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My name is Billie  K. , and I am a doula just like everyone of you in here. I completed my training yesterday evening. I am looking forward to a new journey as a doula. The workshop has given me more than I could ever dream of. It was a wonderful gift, and I walked out
of the door yesterday with memories, and hope to make difference in birthing. The workshop has given me a personal growth of who I am as
individual, and learned value lessons about being a person and being a doula at the same time. I did not want to leave yesterday, because, in life, you have a moment where you really wanted to stay in forever, that is how I felt yesterday.

I thank my trainers for believing in each and every one of us, and they have given us a new insight of life. They are wonderful people
and without a question, very loving people.

Let me introduce myself. I am 27 years old, is a mom to 3 kids, and married. One little girl who is 3 years old and one little boy who is
1 year old. The number 3 is due in Sept on the 25th. I am from Barrie area.

I am a deaf doula , and will be able to work with deaf clients in general. I can work with various kind of disability and to volunteer my services to them as well. Out of all, I can work with anyone. :-)
My goal is to make every birth a memorable and special for every mother in our lives that we may help and meet. I look forward to meet each and every one of you, and hope we will
all stay in touch in spirits. By the way, my husband has become a doula dad. I want to congratulate my husband for his success, and is
looking forward to work side by side with him in months to come. He interpreted for me at the workshop, and poor him, he has to deal
with a room full of ladies, but, he did so well that I thank him so much for helping me in getting my workshop. If it wasn't for him, I
wouldn't be here typing to you. So he got the certification in attendance and he was very excited about it. For a man, I would be so
surprise to see him so excited. :-) He wanted to thank the trainers for honouring him with the certification, and he has it up on the wall.. LOL .. He boosted to his mother and says, well, after all, I'm a doula dad even if my wife is a true doula, but, I am proud to be a doula dad. :-) His mom thinks he's crazy but, again, I congratulate
him for his success..

To new doulas from yesterday, I left with tears in my eyes, and you were all very wonderful. I want to wish you all the best luck on your
journey as a doula, and I hope you will gain the greatest experience of all. Congratulations on your receiving the certification, and hope
we all stay in touch. It would be more merrier, wont it..

Thank you to Melissa, Lynne and Wendy for all of your wonderful support and for your loving spirits. I wouldn't have done it without
all of you three. You made my dream come true, and I will never be able to thank you enough. 


In spirits,

Hi Melissa
I am still digesting  all that I have taken in over this weekend and am a little overwhelmed with all I have shared and gained from everyone. I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed everything! Everything over the three days just seemed to flow together nicely. The videos were so great to watch and feel and cry with. The music that you chose throughout the day always seemed appropriate and comforting and so relaxing. I loved it!
I am back to my computer classes this week and on Friday before I left we all had a discussion about where I was going after class. Well today everyone wanted to hear all about my weekend. Of course I only shared a little with them but the stories arose from each person I spoke with. My instructor wants to kidnap me again tomorrow to continue our chatting. She is into everything and very open minded. So cool. So although I am working towards completing my classes, I am overwhelmed by the mega thoughts flying through my head daily. You mentioned on Saturday how people slept on Friday night. Well, I did not feel like I slept much all weekend. It felt like I was awake yet watching myself sleep and the dreams were busy yet I cannot remember them much. Needless to say, I dragged my butt into class on Monday morning and didn't really wake up during the day. So I know that I was affected in a greater way with what I learned. Thank you to you, Wendy and Lynne   for making this weekend so memorable and informative and wonderful. I am looking forward to Friday evening and driving "Down the Birth Canal" once again!    

Jane G. 

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