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  in Kampala City
A study by the students of Namilyango College 











You are welcome to this page.This is a student based project which is being carried out by the students of Namilyango College, Uganda. The project is  intended to study how Domestic Waste (household waste) is managed in Kampala City and in other parts of the country in general.    
A lot of talking has been done about the ways Domestic Waste is being managed in Uganda, especially urban areas. Probably the talk is still going on. It has come to our knowlege that improper waste disposal is wasteful (literally!), harmful, expensive and sometimes totally nnecessary.   

One important objective of this program is to inform consumers and households members of the risks and potential hazards posed by many products used in and around the household. Whether working in the in the kitchen, or out in the yard, important decisions must be made to ensure not only that the proper products are used, but that they are used safely with regard to environmental and human health.   
Objectives of the Study:  

-To create a global awareness to the problem of Domestic Waste Management.  

-To collaborate with students worldwide and find out how Domestic Waste is collected in and around their schools.  

-To suggest the most efficient methods for Domestic Waste Management and how to implement them.  

- To acquire new skills new skills of controlling the Domestic Waste so that we can educate the people about the new ways of Garbage Disposal 

- To learn about the dangers of the different types of Domestic waste in our Community and the environment. This will enable us to learn about the measures taken by the communities around the world  to minimise the effects of waste in their communities 

- To encourage the people to use the various methods of managing Domestic waste both within our school and the community in general.

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