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My story is pretty much the same as others with RSD/CRPS.  I wont bore you with all of the details but I will highlight some of the specifics.  What I would really like this page or series of pages to be about is the stories of others out there that are going through the same thing.  It's hard to find sites where people are willing to share their stories and/or space on a web page. 

E-Mail Me

I'm willing to do both.  If you would like to share your story with the world, please e-mail me a plain text file and I will create a page just for your story.  If you would like to include pictures, please have them in either a .jpg or .gif format and I will be more than happy to include them.

Well, like I said in the opening of this page, my story is pretty common among RSD/CRPS sufferers.  It started in March of 1998 when a Mack truck rolled over on to the backend of my car while I was at a red light.  My life hasn't been the same and from what I understand will never be the same. 

It took approximately six (6) months for my doctor to come up with the diagnoses of RSD/CRPS.  We went through the myofacial pain syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome and then finally RSD/CRPS.  I went through a series of trigger point injections (approximately 150 needles total), EMG's on both my left arm and leg, MRI's too numerous to count both cervical and lumbar, bone scan, an MRI specifically for my rotator cuff, X-Ray's and physical therapy (the only thing that really made me feel any better).  This is how we ended up with the diagnoses of RSD/CRPS.

I was able to find some information on the Internet but not enough - I was more interested in how people are living with this syndrome and how they look at their futures and I couldn't find that.  At that point, I decided to create just a site and that is how we got to where you are reading now.

My life has changed dramatically.  I used to be physically active and enjoyed many sports and activities.  Now, I'm lucky if I can make it to the end of the street without having to stop and rest for a while.  The medications I'm taking have made me gain excessive weight (neurontin (4800mg per day), paxil, zanaflex, clonidine patch (a god send) and compezine.  I'm battling on a daily basis to try and loose weight - at this point I'm only able to maintain a little.  I get to watch other people participate in sporting and social events now instead of participating - but I do get to work on the Internet and am currently still working full-time.  It does put a lot of stress on me and sometimes it creates more pain than it's worth but I have to do it.  I decided a long time ago that I am going to win this battle.  I will not let something like this completely take over my life.  I will keep fighting until the end and I hope you will too.

So that's my story, please feel free to e-mail me with your story - I'd be more than happy to create a page for you on my sight so you can share.  Sharing keeps the world a wonderful place.


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