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Well here are more of my Ramblings for you either to love or hate, it's all up to you there though. JiNXZ


I'm sitting here

Wishing my baby was near

I'm sitting here

Thinking of someone who is so dear

I'm sitting here

Thinking of the one I love

It feels like she's been sent from above

Just to grace me with her love

So now I thank the heavens above

For gracing me with her love

I reach my arms up to the sky

Praying that this feeling never dies

I know now where my heart lies

I have these feelings

That have started my healing

Just because of this wonderful fealing

So once again, I thank the one above

For sending me this one I love


JiNXZ '01



I'm sitting here

In my broken home

All alone

Everything that I own

Is about to be gone

Now I see where I went wrong

Now I sit here and listen to those same sad songs

Pleading for forgiveness for my wrongs

Doing the things that I've deniened for so long

Falling further and further behind

Now I wish god would just hit rewind

JiNXZ '01


i had to do it

I've seen the error of my ways

Now I can see that it's the end of days

Maybe it's time I change my ways

Fuck living in this life of red haze

Time to end the hunger

Time to climb from down under

All this confusion, it's no wonder

Now I sit here and ponder

What I'm going to do with my life

To find an end to this strife

I think it's time to take my life

Off I go to grab a knife

Sorry, my future wife, I just had to take my life


JiNXZ '01


soon to end

Reality sense

Unreal thoughts

Might be right

Might be wrong

It's just like the same old song

Never before had it felt so long

Before I got a break from all this wrong

I shouldn't be long

Before I find the end of this line

Just give me a minute, and I'll end this line



So here I sit in the car again

Feeling so far again

Wanting to know what was my ultimate sin

Oh shit, where to begin

There's so many

But you can only get one for a penny

Now, I need to find a solution

To all my souls polution

I have so many dillusions

There are so many confusions

I live a life of many illusions

So many lies

So many tries

Now I have so many whys

Why did I live my life the way I did

Why did I do the things that I hide

Maybe I just sold my soul for the highest bid..

Now my life has just died

My past shall always remain hid


JiNXZ '01


untitled, or a conglomeration?

I wanted to tell you the things on my mind.

But knowing where to begin is hard to find

I'm sitting here wanting to cry,

I'm sitting here wishing I would die

But then again maybe that's just a lie

I care so much that it hurts

I've done some things that I regret

These secrets I never wanted to be told

But it hurts so much that it just has to be told

I don't know why I'm being so bold

I feel once I tell you this you'll never feel the same

Once again, I'm to blame

I wish my life wasn't the same


I'm sitting and crying,

I'm sitting and dying

On the inside again

God, this life I've lived of sin

When will it ever end

Why did I ever let it begin

I wish I could make it end


I'm so sad,

And I'm so mad

I've been bad

My life

Nothing but strife

Reaching for a knife

My life has been so easy

Now it seems so cheesy

Cause I'm so sleazy

Taking my life would be so easy

The pain that I feel

The pains that I can never heal

I've caused enough grief

Maybe it's time I allow everyone some relief

I bet there's a lot of disbelief

To peoples heart, I'm a thief

I've became so good at giving grief

I'd sell my soul

To reach my goal

I want my freedom

Sorry for the pain

Now to slit this vein

And end all this pain

Let the wounds I've just opened

Open your mind, don't fall behind

Sorry for the pain I'm about to cause

But don't let it give your life pause

Trust me it's for the best

Now I close my eyes for this final rest

Sorry, but it really was for the best


As I sit

As I wait

I see

I know what is to be

Feel the emotion

Rising like the ocean

Feelings rising to the ceiling

So you know this feeling

Desires that never succumb

Ok, Now this feeling of despair is done


Who I am

Hey you,what do you say

Let me be & I'll ignore what you say

Don't talk to me

Walk away from me

You're too blind to see

You take one look at me

Just what do you see

What's so weird with me

I don't dress like you

Nor do I express like you

Hey you what do you have to say

Believe your little lie

Up until the day you die

Don't look at me and ask why

I'm my own person

Why do you stare at me

So what .. ..  ..

I'm different

It's just me


JiNXZ '99


keep it real

I'm sitting here with so much on my mind

Cause I've fucked up and fell so far behind.

I wish that my life, I could just rewind

I'm seeking answers to questions that I have no clue about

I'm so far in doubt

All I can do is sit here and pout

Anger towards myself fighting to get out

I"m fighting the feelings in my head

That are telling me I'm better off dead

If it wasn't for the ones that care

I've let my life go nowhere

I've fucked up everything

Now my life is far and between

This is what I've fucked up

Now I have to deal

To bad, I didn't keep it real


JiNXZ '01



Sitting here in the car

Feeling like my feelings are so far

Away from me

Feeling as though

I have no place to go

Now I see what it is

Sitting here next to Lydz

I see what it is to be

So far down

See this big ol' frown?

Now I can feel it as I start to drown

Turn this life around


Line them up and watch em fall


JiNXZ '01


Fuck it

fuck it fuck it

watch it come your way and duck it

fuck it fuck it

watch it come your way and duck it

line em up

now who gives a fuck

fuck it fuck it

now climb up on a bucket

fuck it fuck it

now I see

what's so fucked up with me

fuck it fuck it

watch it come your way and duck it

here I am up on my lil bucket

now hear me say FUCK IT FUCK IT

I stand on the edge

reaching for some pledge

fuck it fuck it

I'm happy up here on my bucket

someone through's a thought my way

trying to fuck up my day

fuck it fuck it

watch it come your way and duck it

fuck it fuck it

standing on my bucket

a foul word came flyin by

fuck it fuck it

I forgot to duck it

now I've fell off my bucket

fuck it fuck it

JiNXZ '01


never know

fealin' so low

maybe I shouldn't go

but then again

if I stay I'll just be in the way

now look what I've done

I've made you mad

now look what I've done

I've mad you sad

Now look @ me

tell me what do you see

I bet you don't know


maybe I should go

just so you never have to know


JiNXZ '01



Sometimes it seems you care

Sometimes I actually believe that you do

Sometimes I believe it's all true

Sometimes I think it'd be better off if I just went away

Sometimes I feel it's all just one big lie

Make me live then let me die

Sometimes I don't believe it at all

Sometimes I act like I know it all

Sometimes I dream too much and I need to get away

Just pack up and leave it all behind

Just fade away from your lips and into oblivion

Just to be forgotten

Just no matter what you do think about me.....



JiNXZ '98


How to tell you

I'm sittin here struggling with what to say

Here I go about to ruin your day

I'm about to tell you something

Sorry for that front thing

But now to see how I tell you

Show you how I've failed you

So on the floor I sit

Tryin to tell ya

God why did I let myself fail ya

Fuck how is it that I'm going to tell ya

 JiNXZ '01


untitled AkA "this one sucks"


Offer no solution

To my mental dilusions

Dying before I'm even crying

Trying without trying

Dying crying lying

Why am I dying

Quit all your damn lying

Trying to explain

Dying to try

JiNXZ '01




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