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Session Six (Book Two)

Act One - The Serpent's Lair

Scene Six - Returning to Bistritz

Transylvania - 1472
As Our Heroes impatiently wait on the edge of a cliffhanger that I so cruelly imposed on them... we continue in Borgo Castle...
"The decision has been made for us", Radu says. Apparently, someone more powerful than all of the Eastern Tzimisce will decide the fate of Dracula. The group has been invited to escort him to the Cathedral of Flesh (insert a thunderclap and some eerie music). Yorak has decided to take Dracula for himself. Just as Radu wonders why Yorak did not simply Dominate him from across the mountains, Yorak does just that.

Scene Seven - The Will of Elders

After a brief meeting with Dracula, Radu tells the group that Tiberiu and Dracula will rest for the day here, but must go on to the Cathedral next evening. If the group wishes to accompany Dracula, they are encouraged to do the same.
On the next evening, everyone gathers in the courtyard and boards the carriage. Dracula seems eager, but the group cautions him, letting him know that this journey is against the will of Radu, and may not be in his best interests. Dracula thanks them for this warning, and Tiberiu whips the horses up, to start the journey to the Cathedral of Flesh.

Scene Eight - The Cathedral of Flesh

OK, this part is disgusting at times... but here we go...
After a week's journey, the carriage stops at a cave opening in the middle of a blasted heath. The group exits their conveyance, and approaches the maw of hell itself, with all of their senses wide open. Wraiths, Demons, Spirits, and other nasties are everywhere here, thich in the air and wailing their song. Dracula seems to love the place, and encourages the group to follow him down into the pit. At the cave, they are met by Yorak, a middle-aged looking Cainite, who offers them "a tiny coffin lined with supple infant skin," and bids them to enter his haven...
Walking down into the earth, the group peers about as the stone walls begin to change over to a tapestry of flesh and organs, woven into the shape of a tunnel going down (Dracula, Mikhail, and Verdo are loving this. They consider it a work of the finest art...). Reaching the narthex of the Cathedral, they see Yorak, reveling in his thousand forms, suspended from the ceiling of the narthex by a web of veins and tissue.
Yorak alights to the floor, flows into the form first seen by the group, and throws his arms wide for Dracula. Dracula stumbles forward into Yorak's embrace, and his skin is pierced by one fang. But Yorak hesitates, and a drop of Dracula's blood falls to the floor...
The Cathedral, tormented for centuries by Yorak, asserts it's hive mind, heaving and pulsating, grabbing Yorak and drinking his blood. The group tries to run, but there is nowhere to go. The Cathedral swallows them, passes them through it's bowels, and ejects them onto the surface world, minus Dracula.
Tiberiu kneels at the entrance to the cathedral, bloody froth covering his mouth, repeating the phrase "Kupala, Kupala, Kupala..." In a frenzy, Qa'lon Demon Hunter rips into him with a vengeance, leaving tattered shreds of flesh and little more of the Gangrel servant.
The group notices the absence of Dracula, and is already planning to assault the Cathedral, when they hear a soft chuckle behind them. Dracula stands there, dripping with gore, and says "No more. If I decide to join your kind, I will do so on my own terms. But not like this. Thank you. You have protected me on a treacherous journey. I am in your debt."
Dracula leaves on one of Tiberiu's horses, riding away into the night. A pulsating feeling of evil emanates from the Cathedral, growing slowly but steadily...

Act Two - Of Cainite Bondage

Transylvania - 1492
1476 - Vlad the Dragon rules over Transylvania and Moldavia. He dies later this year.
1479 - The war against the Turks takes a turn for the better. Istvan Bathory and Pavel Chinezul are victorious at Cimpu Piiuii, while Steven the Great triumphs at Vaslui.
1492 - Columbus "discovers" the Americas while searching for a new route to the Indies. His discovery is known by the Spanish court by 1493.

Scene One - A Chosen Few

The group is together in the Anarch free city of Kronstadt, when they recieve a missive from Lucita. Apparently, she and Anatole are traveling through the area, and wish to meet with their former associates. The message states that the pair will arrive a few hours after moonrise on the following night.
On her arrival, Lucita greets the group warmly. Anatole is quiet tonight, mumbling under his breath about blood between and among us all. Lucita passes news to the group, informing them about a meeting to be held at the Abbey of the Sacred Crown near Silchester, England. This meeting will supposedly end the Anarch revolts and make a new future for the "Camarilla." She encourages them all to attend and cast their vote, whether they be Prince or Antitribu.
After this, Anatole leaps up, and spouts another prophecy.This prophecy makes Lucita appear uncomfortable, and Anatole remembers nothing of it once he snaps out of the trance.

Making Preperation - The Journey to England

It is decided by the group to travel through Prague, Brunswick, Cologne, Bruges, and Rouen, then take ship over to South Hampton, England, which is close to the Hamlet of Thorns, near the Abbey of the Sacred crown. Pavel goes ahead a little, to scout the way and prepare temporary havens for the group.
Everyone decides to arrive a year early, so that they may know the land and people better, and be better prepared for the inevitable...

