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On this page you will find links that I have been able to find from around the globe.  They are by no means complete.  If you have a link you feel should be added, please feel free to e-mail me by clicking on the button on the right.  I will be more than happy to include any link that is in reference to RSD/CRPS or to a personal website with regards to the same.  I'm hoping to have a bigger list as time goes on.

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International Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Foundation - Great Site - a must see for those suffering from RSD/CRPS.  Make sure to complete his survey and be entered into the data base.  You can receive Dr. Hooshmans RSD Puzzle's from this site - more than a wealth of information - a GOLD MINE.

Harvard/and MGH Neurology Web Forum.  This is a great place to get lots of information.  Ask questions (post) and get answers from other RSD/CRPS patients.  There are other links on this site also to TOS and Worker's Compensation Bulletins.  Everyone should bookmark this site.

South Carolina RSD Support Group South Carolina RSD Support Group
John Green, SC RSD support Group ASST Director
List Owner online Support Group
List Co Owner online Support Group

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Association of America

RSD Coalition of America

RSD Hope - great site - lots of information.  Remember to sign up to their list service and receive updated information as they publish it. /ozrsd.htm

Australian RSD Website

RSD Association of California

Canadian RSD Network 11.htm

RSD Support Groups in North Carolina deren/engels-1.htm

RSD Association of The Netherlands n.htm

RSD Syndromes - good links and useful information .cfm/rsd

Suite 101 - RSD information althandMedicine/ReflexSymp atheticD.html

RSD ICQ information

RSD Support Group in the UK

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