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Community Learning Network CLN is designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. We have over 260 menu pages with more than 5,000 annotated links to educational WWW sites -- all organized within an intuitive structure. This is an excellent resource!


ePALS connects over 3 million students and teachers through 42,723 profiles. Members from over 65,000 classrooms in 191 countries use free online collaborative technology, including language translation.


Gaggle Net provides safe, teacher-controlled e-mail accounts for students


IECC (Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections) is a free service to help teachers link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom pen-pal and project exchanges. I have had excellent personal experience using this site. Subscribing to maillist is convenient and easily canceled. Submit requests or search archives for partners.


KIDCAFE is built of many mailing lists. In the KIDCAFE lists kids can discuss different topics, do research, exchange keypal messages, schools can find partners in projects. Kidcafe is part of the Kidlink Network.

KIDCAFE-QUERY is one of several mailing lists operated by the KIDLINK Society as part of its effort to establish a global dialog among the youth through the age of 15 around the world. You can join the KIDCAFE-QUERY mailing list by sending a mail to LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU containing SUBSCRIBE KIDCAFE-QUERY First-Name Last-Name. Replace "First-Name Last-Name" by your real name. KIDCAFE-SCHOOL

Kids-Korner Students must register. This site is so popular that it has restricted access. Excellent site offering many activities for younger students.

KidLink Network a non-profit grassroots organization aimed at getting as many youth through the age 15 as possible involved in a dialog. : All youth participants must submit personal presentations and views on the desired future of this world, by answering questions.. Full name is requested. Click "Welcome In", "Activities, Projects, Fun."

Kidproj provides a list of current projects sponsored by Kidlink. 2002-03 projects include: Hunt for Famous Explorers, WordWeavers, Native Cultures, Grandmother and Me, and many more.

The Power of The Seed is a 2003 project available in KidSpace. Sponsored by Kidlink, KidSpace is a place for kids to publish and share.

"Good Will Ambassadors"This project provides a travel agency where classes can find a partner class that will exchange stuffed toys, class mascots or an object that represents a Good Will Ambassador.

Web66 Global School Registry. Web66 maintains the Internet's oldest and most complete list of school web servers.

World Links (suggested by Global Schoolhouse) }Secondary school teachers from around the world who would like to collaborate with WorLD schools in developing countries


Compiled by Mary Rydzewski, Somers Point School District, Updated April 2003


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