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So you wanna know a lil bit about me. Well where to begin... I guess I could start all tth way @ the begining, but that would take way too long.  So I guess I'll start somewhere with in the last couple of years.  Or would you just like to hear about the way I see things? I have no clue where to begin on a page like this.  Grr to not knowing where to begin.  I guess I'll just ramble on like I normally do. So that's one thing that I can say. I ramble a lot. 

Well, ok I think I have an angle to start.  To start with, I live in Wilmington, NC :) It's a cool lil college town, home of UNCW. But there's almost always something going on here. There's lots of clubs downtown, by the waterfront. If Techno is your thing wich it's one of my favez, cause I love the people :) P.L.U.R.  If you're into the party, rave/techno scene, then the club for you here would either be Dot Com, or Mars,  they both are really kewl clubs. 

Ok well I don't think that I was talking about me, lol. I got carried away talking about the clubz :)  Told you that I ramble a lot.  But more about me, I'm a 21 year old guy, I would say that I'm average looking, I love to party, meet new people, and try new things if I can. I like working with computers, even though I need to supposedly get a piece of paper that says I know how to. I think that's bullshit.  They should come up with a test that you take for your job, and if you can pass it, with or without "qualification" then you should be able to get the job.  One good example of why I believe this would be the job that I tried for not too long ago.  I would have been making like 15$ an hour or so.  I could do everything that they needed, because the main thing that they needed where people who could install software, and hardware on computers, and do a lil bit of work for them with their network. Well I can do that stuff, and the lady that was over that department knew that I could, just her boss thought I was too young, and that since I didn't have a peice of paper that said that I paid for my "knowledge" that I couldn't get the job. GRR. 

Ok, enough bitching, lol. I doubt that's what you came here for.  Ok more stuff about me, like I said, I love computers, so if you ever see me, either I'll be on my PC, or my Laptop, doing something wether it's playin around on the net, playin a game, or doing what I'm doing now, working on my webpage. I thought about getting into school, and taking HTML certification classes, so then I could "rightfully" charge companies out the wazoo to make their corperate pages. LOL.

Ok, wow I just realized that I say that a lot, I'm going to quit rambling on about me now, if there's anything else that you wanna know about me, either email me, or find me in a chat or something and ask me, lol :) .

Alan (JiNXZ)

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