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    There are two voices for a verb:   Active and Passive, active being where the subject performs the verb, and the passive being where the subject is the recipient of the verb.
    There are also four simple tenses and three complex tenses:  Pluperfect, Imperfect, Aorist, Present, Present Perfect, Future Perfect, and Future.  The modification of tense in the formation of the verb is done by adding a prefix.


Pluperfect:  Indicates that an action had taken place.  Usually used in
                  conjunction with another verb in the perfect tense:

                e.g.   'Eko ead loch lamecheph-leeo kuam cham meko lamech-vomkat.
                      I had already read it when he called me.

        Imperfect:  Indicates that an action was taking place, and was interrupted
                         or had was otherwise not completed.

                e.g.   'Eko loch lam-leeo kuam cham meko lamech-vomkat.
                      Iwas reading it when he called me.

        Aorist: Indicates that an action took place at one point in time.

                e.g.   'Eko loch lamech-leeo anteph cham meko lamech-vomkat.
                      I read it before he called me.

        Present: Indicates that an action is taking place, or expresses a continual
                       or habitual action.

                e.g.   'Eko leeo.
                         I read.

        Present Perfect:  Indicates that an action has taken place.

                e.g.   'Eko eph-leeo.
                       I have read.

       Future Perfect: Indicates that an action will have taken place, usually
                               used in conjunction with another verb in the present

                e.g.   'Eko loch mecheph-leeo kuam cham meko vomkat.
                      I will have read it when he calls me.

       Future: Indicates that an action will take place in the future.

                e.g.   'Eko loch mech-leeo kuam cham meko vomkat.
                      I will read it when he calls me.

Prefix (Indicative)
    aorist (past perfect)
    present perfect
    future perfect

There is no modifying prefix for the simple Present tense.

In order to change the verb from the Active voice to the Passive voice, you must use the verb modifier infix "bem" between the tense prefix and the verb stem.  In order to form the Passive Infinitive of the verb, use the "bem" infix as a prefix to the infinitive of the verb.

Normally, in most languages, there are three moods:  the Indicative, the Subjunctive, and the Imperative.  In this language, however, the Indicative is the only mood; the Subjunctive has been eliminated save for a few auxillary verbs to imply the mood, and the Imperative is treated as an actual tense.   Therefore, in order to apply the Imperative mood, you must add the tense prefix  "achlem".