APA Book of Shadows:
Prayers and Invocations

Yes, Pagans pray too! Anytime one speaks to a deity, that is a prayer; calling upon a specific deity is an invocation. Blessings upon food or other objects, as well as people and animals are included here.
Some common Pagan greetings are: Blessed Be (a blessing upon the person/persons you are speaking to); Merry Meet (glad to meet you); Merry Part (goodbye); Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again (the Pagan all-purpose aloha, hello and goodbye, with implied good wishes and blessings); another phrase you might read or hear is "So Mote It Be", which is a pagan form of saying so be it, gods willing, amen!


  • O goddess within, O god within
    O goddess of Moon, water, and Earth; O god of the forests and mountains Hear my prayer...
  • O glorious goddess, O gracious god
    you who created all, I pray to you.
  • Divine Mother, Mother Divine
    Show me the way, send me a sign


  • Bless this day that we reflect your light and love
  • Thanks be to the gods and goddesses of plenty
    may this food carry your blessings.
  • Lady of the Moon, Lord of the Sun
    Protect me and mine, now that day is done.
  • Self-Blessing:
    Earth my center, Air my wisdom, Fire my power, Water my energy
    ground me, guide me, empower me, move me
    to do what must be done.


  • Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate Demeter, Kali, Inanna
  • Brighid, O Lady of fire, hearth, and home
    Protect my home, bless our food.......I honor You!
  • Great Mother Morrigan, Guardian of your children
    I stand in need of Your protection
  • Eros, God of love....I ask you to send love to me.

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