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Keypals 2001-02

Our International Keypals
offer friendship and sympathy

We began our school year planning cultural exchanges as we did last last year. The tragedy of September 11, 2001 helped us to discover we have many friends around the world. We have exchanged email, videos and gift boxes. Our new friends continue to send us messages of hope and friendship.

Keypal Pages

A Sample Email brings hope:

From: "lina rechichi" To: "m rydzewski" Subject: some simple sentences by Italian kids Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 12:01:59 +0200 Hi Mari's Class, My kids (12 yeas old) wrote some simple sentences and questions to your students about NY desaster. My friend and colleague Onorina helped them for the English language. I hope that they will be able to write other more mature thoughts.

Did you know any people who were in New York during the attack?
We are real very sorry for what happened. My parents and I felt worried for our relations living in New York. Also our Country and we are very sad for all the people who were in the towers that day.
We are very afraid for the possibility of others attacks in the world. We wish to help you with other Countries in the world.
We are scared that our relatives could bee killed. Anybody knows people who were direct witness of the disaster ?
Speacking togheter in sinceritiy we realized the sight of people who die throwing themselves down the towers troubled us in a selfish way. We didn't worry a lot for them, but we were afraid the something could happen to us. At first some of us have just heard about the disaster and we didn't worry, but after watching TV we realized the big tragedy.
We admire the firemen who hazarded their life to help and to save people in the towers.

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