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Theloskrit is a language derived from Latin.  It implements many guttural sounds, and is in this manner similar to Hebrew.  However, the conjugation of person and of tense is more closely related to that of Swahili than any other language, in that it uses prefixes to differentiate between the tenses.  The alphabet, or aleshbene, other than having a few vague similarities to the Greek and Russian alphabets, is unlike any other used.  It contains twenty-four letters:  seven vowels and seventeen consonants.  It is not a holy or sacred language, but it is sometimes used in the reading of Scriptures, and has traces of monotheism woven into the language.  For example: there are seven persons for which a verb may be conjugated; the normal six: first, second, and third, singular and plural, but there is also a separate conjugation for God.  There are also separate subject and object pronouns to be used for God and God alone.

There is no font available for Theloskrit as of yet.  On this page, the letters of the alphabet are transcribed into the Latin alphabet.  This also will serve to make pronouncing words the first time easier.  Speaking Theloskrit is very simple; the letters and sounds are always consistent. On this site are also some translated texts, a vocabulary, the Theloskrit numeric system, and basic instruction for writing Theloskrit.