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Letchworth Garden City: a bibliography

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With the publication of his book "Tomorrow a Peaceful Path to Real Reform", Ebenezer Howard offered the world his vision of a new type of planned "city", which combined both the joys of the countryside and the comforts of the town (the "Three Magnets").

This would be a town without a slum where people could live and work in a pleasant environment and take pride in their surroundings Virtually independent, managed and financed by citizens who had an economic interest in the town, it would be built and run to benefit the whole community.

His vision became a reality when Raymond Unwin and Barry Parker drafted the plans to build the new town of Letchworth and create the world's first "garden city". Howard's ideas were subsequently used to create other "garden cities" and later "new towns" in Great Britain and across the world.

This bibliography lists the key works that tell of the history of Letchworth Garden City and the people who were responsible for its formation, including those who fought to preserve Howard's ideals when Letchworth's future seemed threatened in the 1960s.


Bibilography compiled by Vivienne Birch, Letchworth Garden City, England

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This Bibliography is not comprehensive. Many other books have been written on the history of garden cities both here and across the world. There are also numerous periodical articles on all of the above.