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Updated on 9/6/01


- 9/6/01 -
Tekken Legacy is almost ready to go back online. In the next couple of weeks look for our new address, new features, and tons of information on Tekken 4 and Tekken Advance. Don't forget our new address:
- 6/14/01 -
Tekken Comics was updated with more first looks at the comic books coming soon. I added The Mishima Compound to the links section. Lastly I updated the Tekken 4 section with none other than our first screenshots of the game in action courtesy of Tekken Zaibatsu. Needless to say hurry over to the Tekken 4 section and catch a glimpse of Kazuya and Paul battling it out in a shopping mall as well as a jungle. It looks very nice.

- 6/2/01 -
We all knew it was going to come soon enough but it wasn't official......until now. Thats right Tekken 4 is now officially announced as coming to the Playstation 2 at an undisclosed date. As reported by, at an investors briefing in Tokyo yesterday NAMCO said that Tekken 4, among other games, is going to be central to their PS2 strategy.

- 5/30/01 -
More information on Tekken 4 was added. It will not have tag battles and it will do away with endless playing fields by adding walls. Check out the Tekken 4 section for more information along with pics of the characters.

- 5/19/01 -
I added images taken from NAMCO's E3 Tekken 4 teaser. Pretty cool pictures with one new character revealed.

- 5/17/01 -
The news we have all been waiting for, Tekken 4 is now official as reported by NAMCO stated today at the E3 expo that Tekken 4 is coming real soon. They showed video footage of scenes from Tekken 1 through 3 then ended it all with a Tekken 4 logo. Even more interesting is that they said it is out now in testing at one undisclosed Japanese arcade. Hopefully we'll get some info from people who have played it soon. I don't know about everyone else but I can't wait.

- 5/13/01 -
Back once again with an update. I added a comic sections in multimedia. At this point all that is there is pages from the first look that Tekken Comics has been showing for the past month. Check them out if you haven't seen them yet, the comic is looking really good.

- 4/26/01 -
I would like to thank Tekken Comics for allowing The Tekken Legacy to participate in their banner exchange program. Look forward to reviews of their new Tekken Forever comic series that is being done by Dark Design Works. So far it's shaping up to be an excellent rendition of the Tekken story that will provide more insight into our favorite characters.

Coming Soon
Coming soon you will find reviews on the anime, comics, and games from myself and others.

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