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Biographies of Ebenezer Howard

  • Ebenezer Howard and the Town Planning Movement by Dugald Macfadyen.
    Published by Manchester University Press 1933
  • Ebenezer Howard: an illustrated life of Ebenezer Howard 1350-1928 by John Moss-Eccardt
    Published by Shire, 1973
  • The Garden City Utopia: A Critical Bibliography of Ebenezer Howard by Robert Beevers.
    Published by Macmillan 1987.
  • Ebenezer Howard: the man and his message by Robert Beevers
    in Garden Cities and New Towns: five lectures.
    Published by Hertfordshire Publications 1990.

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    Bibilography compiled by Vivienne Birch, Letchworth Garden City, England

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    This Bibliography is not comprehensive. Many other books have been written on the history of garden cities both here and across the world. There are also numerous periodical articles on all of the above.