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Here are some of my "ramblings that I've done through the years, email me or im me and tell me what you think. Wether you like them or hate them. I just want opinions. Thanks JiNXZ.

Sitting here (thinking of you)
I sit here and think of you
I sit here and dream of you
I sit here and wish that the distance wasn't so far.
I sit here, and think about just getting in my car.
I sit here
I sit here and think of all the fun we will have
I sit here and think of the memories that we will always have
I sit here and think of the distance that's so far
I sit here and think of the car
I sit here, wishing it wasn't so far

JiNXZ '00

Sittin here
I sit here and think
I think of the fact that the things
That I'm thinking are driving me crazy
I've lost my mind,
And it's no where to be found
I feel like it's my time to drown
Cause theres so many tears falling down
From now on, I'll wear this constant frown.
It's keeping me down
I wish my life could be rewound .. ..

JiNXZ '00

Untitled as most of em are
what do you do when you see the one that you love loves another
do you run the other way
or do you sit there and wait till another day
do you give up all hope
or do you just sit there and mope
Well i say nope
Just let things ride
and follow the tide
There will always be another
So don't let this drag you down any further
It's expected when you're not there
There's no way you could hope to compare
Don't let your feelings slip to dispair
Don't compromise your feelings
just wait till it's time for you to start dealing
but i just can't help this feeling

JiNXZ '00

sometimes i wonder why i even try
sometimes i wish i could just die
bliss is something that you begin to miss
sometimes i wonder if it even exists
feelings of despare are something that i wouldn't miss
where the fuck is my goddamn bliss
my love that i'll always miss
i have this void
that just can't be filled...
JiNXZ '00


For my untitled ones if you can think of a good name for them, let me know and I'll think about using your title :)
Sorry if you think that they suck, I know my poems aren't for everyone. But for the ones that they mean the most to, much love, JiNXZ

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