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What are the causes of poor Domestic Waste management in Uganda?

The causes of poor Domestic Waste management in Uganda include:

Lack of dumping sites where to deposit the solid waste. This is because the issue of waste management is new in the country. It wasn't considered to be a problem before.

Ignorance of the masses about the need to dispose of these wastes well and how to dispose of them (the wastes) off. There is lack of enough literacy program on Waste management which leaves most of the people backward on waste management. This is because of poor or no sensitization of the masses by the government and other organizations of Uganda.

Inefficient collection methods which is mainly due to lack of funds to provide the necessary machinery. In Uganda, machinery like the trucks that carry the waste from the various areas have poor covering systems such that even the waste goes on leaking on the road while being transported, and even there  are few places with proper garbage containers or at times the containers are over flooded when there are rain showers.

Poor government attitude towards waste management. From a citizen's point of view, it is realize that very little money from the government is directed towards waste management, with most of it going towards industrialization. This leads to poor purchase of collecting equipment.

Another cause is the poverty that exists in Uganda. This undoubtedly leads to masses buying cheap non bio-degradable containers which are not easy to dispose off, and also substitutes like paper bags are not easily available to the rural poor areas.

Also the low expense of these solid wastes especially polythene bags which are very cheap as compared to other containers makes them very common, which makes their proper disposal very difficult.

Lack of trained manpower/personnel to deal with garbage collecting machinery and to ensure the proper disposal of the solid waste for example door to door collectors in most advanced countries.

Lack of recycling facilitates in most parts of the country for instance most of the polythene bags used are not recycled by the manufacturing industries.

there is  no voluntary work. People don't work together as a community for the betterment fo the environment. Voluntary organizations such as scouts put little emphasis in such activities.

Mis-allocation of funds and even embezzlement of the little funds allocated for such work.