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Sample Email

Subject: Snow!!!
You have snow, oh please!!! The kids will love to hear about the snow. How long is school closed? We are in the middle of 35 degree Celcius heat here. It is so hot and so humid it is really gross. Every three or four days it breaks with a huge thunderstorm, sometimes damaging hail etc that lasts half an hour or so and then it gets hot again and the rain only serves to make it more humid the next day. As you can probably gather I much prefer the cold. I love living here except for about a month and a half which is right now!!
No we never get snow here. It is way too hot even in winter. We live right on the coast, I can see the water from our house but it is not ocean, we live on Moreton Bay which if you can get hold of a decent map you would see is basically inside Stradbroke Island. If we want surf and ocean beaches though it is only an hour away both north, to the Sunshine Coast and south, to the Gold Coast. Not a bad place to be really. We are also only 40 minutes away from Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland.
We will try to send a group goodbye today if we have time. Graduation is on Tuesday evening and Monday we are at a swimming carnival all day, so not much more time in class.

Our Project with the Brazil Keypals

Hello friends around the world! English For Ever is a small EFL school a small town in Brazil. My students learn English as their second language and weve formed a small group of teenagers to set up a newsletter discussion with far away partners. We think this is a nice way to learn about our similarities and differences. Each month we plan to discuss two different topics (class general view on the subject) and also answer some questions.The topics wed like to discuss are:
March: Education in our country/ Parents and Teens
April: TV and Sunday afternoons/ Hobbies
May: Favorite Places/ Curiosities about our country and life

Sample Exchange
Hello friends in New Jersey!
Thanks you very much for your e-mails.Ill talk a little about my school. My favorite subject is math and I hate Arts. My favorite teachers are Patricia and Renata (Renata is on maternity leave at the moment)
I start school at 7:30 and classes finish at 12:00. I have 5 classes a day and I have 8 subjects in all. In the afternoon on Mondays and Wednesdays I come to English For Ever School where Im writing to you.I have to go now
Your pal, Guilherme

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