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Birth And BeYond offers classes in childbirth preparation.  Our unique classes are lead by Melissa Cowl, a mother of six, a Childbirth Educator and Certified Doula with six years of professional experience. Classes meet for four weeks during the last trimester of pregnancy and regroup after the birth of the last baby in the group.  

Melissa provides an open forum for discussion with time to come back each week to further explore everybody's questions and concerns. Since our classes are limited to six couples a lot of personal attention is given to each person. This feature also facilitates many opportunities for the sharing of experiences which, quite often, forms close relationships and long-lasting friendships with others in the group. Our warm atmosphere is set in a non-clinical environment creating a welcoming feeling.  

Response to our dads-only class has been exceptional.  Fathers are given the chance to speak candidly with other fathers about their role in the birth of their child. Postpartum gatherings give us the opportunity to reconnect with each other, share birth stories, talk about life with newborn babies and  discuss parenting issues in those first weeks after the birth. We create a safe, nurturing class environment filled with humour and warmth which invite parents to discover their personal strengths and wisdom.


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