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Speaking Theloskrit is very simple.  The letter sounds never change, although they can be flexed slightly depending on where they are in a word, concerning accents and so forth.  This is especially true regarding vowels.

The sounds in the Theloskrit language are very similar to the sounds in the English language.  The only letter in the Theloskrit that doesn't not have a corresponding sound in the English alphabet is the letter Chalem.  This guttural sound is somewhere between the Greek "X" and the Spanish "J".  It is made by drawing the back of the tongue against the back of the throat and making a strong exhalation.  The should be produced as close to the back of the soft palate as possible.

In Theloskrit, the accent falls on the next to last syllable in the word, as in most languages.  Again, this can be flexed on an individual basis; it depends solely on the vocal inflections of the speaker.