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Birth And BeYond is a comprehensive, collaborative effort of three inspiring
women. Irena Baurle is a Certified Reflexologist and Holistic Relaxation Therapist. Irena has achieved and practices Level 1 in Three in One Concepts and presently she is working on her Masters in Reiki. Irena is a well-known
lecturer and guest speaker and presents many fascinating workshops on a variety of topics including dream interpretation. Her passion is formulating information she finds exciting and helpful into seminars and presenting them
to persons who have the same interests. 

Melissa Cowl is a Certified Doula and a Doula Trainer with Doulas of North America and a mentor with Birthing From Within. Melissa is a Co-ordinator for Simcoe Birth Services - a
non-profit Doula group in Simcoe County. Melissa has been teaching prenatal education for five years. As the tenth (there are only eleven) Doula Trainer in Canada, Melissa works with women from all over Ontario teaching Doula skills and encouraging the
growth of the Doula movement. She also is the only Canadian member of the DONA Certification Committee and as such certifies most of the Canadian
members of the organization. Along side of her husband Chris, Melissa enjoys her family life with their six home-educated children. Melissa is presently pursuing her third level Reiki. 

Wendy Topping is a Certified Doula with
Doulas of North America and a mentor with Birthing From Within. Wendy volunteers her time in the obstetrical clinic at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. She is a Co-ordinator of Simcoe Birth Services, the county-wide,
community based Doula program. Wendy co-teaches Doula Training Sessions across the province of Ontario. Wendy is an entrepreneur who has achieved great success as the designer and founder of BUMBEE'S CLOTH DIAPERS. Wendy has a vast interest in women's health and emotional and spiritual well-being. Wendy has just completed her second level Reiki and is working toward her Masters. Wendy has successfully combined her family life with Ted
and their four teenage children, her interests and her passion.

Starting with non-traditional childbirth education for expectant parents Birth And BeYond aims to empower women and their partners by opening the mind, body and spirit to the power within. We create a safe, nurturing environment, which will invite parents to discover their personal strength and wisdom.

Birth And BeYond offers a full range of services during the childbearing year that carries through the full circle of life. From newborns to end of
life care Doulas will assist in your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

We offer complete Doula care, which is vital for the emotional and physical wellness of mothers to be. A Birth Doula refers to a supportive companion who is professionally trained to provide labour support. She provides information to the mother and her partner to enable the woman (couple) to make informed decisions. She performs no clinical tasks but through body positioning and positive affirmations, she provides a gentle and calming
atmosphere for birth. A Postpartum Doula refers to lay women who are trained or experienced in providing postpartum care - mother and newborn care, breastfeeding support and advice, cooking, child care, errands, and light cleaning - for the family. Doulas can also be a calming presence in palliative care and assist people and their families through the
transitional time at the end of their life.

At these different stages in life people become more aware of their own choices for healthy living. They strive as parents to take care of
themselves and their children both physically and emotionally. Birth And BeYond also offers an optimum, non-invasive, path to a healthy lifestyle.
This state of harmony is easily achieved with aromatherapy, full body massage, reflexology and reiki. A holistic experience will stimulate
circulation, normalize body functions, balance the body, help the body heal itself; remove toxins relax muscles, boost the immune system and create a sense of calm and well being.

Birth And BeYond offers whole life care to enhance the quality of life. It is the mission of this group to provide easy and affordable access to services to those who desire it.

Doula Services with Birth An BeYond include:

  • One or two prenatal visits prior to birth, as needed.
  • Attendance at your birth by primary and/or back-up Doula.
  • Written Birth Story.
  • Photographs, as desired or as time permits.
  • One postpartum visit with parents and baby at home.


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