time and a Word
Yes – Union
Yes - Yes
Yes Extended Versions
Young, Paul – The Secret of Association
Zander, Robin – S/T
Zappa, Dweezil - Confessions
Zappa, Dweezil – Vinyl *compilation
Zaza – Party With the Big Boys
Zebra - IV
Zebra – Live
Zebra - Randy Jackson's China Rain
Zebra – Vinyl *compilation
Zebra/Randy Jackson – Raw and Rare *compilation
Zelmani, Sophie – S/T
Zeros, The – 4 3 2 1
Zeros, The – Names Vol. 1
Zoo, The – Shakin’ The Cage
ZZ Top – Best 
ZZ Top – Eliminator

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