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On this page we will list Doctors that are recommended by RSD/CRPS sufferers.  I hope to have a complete list built by the end of 2000.  If you have a good doctor that you work with in your treatment of RSD/CRPS, please e-mail me with their name, address and phone number.  I would like to include as many as I can from all different areas.  For now, I have only a few but more and more people are starting to send in names. I look forward to receiving more names from my visitors.  I'm hoping to be able to build a database of names from different states/countries that people can refer to - so please, send me their names.

E-Mail Me


Neurological Associates
903 E.Causeway Blvd.
Vero Beach, FL 32963
(561) 231-1300
FAX (561) 231-1499

New Jersey

Dr. Louis Spagnoletti, M.D.
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
Greentree Executive Campus
Lincoln Drive West
Suite 1001-A
Marlton, NJ  08053
(856) 988-8993
FAX (856) 988-8994

This is my personal pain management specialist. I find him to be very caring, responsive to my questions and a good hearted physician.


New Jersey

Dr. Kenneth H. Rogers, D.O.
Voorhees Pain Consultants, P.A.
William G. Roher Center for Health Fitness
2309 Evesham Road
Suite Suite 100
Voorhees, NJ  08043
(856) 772-0305
FAX (856) 772-0305
visit his website at West Jersey Anesthesiaa

This is my personal anesthesiologist - I find him to be very patient concerned and caring. You couldn't do better than Dr. Rogers when it comes to a Doctor who truly cares about his patients health and well being.


New York

Dr. Richard Holub
Neurology, Neurological Research
760 Madison Avenue
Albany, NY
TEL 518)449-2662
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South Carolina

Dr. Michael McCaffrey, M.D.
8171 Rourk Street
Myrtle Beach, SC  29572
(843) 449-2336
Supplied by GRACE - We wish you Much Health!


Dr. Margaret Klatt, M.D.
600 York Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220
(920) 683-6785
Supplied by DCAMERON - We wish you Much Health!

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