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Arcade Cabinet

Two years have gone since the last Iron Fist Tournament ended in a violent coup d'état, with Kazuya Mishima seizing control of the vast and rapacious corporate empire that is Mishima Conglomerate. During that time Kazuya's directorship has been, if anything, more ruthless and oppressive than that of his father, Heihachi. As the profits soared, and the ranks of his enemies swelled, Kazuya withdrew into heavily guarded solitude high above the city, taking counsel only from a shadowy stranger. Finally as rumours abounded of Heihachi Mishima rising, spectre-like, from the deep chasm into which his vanquished body had been cast, Kazuya embarked upon a plan to finish his enemies once and for all...

Tekken 2 was released for the arcade in June of 1995. It followed with a Japanese release on the Playstation in March of 1996, US release in August of 1996, and European release in October of 1996. It included more moves for every character, sub boss specific moves, counters for some characters, linking moves, and reversals. It also introduced new characters Jun, Lei, Roger, Alex, and Angel to the Tekken universe.

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