Appalachian Pagan Alliance Grimoire

A Book of Shadows' Grimoire is typically the journal and compilation of notes, correspondences and spells. In the ancient Craft, and still sometimes today, a neophyte witch had to hand-copy the Book of Shadows & Grimoire of a teacher or coven, then add to it on their own. This was part of the formal "year-and-a-day" training.

Today, with the advent of global communication and sharing information, a practitioner can practically download a complete Book of Shadows & Grimoire from the internet. This practice encourages cross-tradition studies, since one can just as easily find rituals from Gardenerian and Alexandrian Witchcraft as ones from Faery, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Astartu or family traditions.

This information can be considered a doorway to understanding the principles and practice of Witchcraft, which translated means "Craft of the Wise". Our goal here is to provide you with some basic information from our own Book of Shadows & Grimoire with the hope that it will encourage further research and study.

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