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What are the solutions to the problems of poor Domestic Waste Management?

There should be proper sensitisation of the masses about the need for proper disposal of Domestic Waste. Educational projects where the masses are educated about the need of proper Domestic Waste disposal should be set up. (This will deal with the problem of the ignorance of the masses).

Setting up adequate waste handling and disposal facilities and a proper disposal location with proper management. This will save people from carelessly disposing the waste.

Government should restructure the budget such that it includes funds for proper Domestic Waste management.

Government should purchase incinerators (these are devices used to burn the non-biodegradable polythene and domestic waste with minimum production of fumes.)

Government should set up favourable conditions to encourage investors to set up recycling industries to deal with the problem of the non biodegradable materials; for example by not taxing them (the investors.)

Government should set up laws to protect and govern enviromental standards and should establish organisations to monitor the observation of these laws.

Local councils should participate in mobilising the masses for clean up weeks. This involves members of the community working together to keep their environment clean.

There should also be re-use of organic wastes They can be used as soil fertilisers and for use in processing bio-gas. Food wastes can be used for feeding animals like pigs.

People should also be encouraged to reuse the non biodegradable materials for other purposes e.g. tyre remains being used as foot wear, margarine tins being used as kerosene lamps and so on.

Government should clearly define and allocate dumping grounds for proper disposal of the Domestic Wastes.