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Books on Garden Cities

  • Garden Cities in theory and practice by A. Sennet
    Published by Bemrose 1905 (2 volumes)
  • The Search for the environment: The Garden City before and after
    by Walter Creese.
    Published by Yale University Press 1956
  • The Garden City by C. Bayley
    Published by Open University Press 1975
  • Urban utopia in the Twentieth Century: Ebenezer Howard, Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier
    edited by R. Fishman
    Published by Basic Books 1977
  • Pioneers of British Planning edited by G. E. Cherry
    Published by Architectural Press 1981
  • Visionaries and Planners: The Garden City Movement and the modern community
    by Stanley Buder.
    Published by Oxford University Press 1990
  • Garden Cities and New Towns: Five Lectures
    Published by Hertfordshire Publications 1990
    Garden Cities and New Towns by David Hall; Ebenezer Howard: The man and his message by Robert Beevers; A Hertfordshire solution to London's problems by Michael Hebbert; Letchworth Garden City: An Architectural View; The Architecture of Garden Cities and New Towns by William Allen.
  • The Garden City: past present and future.
    edited by Stephen Ward .
    Published by Spon 1992
  • From Garden Cities to New Towns: campaigning for Town & Country Planning 1899-1946
    by Dennis Hardy
    Published by E & F Spon 1991
  • From New Towns to Green Politics: campaigning for Town and Country planning 1946-1990
    by Dennis Hardy
    Published by E & F Spon 1991
  • The Garden City: An intimate account of the foundation and development of Letchworth
    by C.B. Purdom
    London 1913
  • The Building of Satellite Towns: The development of Letchworth Garden City & Welwyn Garden City
    by C.B. Purdom 
    Published by J. M. Dent 1949
  • Regaining Paradise: Englishness and the Early Garden City Movement
    by Standish Meacham
    Published by Yale University Press 1999
  • Sociable Cities: The Legacy of Ebenezer Howard
    by  Peter G Hall and Colin Ward
    Published by Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated 1998

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Bibilography compiled by Vivienne Birch, Letchworth Garden City, England

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This Bibliography is not comprehensive. Many other books have been written on the history of garden cities both here and across the world. There are also numerous periodical articles on all of the above.