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What to know about Irish Wolfhound


1. Wolfhounds are extremely large in size. Males stand at least 32 inches in height.
2. This breed takes several years to mature. A wolfhound two years old is still considered a puppy.
3. Wolfhounds are very clumsy because of their enormous size.
4. Some may be slightly reserved with strangers, but most are often friendly.
5. These giants have short life expectancies, eight to ten years.
6. Wolfhounds are the tallest breeds of dogs in the world.
7. This breed should live in an open area where he can get plenty of exercise.
8. Although he is good with children, owners should keep the wolfhound away from toddlers.
9. He responds well to patient obedience training and should never be harshly hit or corrected.
10. He may be a little slower responding to commands than other dogs such as toy poodles, but he means well.