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A worldwide martial arts tournament is nearing its final, with a large purse of prize money to the fighter who can defeat Heihachi Mishima in the final round of competition. The contest is sponsored by the giant financial group, the Mishima Zaibatsu. There are eight fighters that remain after winning death matches all over the world. The winner of the tournament will receive The King of the Iron Fists title. Who will be the one to defeat Heihachi Mishima and take home the prize money and fame?

Tekken was released for the arcade in the Summer of 1994 to little fan fair. Many considered it to be a clone of Virtua Fighter, but more awaited the game. It was released on the Playstation in Japan in March of 1995 and US and Europe in November of 1995. It was an instant success, showing what the Playstation was capable of and introducing people to the world of Tekken. It included 8 default fighters and 8 sub bosses who possessed the same moves as their respective character.

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