Scenes Two and Three - The Tides of Fortune/Overland Travels

The journey passes without incident (mostly because I was too lazy to plan a surprise for them... got to stop that...).


After arrival in England, Jafar and Qa'lon take a pilgrimage to their homeland, effectively going the other way around, Teresa goes to Spain to see Moncada (and gets inducted into Les Amies Nocti, Mikhail visits his childer in Scotland, and everyone else hangs around and gets information on the Cainites of the area.

Scene Four - Matters of Import

October 17th, 1493
The group arrives at the Abbey of the Sacred Crown, and are ushered to the office of Father Samuel, Prince of Southampton and Abbot of the monastery.
While waiting for the Abbot to admit them in, they see Myca Vykos storm out from Father Samuel's office. Vykos says that he will speak with them later, and then leaves.
The group is ushered into the office of the Abbot, and he fills them in on the rules - feed discretely, avoid vitae expenditure, exercise restraint in negotiation. If they are obstructive or frenzied, they will be staked between sessions.

October 18th, 1493
Eleanor de Valois (moderator, clan Brujah) opens the proceedings, and explains the issues at hand. The delegates break for discussion.
The group is approached by Father Jean-Marc (clan Toreador, Camarilla Archon) and Gilbert de'Harfleur (clan Ventrue, Camarilla Archon), who try to sound them out. They push for the adoption of the Masquerade, and guidance of the mortals.

October 19th, 1493
The results of the previous night's discussion are summarized. Myca Vykos speaks for the Anarchs at the platform, but is shoved aside by Hardestadt, who rebukes everything he said and insults him as well. Everyone breaks for discussion.
Lilika (clan Brujah, Camarilla Archon) approaches the group, speaking in favor of freedom guided by a strong government. The group rebuffs her as a "CamGuerilla flunkie."

October 20th, 1493
Last night's discussion is summarized, and Husayn al Fatin (clan Assamite, Independent) steps to the podium, speaking in defense of his clan's practice of diablerie. During his speech, Patricia of Bollingbroke ("Tyler," clan Brujah, Anarch leader) attempt to assassinate Hardestadt using a pair of Handgonnes, failing, of course. Everyone breaks for discussion.
The group is approached by Husayn al Fatin (above), and Karif al Numair (clan Assamite, Anarch). Husayn urges the group to support clan Assamite's position by allowing them to stay outside of the Camarilla, rather than under the thumb of the Camarilla elders. Karif is much more volatile person, and accuses all European Cainites of starting the troubles by invading the Middle East.

October 21st, 1493
The Ancient Malkavian Unmada opens today's discussion with a prophecy.In an open forum, the group gets to voice it's own opinion (speeches will come later if the group ever compiles them and emails them to me... hint, hint..., and then Rafael de Corazon speaks in favor of the Masquerade, emphasizing heavily the Fifth Tradition (Thou shalt not reveal thy true nature to those not of the blood). After the delegates break for discussion, the senior Tremere present excuse themselves to begin the ritual that will prevent clan Assamite from practicing diablerie.
The group is approached by Federico (clan Nosferatu, Camarilla Archon), who traies to convince them not to place too much power in the hands of the Justicars. Federico favors a less centralized form of government, rather unusual for an Archon.

October 22nd, 1493
Durga Syn (clan Ravnos, Independent) speaks against the Masquerade, on the grounds that something that was once known is always ready to be rediscovered. It would be worse to fool the humans for a time, and then have them find out, than to never fool them at all. After that, the issue of the Justicars and their succession takes over the rest of the evening. Then everyone breaks for discussion.
The group is approached by Gabriel Baruch (clan Lasombra, Anarch), who greets them as brothers, offering to share in the Vaulderie with them. He speaks derisively of the Camarilla, acknowledging that they have won this round, but refusing to submit.
Later, they are approached by Myca Vykos, who offers a chance to strike back at the Camarilla by engaging in a "spectacle" to be held in the hamlet of Thorns late tomorrow night... Jafar offers a symbol to Vykos... an imprint of a hand in black ink, placed on the wall of the chapel. "Let them try to find out what it means..."

Scene Five - Peace and Retribution

October 23rd, 1493
This meeting opens with the reading of the Treaty of the Convention of Thorns. Most of the Anarchs are not present tonight, and the group only stays for a little before they rendevous with Vykos for his "spectacle."
In the hamlet of Thorns, the group goes wild. Pavel Chimerically appears as a pillar of flesh (although Mikhail had to trip him... sigh...), Mikhail rides in on his warhorse, battle pick flailing, Teresa simply walks through the town, throwing invisible flame (Lure of Flames combined with the ritual Power of the Invisible Flame) and using her Dread Gaze (Presence)Verdo assumes Zulo form (Vicissitude), Qa'lon rips off his helmet, closes his eyes, and rips through the people (Valeren), Malik just sits there causing earthquakes and lava flows (Koldun), and Jafar just shoots everything.

Tune in next week to find out...
what happens on the trip home?
what will become of the newly formed Sabbat?
Is Dracula really dead?
and last but not least... who is Cartman's invisible friend???

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