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Well where to begin, as you can see, I'm trying a new layout. Things haven't been going to well lately. I've been too lazy, for one thing. That's nothing new. My mom took my car from me, cause she's stuck with the payments till I get off my lazy ass and get another job. But a friend of mine has his own business, so I might start working with him soon, I'll be getting like 14$ an hour :) that still sucks though, cause it's manual laybor. I'd much rather work with computers, lol. But oh well I'll start saving a lil money so I can go to college hopefully, I'm trying to @ least get enough to to take some classes @ the local community college for computers, I thought about trying to get my M.S.C.E.(microsoft certified engineers degree) but I'm not sure yet if that's really what I want, I want to also take some classes on HTML , and web design, cause I really like doing it. Plus maybe in the class I can learn something that I haven't ran into yet, that I would like to do. :)

Lets see, other things that have went wrong lately.

My monitor is broken :( my computer crashes @ least once a hour, but that's nothing new, lol. So soon as I get another monitor, I'm going to format it, which is cool, but it also sucks, but I'd much rather have a fresh start.  The thing that sucks the most about it, is I have so many programs on it though. But it's OK, cause I have a really good connection available :) , The local college, and my friends USB zip drive :) So that wont be a problem.  My other car just broke down after my trip to FL. The starter, and the clutch both :( so that's going to cost out the wazoo. I don't have a phone anymore, that's a real bummer there, but soon as I get my job, the guy that I'm working for is going to get me one :) I'm just going to get him to take it out of my check each week, maybe, lol :).

Well on a better note though, I did get my laptop :) I'm really happy about that, my friend Chad who works @ the Computer Barn here, worked on it, it's working great now :) I still need to upgrade it though, it's slow as a snail, but for now it'll work. But once again, soon as I get my job, and I get my phone, I'm going to get a cell phone modem for my laptop :) Then I'll be hooked up :) Plus, I'll be able to get my car back, I miss my Acura, it's my baby, lol. There's still so much I want to do to it. But I think that will be a while down the road. Any ways, I think that I've kept you here long enough, so I'm going to quit rambling about my life for now. E-mail me, I check my mail @ the college often, so I'll try to e-mail people back now, cause I normally suck @ writing people, but since I don't play on the net as much, when I do get on, I try to write people back :) just incase you didn't have it. :) .  Oh yeah, I need everyone that I knows # and address again, cause I think that I'm going to start typing some people letters, I would write, but my penmanship really sucks, lol. Anyways....


Well, I think that I've decided what I'm going to do, I've been evicted out of my apartment, and I've been stayin @ my friend Johns for the past 2 weeks. I've loved it here, He's one of the few people that I would actualy trust enough to consider a friend. :) :) :).  Plus there's another kick ass thing about stayin here, I get to see my g/f about everyday :) I'm going to miss that when I move :( It already drives me crazy when I'm away from her for more than a day. It used to not bother me as bad, but now I'm spoiled, lol :) I love my b'bee :) Sheila. But as I was sayin, about moving, I'm about to move to this lil town called Randleman, it's near Greensboro NC, I've lived there off and on my whole life, but living with my granddad, will have it's advantages, as much as it's disadvantages, I'll have a place to stay, with no rent :) and I'll have all my friends from up there again. I haven't seen most of them in forever. I miss them a lot too. WHat sucks though, is my grandad is too commanding, but I can live with that, cause he's going to help me get back in school :) :) :)   Well that's about it for recent stuff I guess. So Until I can either get something else interesting, or something else drastic that comes my way, L8ter.....

It's been a while since I've updated my page, Oh yeah, I'm officially staying in Greensboro NC, now. I have been for the past month, but what's funny, out of living there 4 weeks, I've been in my old home town of Wallace going on 3 1/2 weeks. But when I was @ the beach the other week, I had been working on it a lil, but I was too lazy when I went home to get the cable so I could hook my laptop up to this PC, and upload all my ramblings from springbreak, and trust me there where a lot. lol:) not to mention I made some new backgrounds and everything that I'll have to upload sometime. L8ter,JiNXZ


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