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Wendy Topping, co-ordinates Doula Services at Birth And BeYond.  Wendy is a mother of four teenagers and a Certified Doula with Doulas of North America.

A Doula  is a trained professional member of the birth team who is a continuous presence throughout labour. She provides emotional support for both the Mother and her partner during labour and birth. She will visit prenatally and again after the baby is born providing ongoing care for the new family.  During labour, she may also suggest physical pain relieving techniques and give information as needed. Research has proven doula care to decrease the need for the usage of narcotics and lower cesarean rates.    

Doulas use a variety of non-pharmacological techniques including massage, hydrotherapy and visualizations to ease the suffering during labour.  Studies show that doula-supported women tend to enjoy shorter less complicated labours with fewer medical interventions and express greater satisfaction with their birth and breastfeeding experiences.


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